Sunday, May 06, 2018

Antiquing the Long Way Home!

A day to get from point A (Atlanta) to point B (Bonnie’s Abode!) leaves a big wide opening for many unexpecteds to happen!

Of course we knew there would be a couple of antique mall leg stretches occuring along the way, but I just kept an open mind for where one place would lead me in a different direction!

Aren’t these signs hysterical?  I had been posting about some other finds to social media, and I included this in the collage, and everyone thought I should GET THE SIGN!!!

I didn’t get the sign –but it wasn’t until I got home and sat down to edit these photos on a larger screen that I saw what the jar at the top left says.  LOL.  Ashes of Problem Employees.  So funny.

So where was I??


Lavonia, Georgia!

There were so many other places I could have gone.  There is a wonderful huge mall in Monroe, and another in Toccoa, but they were far off the interstate and would have added another hour (plus browsing time) to my long day.

Lavonia was the perfect spot to stop, right off the interstate and it was nearing noon by the time I parked my car.


There were lovely quilts to admire!

1930s Jacob’s Ladder.


1930s Hummingbird or Periwinkle Star


Beautiful old bricks from men’s suiting.


Flannel stripe used as backing!


Adorable crib quilt!  From a kit, maybe?


Kit or not, the workmanship is mighty fine!

Does the fact that something was offered as a kit take away from the value of the quilt?  I don’t think so.  This was just adorable.


Love the tiny triangle border, hand appliqued down.


This one stumped me.

Is it a reproduction or isn’t it?  Can you tell by looking at it?


Click to enlarge if you can.

I see some "changing of the green" in different areas.
This lead me to believe it "MIGHT" be original?

The applique is well done.  The piecing is very nice.  There is still a feel of “just a bit primitive” to this quilt, but the quilting stitches are small and even.  It has a cotton batting, not poly.  The binding was applied much as we would, and all by hand.  The corners of the binding were not mitered, but as often found in old quilts, the binding just gently rounds at the corners with a small bit of gathering to make it work.  Is it a real antique?  

Or is it a reproduction?

And if it is a reproduction and it is finely done – is it any different than a quilt that is made by kit?

Pepper Cory commented on my photo last night that it was a knock off, well done by tiny Chinese hands. But the binding was even hand stitched down.  I checked!  I didn’t find any evidence of machine work in any part of this quilt – meaning the pieces were pieced by hand as well. 

Knock off?  Well done reproduction? Kit?

Does the fact that many of us reproduce things (some even for sale) depreciate the skill that is in the finished quilt?

These are just things I’ve been pondering since this conversation last night.  I wish I had examined the quilt further.  I don’t even remember how much it was priced at.  Now I want to go back and find out.  Is it a REAL antique, or is it newly made in China or in India?  And if it IS more recently made, does that discount the skill and love of quilting/sewing of the maker – just because he/she was paid to make this quilt?

See?! It’s a conundrum.  It was so well made – not just slapped together –

UPDATE! The proof comes in.  This seller was honest in their description.  It is an imported replica of Whig's Defeat.  The bad part?  The quilt sells for $79.00  Way under-valued.  And that is what hurts our quilting industry.  

I can't imagine the mere pittance the skilled labor was paid to manufacture these. Original Ad.


This is coming home to Quiltville Inn!

It’s not an antique either – but a very well made reproduction, still comfy and perfect for a bedroom corner or sitting area for our new venture.  Who wouldn’t love a yellow gingham chair!


Downtown Lavonia!

It was while purchasing the chair that the gals behind the checkout told me that there were more antique shops downtown around the square and “such and such” festival was going on.  I love festivals!  So off I went!


Perfect spot to find some lunch and wander!


Well, heck!

I didn’t get any – but is there anything more southern than deep fried peach cobbler?


I love old store fronts…

If I had one, I surely would paint it eggplant!


Handwoven baskets for sale.


Unfortunately Ola's Quilt Shop was no longer in business.


Hardworking folks with so many good eats!

I ate my lunch on a park bench in the town square by a picturesque gazebo and watched kids playing in the bouncy house, folks walking dogs, neighbors catching up with neighbors, folks stopping to see what was in each and every booth.  

PEOPLE.  It was a day for being amongst PEOPLE.  I loved it!


And I acquired a cute sewing box to go with the chair!


And the sky opened up and rained down blessings….

However you want to look at “the source”  Whether you call it “The Universe”  “God” whatever it is….a rose is a rose and is still a rose.  I stopped at one other antique place off my beaten path that I had never been to before in Ranlo, NC – outside of Gastonia.  Heritage Mill Antiques is in an old cotton mill, where cotton was spun into yarn and was still in production up until a handful of years back.

One of the booths was having 50% off the lowest marked price on everything marked with a particular code.  In the back of my van you not only see the yellow gingham chair, and the sewing box along with 2 knife blocks complete with knives (And yes, there is a treadle head, some tea spoons, and serving platters buried in there too!) but 2 Farberware 12 cup coffee makers, a large Oster Roaster, a beautiful electric ceramic tea kettle, and a 12 piece set of Tramontina cookware in RED! 

Get this…the coffee makers, roaster, tea pot, and cookware with the discount came to only $70.00.  RIDICULOUS!

I also got a Facebook message from a reader whose daughter is getting married in September.  They have been collecting vintage china for the wedding, and after the wedding she wants to gift me all of the beautiful china plates for Quiltville Inn!  I am SO excited.  Mismatched china, mismatched silverware – It’s my shabby chic dream and I’m so beyond grateful that she wants me to have it.

I firmly believe that when you commit to new beginnings, the way is provided.  I’ll have this kitchen set up for retreaters in no time.


The obligatory Peach Butt Drive-By Photo Op!

Peach water tower, Gaffney, SC.

I was home by dinner time – and zombified, headed to bed EARLIER than usual.

And if you’ve made it this far – I congratulate you! I know it’s a lot to scroll through.

Today is cram packed getting more than 60 orders out and ready for tomorrow’s post pick up.  I’ve also got to repack the suitcase after doing laundry, unpack and repack the trunk show and get ready for tomorrow morning’s early flight to Seattle.

Let’s get it done!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage drunkard's path quilt found in Georgia.

Due to the fact that I left the “Be Nice or Go Away!” sign behind in Lavonia -this morning, I made my own!

Feel free to print it, frame it, post it, and let everybody know to either be nice, or go away!

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!


  1. What a great post Bonnie! I read it all and loved it. I am so amazed that you do all you do! I loved your trip home and the fact that you make such a wonderful adventure out of it! I don't do much traveling and love going along with you in such a interesting part of the country too! A long way from Montana. I wanted to buy one of those beautiful hand woven baskets! Thank you so much for the time you take to bring us along and share your adventures with us. I click all the adds now that i know it helps fund this wonderful blog and patterns!

  2. I would love to be able to spend a day on the road with you. Stopping at antique malls and festivals. I have that sewing box although not with those legs. Have a good day.

  3. thank you for sharing your drive and stops along the way.

  4. You do have a new store front / office to paint eggplant in Virginia!!!! I am sure it would look

  5. I definitely had to use your quilt quote for my desktop today! Thank you. What fun and great finds on your trip.

  6. I love that you stop and play!!! You have to work hard, so play hard too!!!

  7. I Love that sign, too, Bonnie!
    I would have had some Green Fried Tomatoes, but have never heard of deep fried peach cobbler! I have a sewing box like the one you purchased, from the early 70's.

    Thank You for sharing!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun was shining, the wind finally stopped, and it was a beautiful day!

  8. But we are nice (mostly anyway), it was funny at first. Love the old quilt. And watching
    the furnishing happening at “the Q Inn” is a blast!

  9. I just love reading your blog. You are such fun. It's almost like you have all of us there with you. I especially enjoy the antique shops and seeing what you find there. Thanks for doing all that you do for everyone.

  10. My husband and I are traveling soon to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to do some genealogy research for his family. All this talk about antique malls gets me itching to visit some. (We live in Northern California—antiques? Just barely! LOL) If you know of any you can recommend between Baltimore and northern West Virginia or the Gettysburg area, I sure would appreciate it.

  11. So excited for you with all the goodies which will be used at Quiltville Inn. Blessings indeed.

  12. I can see myself sitting in that yellow gingham chair at Quilt Inn! Love yellow and love gingham.

  13. I love reading your post! So much fun, felt like I was there.

  14. I found this post very enjoyable. How special to have things donated from followers to Quiltville Inn. It will be a joy for anyone able to stay there. I can only hold it in my dreams to visit one day all the way from Australia. I love following your adventure...


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