Thursday, May 24, 2018

Road Trippin’ for the Inn!

Isn’t this just the most lush gorgeous green?

This is the laneway that leads from the cabin to the road, a rolling hilly hair-pin of nearly 1/4 miles through the woods.

Every time I come up here it is different.  It is beautiful in all seasons, and as each season changes to the next I sigh and tell myself “THIS is my favorite season.”  I love them all.

But in the spring and summer when the leaves are full out – it’s magical.

I can’t see mountains in the distance anymore – but that’s okay.  They will come back with the fall.

What I get now is the sound of murmuring streams and babbling brooks tumbling down the mountainside as they make their way to meet the creek that runs along the side of the road.

Nature’s best “water feature”  and I don’t have to plumb for it!

Where was I heading?  About 2 hours away to meet up with Kim for lunch out with she and her granddaughter (who is also a quilter at 15!) and then to Kim’s house to pack up some wonderful gifts that are coming to live at Quiltville Inn.


Maple bed frames, made in Indiana by the Godsey Cabinet Company -

I believe the info stated the company was started in the 1920s – and these beds are from somewhere around 1950. Sorry the photo is a bit dark, it was nearing 7pm and the back lighting from the windows made it hard to get a photo.

I now have 3 bedsteads in the first bedroom – they will be ready for mattresses when it is time to order them.


There is so much space in this room!

I envision a nice area rug on the floor, a couple of chairs in the far corner (not seen in this photo) and some end tables – a very small one for the bed on the right.

I’ve tried furniture placement in all different arrangements, and someone was always left close to a door.  There will be a padded door stop to keep the door from banging into the bed.


And this!

This envelope was addressed to Mrs. EP Jones and postmarked December 11th, 1961 in Auburn, California.

On this date, my mom was 6 weeks away from giving birth to me!  Stamos for a first class letter were 3 cents.

In this envelope were a key, and 3 bobbins (two wound with thread, so we know that there was some sewing going on in these colors!) with hand writing stating “Sewing Machine Bobbins” in red ink from a practiced delicate hand .  This envelope was found in one of these drawers:


Along with the beds, I have brought this machine home to stay!


Singer VS 2 -

I am still nearly shaking with excitement over these gifts for the Inn.  Look at those decals!

Kim told me the story at lunch on how the machine was discovered while someone (Can’t remember who) was salvaging a property.  It was in a huge wooded crate packed with straw in a garage. It hadn’t been sewn on for decades.

The last connection to time and place was the envelope with the thread-wound bobbins and the dated and time stamped post mark.

The machine came to live with Kim’s mother for a few decades and for the last long while it has lived in Kim’s front foyer.  Knowing that no one in her family had an interest in this machine, she has gifted it to the inn to be loved by all who come and visit.

I’m looking forward to having the machine set up and running so that anyone who wants to give treadling a try can put their feet on her pedal and take her for a spin!


Back side.

Check out the shape of that rear access panel!  They just do NOT make them like this any more.


Dogwood decals.


Some wear, but in great shape for an old girl!


No letter prefix!  It’s an early bird!

According to the Singer Dating Chart for no letter prefix she was made in 1892.  Considering that the first phase of the Old fields Mansion was built in 1884, she was made when the house was only 8 years old.

This kind of history just gives me chills.  She has come home indeed.


Her grand spot in the “turret” off of the dining room.


Curio cabinet fits perfectly here as well!

There are glass shelves and a mirrored back as this is not an antique – but it is a beautiful piece and I may have the mirrored back removed, and replaced with a stained wood backboard and wood shelves instead of the clear glass shelves that came with it for a more vintage feel.  It’s half-hexagon shaped and it fits perfectly here!

Along with the curio are a collection of vintage toy sewing machines belonging to Kim’s mom – and her wrought iron set of irons too.  They will be great as door stops and other accent ideas through the inn.

Kim, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and your friendship!


I picked this up for one of the upstairs baths!


I picked these up for the back entrance – They are going to look GREAT there!


And I even squeezed in a bit of sewing time.

My sewing time has been deeply minimized over the past month – and with good reason.  I’m dying to get back to it – but I’m also dying to do so many other things in regards to the inn, that I’m doing what I can to squeeze it in here and there.

I was finally able to get borders on a secret project thanks to my friend Kevin and his massive Kaffe stash – I was ONE 5’’ x Width of Fabric strip short of being able to get this border on.  I knew who to call when I ran short,and he came to my rescue.  Thanks, bud!  Let me know if I can ever return the favor some day!

Son Jason arrived last night after midnight – I was fast asleep, but it was so nice to greet him this morning and to make him breakfast.

We plan on heading out to Grayson Highlands State Park today (hopefully beating the rain!) to take Sadie on a hike.  I want to show him the wild ponies and a bit of the scenery along the Appalachian Trail.

Just spend some mother/son time – and again, the sewing can wait.  Book editing will also resume tomorrow as he leaves in the morning.

I’ve got one day with my son – work is on hold for now.

And I can’t wait to show him the Inn as well!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I’m trying to be patient about so many things --

And when there are too many things that need my attention, I’m just picking “The next thing” and focusing on that while all other things are held in time out until they can fall into place as well.

Have a wonderful Thursday, folks – however you spend your day!


  1. Hi Bonnie!
    This tale is so very interesting to follow - thank you SO much for sharing it. Maybe you could publish it one day. (!)(!)(!)

  2. Love watching Quiltville Inn come to life. It is going to be amazing. Enjoy your time with your son and smell that mountain air :)

  3. Oh what fun you are having! My Mum has that curio cabinet. It has a mirrored back and tiny lights that show off her Swarovski crystal collection.

  4. That treadle with the yellow flower decals is too gorgeous! You are so lucky to have acquired it. I am really enjoying your progress with getting the inn furnished. It seems too good to be true.

  5. The Quiltville Quote of the Day is very apropos. There is a mourning dove (or couple as both male and female incubate the eggs) nesting in the hanging fern on my front porch. She is sitting on two eggs and I expect hatchlings any day now! I love watching all the doings at Quiltville Inn. So much vicarious enjoyment for your readers.

  6. Is that Kevin the Quilter you're talking about? Seems like a great guy...

  7. All beautiful additions to the inn and what a great friend. A lot of very appropriate stuff for the plan for the inn and such a sweet friend. Your inn is becoming the very epitome of your dream teaching and quilty friends bonding area.

  8. Oh, Bonnie, I was hoping you would have a few working treadle machines for retreaters to use. And this one is so perfect!! That access panel is cool too. We are all excited to watch this dream come true for you -- and all of us get the benefit. Wahoo!!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog every day. I look forward to the news and the pictures, especially now with the beautiful Quiltville Inn journey.
    Love what you are doing with the beautiful old mansion.

  10. So many things in the post struct a cord with me! Love Love the nine patch. When all else fails make a nine patch. Glad for your mother/son time.

  11. Dreamy Dogwood decals. It would be fun to Treadle with Quilty friends at the Inn. How do you top that acquisition? Enjoy your mother/son day!!

  12. I can't wait to see that grand old house. I've got boxes of things downstairs that my mother never opened after her mom died (1979). I'll have to see when I go through now that i've inherited it all what is in there, and if there is something that would have a good home at the inn!

  13. Love that machine - hadn't seen decals like that before - beautiful!

  14. Bonnie, This Inn is just magical! There is no other word for it. I love seeing you on this journey and maybe one day I will have the opportunity to come for a visit. How about a small quilt shop in the parlour??? Just throwing that out there haha!!

  15. The kindness of your friends brings tears of joy to my eyes, how precious you are to them. Your dream is being shared by all of the quilting world.

  16. You are such a joy to your followers. Such a kind, positive, uplifting teacher/mentor to many. No wonder they are showering you with gifts for the Inn. It is so heartwarming to hear about it all. You really do bring out the best in people. I have enjoyed following your blog since discovering you way back in 2008...we were able to bring you here to Kenora, Ontario to teach when it was still an option. And I hope to make it to the Inn someday too.

  17. I am both enjoying and obsessed with your Inn! You might think it was mine. LOL Love seeing every little thing you are picking up for it. I don't know how you even sleep at night with the excitement!

  18. Love the story of the sewing machine. She is a real beauty! Before you remove the mirrors in the back of the curio cabinet, notice how pretty it is when the mirror reflects back the objects on the shelf. It just seems to add more interest though I know it is not vintage.

  19. Love following all that is happening with your lovely retreat center. Thank you for sharing. Keep your story coming. Best wishes.

  20. I so am enjoying the inn and it’s outfitting. I am a little sad i will not be able to be there. Vicariously i am though.
    Joan in nh

  21. Oh My! that treadle machine and her decals are fabulous! You have a wonderful friend! (actually you have many of them here) I am so enjoying watching the Inn take shape -- it's so exciting! I'm itching to sew too, but so many outside things to do with warm, dry weather finally here! (I still have many inside things too, but I hope to spend some time in my sewing room this weekend!)

  22. Bonnie, everyday it seems your dream house is coming to life beautifully. Hate to bring this up but **I hope you have electric sockets by each bed or bedstand. Many people need a personal light in the evening or need to plug in a C-PAP machine to breath at night or even to charge their phone. Be safe on your travels :)

  23. That's one beautiful machine - those flowers are so perfect! And how lovely that the grand old lady has arrived in such a grand old building. Wonderfully happy posting from you, Bonnie.

  24. The sewing machine is awesome. I am old enough to have sewed on a treadle machine when I was a little girl. It's a wonderful memory. I have never been blessed to have a vintage treadle machine. My mother's Singer was electric. I sewed on it for many years. Never gave me any problem. They are grand old ladies. What a blessing to receive her as a tribute to Quiltville Inn!

  25. Sooo excited for you! Can't wait to srr the Inn.

  26. That machine is absolutely gorgeous. You are a lucky girl. It will be just perfect at the Inn. I so enjoy hearing all about the Inn and things you are picking up for it. It's just going to be such a wonderful place and it will be all YOURS!! Congrats over and over again.

  27. The treadle machine is lovely. My grandmother had a treadle Singer machine. She let me use it when I visited with her in the early 1960's. My mom's machine was a Singer with the knee activation. Memories...

  28. Hang in there with all the "to do's" calling your name! Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize and make sure you prioritize your own needs in there as well! Good luck with everything. We're all rooting for you :)

  29. Just a thought to consider about removing the mirrors: I have multiple cabinets for storing china keepsakes. Only one with mirrors. They are hard to keep clean from dust seepage but but rarely does any ask to open the cabinet to see the backs of the pieces, because they show up in the mirrors (even dirty). That doesn't happen with the dark wooden ones. The mirrored one has a lock the others do not. Loved the new bedsteads.

  30. Forgive me if I am out of line but I would like to ask, Would you,please consider having some kind of end table for each bed in your Inn? Many people have things that are needed bedside and a stand of some kind is greatly appreciated. If there isn't room for one, maybe you could invest in some inexpensive fold-up camping tables that could be used by those who need a one. I have one (would be happy to send a photo if you would like) that I take whenever I go on retreat and don't know if there will be a bedside table available. Just a thought.

  31. I am new to Quiltsville but have to say how excited I am about the ongoing progress for the new inn. I think it will be a wonderful destination for someone like me who is self-taught and needs to learn so much from you and other quilters. Hope you include information when you are ready about how one travels from out of state ( I am in Chicago) to your location. For example, since I am not driving now, will you be considering some kind of shuttle service (for a fee) from nearest airport to the inn? Just something to think about.

  32. Such a beautiful machine to go in a beautiful home! I hope someday to be able to make the trip & be able to see it all firsthand.

  33. What INCREDIBLE gifts! How wonderful! OMG that vintage machine is so beautiful! It's hard to believe it can be THAT old and yet in such good shape! I just love the dogwoods on it. My favorite tree! I hope that someday I'll be able to come to the Inn for a retreat! I would love to visit!


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