Saturday, May 12, 2018

One Hexie Short of the Last Border!

How can it be that I missed just ONE neutral hexie on the way home from Seattle yesterday?

I laid this out this morning, so pleased with myself to have this border finally done and – whammo!

Not that it won’t be an easy fix, it’s the principle of the thing!

I thought that I had finished shortly before landing in Detroit last evening, packed it all up, finished the movie on the seat back screen in front of me and settled into some relaxation and dreaming of the NEXT busy bag project.

From Detroit to Greensboro the busy bag didn’t even come out of my backpack – I had downloaded 2 episodes of Doctor Foster via Netflix to my phone and sat there in the dark watching away….all the while one hexie hole remained! HA!


The missing piece hole blends into the carpet..can you find it?


I also enjoyed a most unexpected 1st grade bump from Seattle to Detroit.

A great start to a happy mother’s day weekend ahead.


I was waving a fond farewell to beautiful Seattle  on our way to the airport.

Such a lovely city!


Saying good-bye to Dianna at curbside check in.

And I was just a little bit jealous – she was headed right to IKEA for some shopping fun while I was fighting to get through security.  Until next time, Dianna!

I have an open invitation to come back and visit any time – my thanks to the Quilters Anonymous guild for hosting me this week and taking care of each and every detail to perfection.


My airport greeter at home!

Sadie is so funny – if you open the car door for any reason at all, she will jump in – always ready to ride shotgun.  And I love it when she comes to pick me up from the airport. 

The people-folk I miss, surely – but they can text and call.  But not doggies.  And we love 12 year old Sadie so much.

So – this morning…I’m running a bit draggy.  My body clock is all askew.  Suitcases need to be unloaded, laundry started.  Mail needs to be answered, book orders have to go out (If I miss post office closing time today, they will go Monday.) and I am DYING to go up to the cabin --

I haven’t stepped foot inside the Quiltville Inn since the Tuesday before signing.  And I honestly don’t know where to start with it.

We are toying with repainting the kitchen cupboards as paint is a bit worn on the corners and could use a touch-up,  Or we could just sand ALL the edges and go for the rougher shabby chic look.

I want to find really cute knobs for cupboard doors. (Why do I focus on small details? Not the big picture? Because small jobs bring accomplishment quicker!)

There is so much work to do, but the first thing I always tackle with any house is the kitchen.  I want my music on, windows open, and to embrace the task of putting new shelf liner on those shelves.

Am I ridiculous?  The house has barely any furniture – I bought a few of the antique dressers for the bedrooms – and one love seat, a couple of area rugs – but I want to start with shelf liner?

I leave Thursday for New Hampshire – if I get all of that ready ahead of time?  I may head up Monday for a short visit.

I can get some empty house photos.  I can sit on the porch and dream a bit.

And I’ll start filling this house with things like a new mop/broom/dustpan/bucket – because that’s just what you do when you set up housekeeping!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Lone Star quilt found in Illinois.

Be gentle with yourself today!

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders and rest a while. You are doing the best that you can!

Have a wonderful, restful Saturday, friends!


  1. Bonnie, I am the same. I always line all the cabinets and shelves throughout the house first. Enjoy your time at home and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. A kitchen is mine when I mop the floors

  3. Wait, Bonnie are you and your hubby planning to live at Quiltville Inn? I'm so looking forward to watching you make it yours.

    1. No. The Inn is for reteaters, I'm not living there - but I still have to make it a home for others :)

  4. Yep, the Kitchen is the Heart of the home. Shabby sounds good, let the old patina shine. Empty house pics, Yes!! Please.

  5. I'm working on a random hexie project that I call my 10 year project. The other night I thought I was on my last stitches and discovered I had misaligned the whole last section. Just had to move some of the hexies around, but still...
    Also shelf linibg makes sense, gotta do ot before you fill in the shelves!

  6. Oh that sounds perfect to me, wander around Quiltville Inn, dream and YES, sit on the porch.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Don't forget to bring toilet paper and lightbulbs! Small wooden spools natural and sealed or painted make great cabinet knobs. Fill the hole by gluing in a dowel which then can be screwed into to mount the spool for a knob.

  8. My Grandfather said if he were to build a house from the ground up - he would start with the kitchen!!! "Let's start at the beginning - a very good place to start"

  9. I am glad I am not alone in doing the kitchen first LOL then I hit the bathrooms and from there the living rooms and then the bedrooms. Not sure why but it the bedrooms are last then I know that everything is done for the next day LOL and kitchen first cause ya have to eat while ya work LOL. Have a great Mother's Day Bonnie, I sure hope you get to enjoy your day

  10. I always feel like you are talking straight to me. Bullseye today. Hugs to you and your whole family. I know that Sadie is a happy girl today.
    Jamie/Sloth Sis

  11. Shelf liner allows you to buy the dishes and finishing details as you go and store them without having to rush at the end and not getting the stuff that is just right. It also allows you to do something without a huge commitment of time or money, but it is necessary and easily put off until too late.

  12. Hi Bonnie.
    I had these people make cabinet and drawer handles for me when I renovated my kitchen quite a while back. I used forks for the cabinet doors and spoons for the drawer pulls. https://www.etsy.com/listing/49420730/peace-fork-cabinet-pull-dresser-kitchen?ref=shop_home_active_21

  13. What a beautiful quote today. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day. So looking forward to your retreat. I'm sure you will make the place fantastic.
    Love you Bonnie and thanks for all you do for us.

  14. The little stuff needs to get done just as much as the big stuff! Stop second-guessing yourself, do things in whatever order suits your mood/time/finances, and embrace the thought that "This is my process!"

  15. LOL. I haven’t moved in 39 years! I wouldn’t know where to start! How far is the Inn from your main house and your mountain house? Just curious. I live in California and EVERYTHING is far away here.

  16. Happy Mother's Day! Regarding kitchen cabinet knobs, I found some that coordinated with my collection of Polish pottery at Christmas Tree Shop. The manager kindly ordered more to meet my 39 total needed.

  17. I purchased small black glass knobs to go with my new cherry cabinets. They look perfect! I also bought some clear glass knobs for the bathroom cabinets. Because I have a black granite countertop and a black sink, the knobs were a perfect choice and were reasonably priced.

  18. Happy mother’s Day Bonnie and to all the other quilters across the world.

    The new retreat sounds fabulous. I hope I get the opportunity one day to travel across the sea to attend a retreat. X

  19. New Hampshire is very excited to be hosting you on Thursday! I can’t wait for the class on Saturday!

  20. I think that we all feel that the kitchen is the first room we want to get set up. Every move I've ever made I've felt that way. (Of course it doesn't meant that I don't change my mind after a few weeks..lol) I understand what you mean about the cute door knobs. I love looking for those little details that make it unique. Wondering where in N.H. you will be..
    I hope that you have a lovely mother's day.

  21. Looking forward to one day staying at Quiltville Inn. The kitchen is the heart of a home where all come and gather. Enjoy creating your dream! Happy Mother's Day to you and to all.

  22. First I have to be sure the "facilities" are clean so I am comfortable using them, then the kitchen; however, as soon as the bed is moved in, I stop what I am doing and get it made up so that, when I am ready for that much deserved rest at the end of a hard day, it is waiting for me. Looking forward to watching your progress as you prepare the Inn. My first $5 is in my Quiltville Inn Retreat savings jar!!

  23. I spied a glider on the side porch at Quiltville Inn. I'd plop myself on the glider for the afternoon rather than clean :)

  24. Happy Mothers's Day Bonnie! The Quiltville Inn will be so much fun with all the things to buy & arrange, but a boatload of hard work also. Try not to wear yourself too thin. Go slow enough to enjoy each moment as it happens so that you can retain each memory in detail when they are over. Reliving the memories can be worth their weight as time goes along.

  25. Where in New Hampshire

  26. Shelf liner makes sense. Then you can start to put dishes, etc, in the cabinets, ready to use. You sure don't want to have to pull everything out later, to put in the shelf liner. Yes, little things show up quickly. A good place to start. Enjoy the process. It's for YOU, then the quilters who come, second. If you are happy, then they should be too (some people can't be made happy no matter what you do, so, don't worry about those people).

  27. πŸ˜‚My husband (ex for a long time) thought I was nuts because I had done all the landscaping. I mean all the landscaping (laying out & digging up all flowerbeds, where trees were to be planted, etc) at our first starter home before we moved in. Heck, why not?! Inside of home was not completed yet... He did help lay the lawn... This was back when my body was lithe and supple (I could still bend overπŸ˜‚). I got so much joy & pleasure doing the planning & plantings. Loved driving up to my first permanent home...❤️🌳🌻🌸🌼🌺🌲❤️


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