Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

Window (booth) shopping on a Saturday home!

After being gone for a work week there were plenty of errands to be run yesterday.

Could I help it if one of those runs put me within proximity (Proximity being a bit over/under 10 miles! LOL!) of a favorite BIG antique mall?

I had determined once my flight hit the tarmac in Greensboro on Friday night that this would be a "Mother’s Day Weekend OFF” (The first Mother’s Day I hadn’t been traveling to or from guilds ON Mother’s Day in years) and no work-work was to happen.

Regular house keeping errands are NOT work.  Not like work-work.  Grocery stores, picking up something at Lowes, dropping off something somewhere else – it’s a chance to be out and about and reconnect with this area I call home.

And in between it all, what’s ONE antique mall stop?


Only one of these items came home with me yesterday!

Any guesses which one?

All of these things have legs.

Only one has a plug!


Hahaha!  Yes, this.

But it will get a different bow and perhaps a cuter shade and adorn a bedroom table at Quiltville Inn.

I loved the chairs too, but a van only has so much space, and I think I really need to get beds into the bedrooms before we decide what other furniture goes in there.

This was able to fit in the back of the van yesterday:


Cute cute cute!

I am the mother of sons.  Sons would rather be caught dead than sleep in a cute girly metal bed.  So my inner girly girl came out to play yesterday as I picked up this single bed frame from a listing on Facebook Marketplace, not far from home.

With this acquisition, 2 out of 16 needed bed frames have been acquired – the antique twin empire style bed that came down from my great grandparents on my grandmother’s side, and now this one.

I only need to find one more that I like – and we will have the beds needed to set up the first bedroom.  One room at a time.  We can do this! (New mattress sets to come as well.)

And bless the hearts of some generous North Carolina quilty friends, I’ve had offers of wing-back chairs, lamps, and other table and chair sets as well as some front porch rockers to help me fill the place up. 

(Thank you, Melinda and Wendy!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am!)

Quilting Quarters Sneak Peek!
Click to Play:

The double-room sized quilting area area is left of the front foyer when gazing at the front of the house. Walls were removed during earlier renovations leaving double back to back fireplaces (with gas logs) for winter ambiance!

Two sets of pocket doors close off the quilting quarters from the rest of the house so sleepers can sleep without noise interruption.

The furniture is all gone now, of course - and empty rooms are waiting to be filled with sewing tables, design walls, lighting and comfy chairs and ironing/cutting stations for hours of creativity ahead!

There is so much to do that I feel a bit overwhelmed, but also excited over this adventure!

On my “Not Working Mother’s Day weekend” afternoon yesterday – there was time for a NAP!  Necessary in readjusting body clocks to local time.

There was time for dinner out for Mexican – Chile Colorado – my favorite!


And there was time for a long walk!

I took this photo as evening fell, peering out into the deep woods on the edge of my neighborhood.  I just LOVE how flowers bloom untended.  A bit of water, a bit of sunlight and room to grow, and they just do their thing.

People are like that.  Once we decide to bloom where we are planted, there is no stopping us.

Today – there may be sewing!  How long has it been since I’ve really sat at a machine?

That little bit of time I had in Georgia doesn’t really count.  I need to make a creative mess in my own studio space!


Thinking of my own Mama today.

This is likely my favorite photo of the 2 of us, taken when I surprised her on a trip to Minnesota - she didn't know I was coming! Great memories!

Have a wonderful mothers day, mom! You are the best! (I called her last night, we had a good long chat!)


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage applique quilt shared by Cathy in Illinois.

To all those who have mothered - not only their own children, but children of others, this day belongs to you in gratitude for all you have given.

Happy mothers day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Love watching you through the Blog. I remember when you surprised your mom. I'm sure she loved it!! Pretty Quilt in the Top of this post. I like the girlie bed frame too.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  2. It's easy to see why you fell in love with that house. It is amazing.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Bonnie

  4. The quilting on that first quilt is such free-form wonderfulness. No stress over a Baptist fan stencil or what to mark with and will the marks come out, just stitch and make a lovely warm quilt.

  5. Happy Mother's Day, have fun. Great picture of you and your Mom! I was hoping it was the pug, sew sew cute and will add personality to the room.

  6. Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow quilters! I am so excited to watch the progress of the Quiltville Inn, and can't wait to throw my quilting group's name--Security Blanket Quilters--into the lottery for a visit and workshop.

  7. Happy Mother's day to you too Bonnie.
    I can feel your excitement about your quilting cnter right thru the computer. You are going to have sew much fun furnishing your sewing retreat center.

  8. Happy Mother's day Bonnie. I love your new home. Your home has a history of years gone by where maybe an earlier quilt may have lived before.

  9. Bonnie! That place is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Have a great time getting it ready. It'll be so fun to watch the process. Exciting!

  10. Hi Bonnie - What a great find this place is! The lighting, size of rooms, over-all condition .... wow. While viewing two of the photos, I noticed a pool table. Is it your's? Is it staying? I hope so, as I shoot pool (along with being a quilter). Playing pool exercises other parts of your brain, and it does make you get up, and walk around. And, yes, I know that pool tables take up space. Just wondering .... Meg McKinney

  11. The pic you posted of your walk as evening was falling with flowers blooming in the shade looks very much like the 3 yards of fabric I bought yesterday called Black Jade by Hoffman... This is giving me an awesome feeling. Saving your pic for inspiration...😘


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