Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Jamestown Landing Day in Manchester, NH!

Oh, the laughter!!  SO many hugs and smiles – catching up with folks I haven’t seen since the last time I was in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, FIVE years ago!

We booked these dates 5 years back when I was here the last time.  I thought it would never get here, but it did….and we’ve been having the best time since wheels touched tarmac on Thursday morning.

I just had to take a photo of this "lunch box” style tote…what a crack up!

Of course, we are not taking this all seriously, but I can bet you The Hubster would have no problem wearing a cheddar colored T-shirt sporting the slogan “I got a new lawn mower for my wife – Great trade, huh?!”

(And as of yesterday it was still pouring down rain in Southwest Virginia, and there is little chance of that lawn getting mowed any day soon – and it continues to grow…..and grow and grow!)


And there were 57 machines just a hummin’ away!

There was much excitement as quilters gathered outside of the doors, waiting for the “All Clear!” from the set-up crew so they could start hauling in all they needed for our scrappy stringy Jamestown Landing day ahead.  Pattern from my book String Fling.  Check this out - Click to Play:

A wild and wonderful day was definitely about to begin!


Of course, there was much making merry as much as there was making blocks.


Wanted – Quilter with Sewing Machine.

Police say she may be following a PATTERN!

I think I died more than once laughing….I NEED this shirt!


Many block units were made!


Getting the units going the RIGHT direction isn’t always easy!


No photos of my hind quarters please!

The blocks were wonderful – check them out in video format:  Click to play!

A fun day was had by all!



Spring is in full swing in New Hampshire – the pink blooming trees and other flowering bushes like this azalea are putting on their best show while I am here.  I knew it also the moment I landed, as my eyes went instantly sticky due to pollen count.  It’s a small price to pay for the spring blooming that I am able to enjoy just a bit longer into the season, as all of this activity was done in North Carolina a few weeks ago – Long live azalea season – as long as it can.


And Bonnie Actually SEWED!

I completed 4 blocks last night while watching a Princess Diana “In her own words” thing on TV.  That whole story of that poor woman still leaves me so sad for her, and for those who loved her.  My heart hurts for her still.  She should have been here to see her sons married, to see them become fathers, to love on her beautiful grandchildren – and this is totally off topic, but we are more than the quilts we make.

The machine sews like a dream and was graciously loaned to me for my time her by Kathy.  There will be more time for sewing after today’s Box Kite workshop, again for close to 60 quilters.

Bring it on!

Oh, did you enter to win this month’s Quilty Box & Quilty Box Mini Gift-Away?  Enter to win on THAT POST!  Drawing to happen on Tuesday evening, May 22nd.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Fair and Square quilt from my book Scraps & Shirttails II 
Shared by Andi in yesterday's workshop in Manchester, NH!

Look beyond the obvious and expected, and go for what can be!

Have a wonderful Saturday, folks!


  1. love that flashy orange print shirt you are wearing - looks so comfy - always love to read your post Bonnie and where you are and the fun you have - keep it up

  2. Love the daily quote Bonnie!! Always look to the bigger picture!

  3. still raining here in frederick, md as well...actually hasn't stopped for long in the past 3 days...hope you get some good seafood up there!

  4. I adore that lunch/tote box... would buy a dozen if the Quiltville store had them!

  5. where did you see the lunch/tote box?

  6. I need that lunch box so so bad!! Who, what, where??

  7. my heart, too, ached for the "orphan" boys and wished the Lady could have been there... i did think there was too much about her, but sometimes the media is inclined to over do! I loved your happy welcoming greeting to the impatient workshop goers queueing up to get set up... oh how impatient they must be, yet trying to keep a grip! LOL ... thanks again, for all you do for the quilting community, yes the azaeleas (sp>) are gorgeous! Maybe someday, I'll get to be in one of those many pictures with you. xo xo Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  8. Diana's boys have made great efforts to keep their mother's memory alive. Thank goodness for that. I cry when I hear Elton sing her song. The replays had to be watched by me too, I was busy at Quilt Market in Portland. Last year at this time we were Quilting with you in the PNW! Oh the Memories!


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