Monday, May 07, 2018

Show & Share Across Georgia!

Hello from the Greensboro, NC airport!

I’m off to Seattle this morning, and typing as fast and as furiously as I can to get this out here before boarding.

My head is spinning and I’m fairly numb with this go go go thing, but I’ll be able to hopefully sleep on the plane, sew a few hexies, watch s couple of movies (Which one was it that I didn’t finish last time that I needed to finish this time?!) and find my way to Seattle by lunch time their time.

I absolutely was blown away with all of the wonderful quilts shared during my time in Georgia.  From one guild to the next….these women are prolific, and the colors and patterns just danced before my eyes.

I am so grateful that so many showed up – and remembered to bring their quilts!

And to see a completed Diamond Tile top – when mine is still only a handful of blocks?  AMAZING!


Displays – everywhere!

This lovely lady is also responsible for bringing her Quiltville quilts to decorate the tables during my guild presentation with the Gwinnett quilters – such a warm and colorful welcome!


Grand Illusion – with feet!  LOL!


Gorgeous On Ringo Lake colors!


A Scrappy Mountain Majesties in Rainbow!

The quilts kept coming – and I’ve compiled it all in an easy to relax into video show just for your viewing pleasure.  Click to Play:

I'm so inspired to sew some more!


This was my day yesterday.

I am eternally grateful to my son Jeff for his help on his day off – we processed more than 70 orders that will be hitting the post office today.  I don’t know what I’d do without him!

Yesterday was also a day for laundry, repacking and shuffling the trunk show quilts to include the workshop quilts for this Seattle area visit.  We are doing a couple I haven’t done in a while – Basket weave Strings is a great intro to string piecing, and a half-day workshop is a perfect fit for this one.  You’ll find it under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

We are also doing Tropical Twist from the Addicted to Scraps book – So many options with that one, and I know we are going to have a great time.


Only 4 more rosettes needed!

I did have some evening needle time last night – I laid out border number 4 to see what more needed to be done – only 4 more rosettes to go, and this border – the LAST border – will be ready to go on Jeff’s hexie quilt top.  I’m nearing the end.  I can’t believe it! I’ll likely finish them all this trip to Seattle and back.

I spent the rest of my evening working on attaching border #3 – just a little bit more to be done on that – we are almost complete with this traveling hexie journey.

Looks like I’ll have to plan on something ELSE for our trip to England in August!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Jacob’s Ladder quilt found in Georgia.

Never assume that someone else's opinion is factual!

Examine it yourself, and realize that even your own opinion can change!

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. Oooohhhh, that scrappy mountains rainbow is AWESOME!!!! Will have to try that one soon and am so glad you showed it. I have been reading all the posts from the past about it and it looks great in all the colorways ;)! Thanks, Bonnie and try and get some sleep :)

  2. Love that Scrappy Mountains version and that On Ringo Lake is gorgeous in those colors! Those Georgia quilters went all out to present to you their own quilt show. That must have been an awesome feeling to see so many of your quilt designs together.

  3. Amazing quilts! It must be so wonderful to see all the creativity and gorgeous quilts that you have inspired! Love the quote today!

  4. I love seeing all the quilts that everyone has made, and I am getting better and better at naming them. I hope when you travel less that there will still be some way to see everyone's show and tell. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, there are several there I need to make - ack! What is the name of the one with friendship stars and hourglasses?

    1. Palmer Gal, That quilt is Star Struck under the free pattern's tab.

  6. Thanks!! I haven't visited those since I fell down the rabbit hole of Bricks and Stepping Stones in March.....

  7. I am planning a scrappy mountain majesty in purples for my granddaughte. Good luck on your travels this week

  8. jerilyn - that sounds so pretty,she will love it!


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