Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quilt-Cam & A Quiltmaker Gift-Away!

This is a bit of a “Gotta get it in there” double-duty post kind of morning!

Quilt-cam last night had me scrambling to get the rest of everything done before heading off to bed.

As is usual before any flying trip – sleep was interrupted and not very deep.  I’m so excited to be heading to Mississippi this morning.

There are a BAZILLION emails that came in during Quilt-Cam that I will try to address during airport waiting and layover time.  But if I don’t get back to you right away, please bear with me!

My new Quiltmaker July/Aug copies have arrived and I’m so excited to see what is inside – and I can’t put this Gift-Away off because, well just because!

So this is a bit of a Gift-Away-Quilt-Cam-Combo.  You don’t have a problem with that, do you?


I’m in love with this cover quilt!

Is it because it has On Ringo Lake colors?  Could be!

This quilt is called Garden Gala by Kate Calleran, and she is using some of my favorite units: half square triangles, stitch-and-flip corners, and FOUR-PATCHES!


There are so MANY goodies inside, you’ll have trouble choosing which one to start!


THIS looked intriguing to me!

Judy Olmstead created this eye-catching beauty – and it is made with apple core shapes!  I would love this one hanging on the front porch at Quiltville Inn!


I love the overlapping look of these spinning pinwheel blocks!

Nancy Allen made this beauty using fabrics by Robert Kaufman.  Of course, this is a picture of a picture from a Magazine – it is STUNNING when you see it in real pages.


Another goodie from one of my antiquing jaunts – I LOVE this block and can’t wait to play with it more.  Chain and Hourglass is easily made from Scrap User’s System strip sizes using my Essential Triangle Tool to cut quarter-square triangles from strips.

Traditional rotary cutting directions are given, as well as the strip width sizes if you are using  the tool.  Directions for using the tool are found in the tool package and videos are also available under the videos tab at the top of the blog.

This issue hasn’t hit newsstands yet, and my sample layout isn’t even up on the Quilting Company site yet – but I’ll direct you to it when it is.  (I get my copies early so I can do gift-aways like this!)

Wouldn’t THIS BLOCK make another fun Sew Along just like our Diamond Tile blocks Hmmmm…I need to finish Diamond Tile before I go off running on another thing.  I’m bringing a bunch of blocks with me to sew during my time in Mississippi.


Gift-Away Bundle!

I have included a 100 blocks vol 15 issue along with the July/August 2018 Quiltmaker issue, and sweetened the pot by adding a selection of quilting tools by Marci Baker:
  • That Purple Thang
  • Corner Cut 60
  • Cutting Edge Strips
  • Sewing Edge Strips
  • On the Dot Repositionable Markers
One lucky winner gets the whole thing!  Are you ready to enter?

Our winner will be drawn the evening of June 4th - This coming Monday!

Last night’s Quilt-Cam was all about the two busy bags that travel with me.  I’ve had so many requests to show just what is inside – what a kitted-up block means.

Do you want to see how I sew on the go?  Click to Play:

No sewing happened!

I had thought I’d sew a block or two, but we got talking about Quiltville Inn and my plans for what we are doing with this venture, and so much more other stuff.  It had been a while since Quilt-Cam was able to happen, so it was fun to catch up even without actually stitching during our hour together.

I’m off to the airport in about 30 minutes.  I’m hitting send and throwing my last minute things together.

I’ll catch you from Mississippi!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about. 

Sometimes people really DO want to remain mad.  They get a charge out of it.  They love feeling offended and letting everyone know just how offended they are.

They crave the drama and are addicted to the response of sympathy they get from it.

Extend them grace. 

You can’t extend grace to someone else without getting just a bit of it on yourself.  Chances are, you need it to!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Your quote was wonderful this morning! Caught the last 30 minutes of QuiltCam after a long day of longarming (free motion again, at last the elbows have healed!!). I can't believe I received my copy of the July/August issue of Quiltmakers on May 26th (I love being a subscriber because of your Addicted to Scraps column.). I've already made two of your Chain & Hourglass blocks and love them!!! Many more are "kitted-up" on paper plates to sew up as Leaders and Enders. Thank you for all that you do and have a great trip to Mississippi. Do you sing that little song in your head when you are typing it out too? LOL Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas

  2. I really like that quilt block behind the quote for today but I don't know the name of it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was just going to mention that I have already received my copy of July/Aug Quiltmaker when I read the above comment. It does seem a little weird to get it in May ( and mine came before the 26th.. probably almost a week earlier)... I missed the quilt cam last night, but know where to find it when I have time to sit and watch ( or listen as I sew). Have fun in Mississippi :)

  4. The flag wall hanging is adorable.

  5. Bonnie, I LOVE your quotes but today's quote rings so true in my life. I have been struggling with negative people in my life and was at wit's end. Yesterday I decided to just listen and not let the negativity in my personal life. Your quote today was just reinforcing it.....it is how we perceive and react to situations and people that determine our life. I did quote you on my fb page with citing the author (you). I hope to spread your wisdom.....Keep up the good vibes, girl! Love you Bonnie!!!!

  6. I had to run to a Grandson Baseball game after I shared my R's for Quiltcam. Watched the rest this am. Waiting for my Quiltmaker copy in the mail, it should come today. My McCall's cane yesterday. It's a slow mail week with Monday holiday. Squeezing in some more letters so I can play on my Portable Design Wall at Retreat next week with my Scrabble names of the Crowther Grandchildren. I did a cross-stitch of grandchildren for my MIL. But I want a Quilted version for ME with all of my blessings on it. Being Grandma is the best!! Loved seeing your busy and traveling bags. I saw a few tools just like mine. I need extras to put in a busy bag. Thanks for sharing your time for Quiltcam. It gives me a bit of Bonnie time. ♡♡♡ Miss you here, living on the memories from your visits to the PNW.

  7. Last night you commented on quilt cam about Thread Heaven being discontinued. I also had heard that and found something to replace it and actually like better. Carmex Lip Balm, I just run the thread across the top and run my fingers down the thread. This not only treats my thread but treats my sore (from needle pricks) fingers. I have used both the stick and the jar. I also like the tube one for my fingers, it is a little messy for the thread but I do use it for that also. I really enjoyed quilt cam last night and like you did not get any stitching done but that was ok by me. Safe travels.

  8. I got my new Quiltmaker issue yesterday. That Triple Exposure quilt is calling to me. I have some shaded Cherrywood cottons that would be perfect for it.

  9. I just had to chuckle near the end of Quiltcam last night when you showed how much sewing you had done - two squares!! I had spent the day with my only quilting buddy yesterday, and we got about 8" of stitching done, so we beat you!!

  10. I have never had the opportunity to go to a quilt retreat. Life seems to always get in the way. I am looking forward to maybe someday being able to join in the Quiltville journey. No one that I am aware of, quilts in my area so I am a quilting loner who loves sharing your experiences with you. Thank you Bonnie for all you do.

  11. I enjoy seeing where you’re off to next. Hopefully when your quilt chateau is complete I’ll be able to visit.

  12. I have to get my copy of Quiltmaker

  13. Your quote of the day is particularly pertinent! Thanks.

  14. I love the Quiltmaker magazine!

  15. Safe travels, Bonnie. Blessings to you and your family.

  16. Okay, Bonnie, tell us the truth. You are really triplettes or you have several clones! You do so many wonderful things every day. I add my best wishes for your classes and continue to make progress through my projects while I watch your travels. Blessings

  17. Thank you for a wonderfully productive Carolina Crossing workshop in Jackson, MS today!!

  18. My issue arrived in the mail today! So many colorful quilts! I love the colors of the quilt on the cover!


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