Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What a Van Load of Stuff!

Yesterday was a “Pack the van with as much quilty stuff as you have room for!” kind of day.

I’ve been going through my house and selecting things that have hung over doors and on walls that will add a touch of quilty whimsy to our retreat surroundings.

I don’t want to welcome quilters to a sterile environment, I want this to feel like I am welcoming them into my home – so much of my home is going to find a place within the Inn.

This sign has hung over my front door for the past 10 years and I believe it to be so completely true.

“What we make with our Hands, We hold in our Hearts.”

I’ve placed this for now above the front foyer doors against the transom window, but who knows where it will eventually land.


And there was more stuff…so much more stuff!

Over the years I have collected enough knick-knacks and paddy-whacks to fill my own house completely full.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my eclectic décor, but eventually we will be selling this house and relocating to the Virginia cabin property full time at the Hubster's retirement, (still about 7 years off!) and this gives me the opportunity to slim down a bit at home, keep the things I love and move them over to the retreat to be enjoyed by others.

In other words – you don’t need to downsize, you just need a bigger house for your STUFF!  LOL!

In the back of the van there is a sewing machine cabinet for a Singer 15 – Queen Anne style, picked up in Maryland last year I believe.  Also in the van where you can’t see it is the very first treadle machine I bought in 1992.  It was a Davis in a parlor cabinet – beautiful but difficult for me to sew at as I am too tall to sew easily with my knees “in a box”.  It will be perfect here.

Assorted lamps, crocks, baskets, stitcheries and other décor items were chosen with purpose from home and brought to the Inn.


And Sadie rode shot gun!


The Rhodies have bloomed this week!

The dogwood that was in full regalia last week has sprouted all of its leaves and blossoms are no more –I’ll look forward to seeing the tree bloom next year, this same time.  

But right now – these beautiful arrays of riotous rhododendron at the curve of the front porch are making me smile.


Folded Log Cabin made by my mom -

Hanging in the kitchen.


Crocks near a Singer table in the back entry.

The “Faultless Starch” bucket was painted by my mom, and used to hold my powdered laundry soap (back in the day before there were liquids and tide pods) and I put a silk plant in it to add a bit of fresh color.

There is also an "over the door" plaque with a country scene on it painted by my mom - looking at that scene, it could have been painted of the surrounding countryside, all hills and green.  It will go over this doorway.  

The treadle table was purchased with the house.


I’ve added some things to the downstairs bath.

Pictures are hung on existing nails for now, but will be moved around eventually.

Something you may not have known about me – I have a chamber pot fetish.  I love them!  From basic crockery to fine china to granite enamelware - Some with lids, some without, some with wire handles, some with double pottery handles.  I just find them an amazing part of our humble history of necessaries.  I’ve placed one in each bathroom for fun.

**For Display Only!**  LOL!


Signs on the mantles in the Quilting Quarters.


Button jars brought from my studio at home -

Old spool and shuttle picked up somewhere -

With the remains of the old woolen mill just beyond the porch, I thought having the shuttle here was kind of appropriate.

The picture on the chimney is an aerial view of the property – not sure if it will stay here or not…


Inspiration in the upstairs bath!

I have loved this stitchery since I first picked it up at a Goodwill for $3.50.  The price is still on the back.  This is my best mantra for living!  

Click to enlarge it to read – I hope it inspires and reaffirms to you everything that you are!


One bed frame up!

The bed looks dwarfed in this room – there is plenty of space to add 2 more twins, and a cute little corner with a reading chair.  This is the bed frame I picked up in Winston-Salem from a Facebook Marketplace ad the night before I headed to New Hampshire.  

The woman it belonged to is now 84, and entered assisted living.  Her house is up for sale.  Friends are helping her downsize everything, and according to them, the bed belonged to the 84 year old woman’s parents – a matched pair of beds, one of which she has kept.  The wood is a beautiful mahogany, and I’m happy to have it taking up residence at the Inn.

The plan is to gather bedsteads of all different kinds for completely mis-matched marvelousness!

I also plan on leaving all of the wood beds in their original finish – I’m not a fan of chalk paint.  I prefer the timelessness and warmth of natural wood. 

New mattresses will come in time, this way we can get ideas of furniture placement with just the footprint of the bed frames.


This stitchery added to this room!

Since the Inn is in Virginia, I thought a Virginia stitchery was also a fun addition!


Art deco basin & ewer.

This is currently in bedroom #2 but not sure if it will stay here.

It took us a while to unload everything – and while I took things to and fro, Sadie was doing her own exploring of the property – the yard, the porch, the house - she was so excited!

But enough is enough, and she did let me know when it was time to go!  Click to Play:

She is eager to get to the cabin for dinner!


Evening stitching in my cabin comfy chair.

Only about 12’’ left to go.

I know I haven’t stayed put at home long enough to do a Quilt-Cam.  I can’t help that this month has been just so crazy with everything.  Soon, I promise – soon!  I just don’t have enough connectivity here at the cabin to do it and the internet is not set up at the Inn yet. 

My time up here this week is being spent in the final “FLOW” of my book manuscript so I can get any final edits off to my publisher so we can go to print.  That June deadline is looming and I’m set up using my laptop and a BIG monitor so I can do everything larger than life.

I even got an early start thanks to this welcome chorus this morning – Click to play:

I’ve got that stillness I’ve been needing up here.  I’ve got Sadie by my side, beautiful mountain surroundings and time away to get this done and get it done right.

And for one last reminder – TONIGHT I am drawing for the winner of the May 2018 Quilty Box!  It’s your last chance to enter.  Head on over to THAT POST and get your entry in – all that is needed is your name and email address, visible only to me.  Good luck everyone!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

What will you do to stretch your mind today?

We don't need to go completely out of the box, we just need a bigger box to play in!

And if I’m a good girl, and get my homework done, I have a quilt top that needs 2 more borders added – that’s my goal!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friends!


  1. I am absolutely and completely enjoying watching you put together your inn. Your little touches are so special.

  2. "That Woman Is A Success" is so perfectly you, Bonnie.

  3. Taking time to see a Friend from Kindergarten days. I have a surprise for her. Glad you could spend time decorating at the Inn.

  4. I love the way the Quiltville Inn is coming along. It looks so warm and inviting already, just like a home. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Bonnie,
    Watching you design you design your dream, is enough like Quiltcam for me. You deserve only the very best! Kindest regards, Paula in Omaha

  6. It's fun watching the Inn fill up with treasures. Seven years until retirement? You will find that the time goes much more quickly than you can imagine. Good thing you're getting started NOW on downsizing your North Carolina home . . . will be so much easier to do your final move out of there in seven years.

  7. I so look forward to your posts about your new adventures. Since my age and circumstances don’t permit me to get out and experience the things you do, it really brings a bright bit of color to my days. I loved the birdcalls and seeing all of the wonderful touches you are bringing to the Inn. God bless you and your family for your generous spirits.

  8. I stitched that same Governor's Palace sampler kit back in the 70s!

  9. I so enjoy watching you feather your new nest!!!
    The stitchery of "That woman is a success" describes you to a tee!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share all your endeavors.
    Quiltville Inn will be more beautiful when you are done.

  10. The beauty of antiques surpass no other. Bringing the past into the future melds into ones heart. Your dream is a true blessing

  11. Perfect, all your personal touches will make quiltville inn a warm and inviting place to be. Just loving the beautiful touches you are adding, thank you for sharing. Sadie is just adorable what better company could you have whilst your busy putting the finishing touches to your manuscript. Love and quilty hugs xxx

  12. Do you have enough "small" quilts for the beds or are we going to see a flurry of twin sized ones being made over the next couple of years. Could be an idea for a new book! I hope to come visit some day.
    Have a Great day!

  13. You brighten my day with the Goodwill saying, the fabulous bird calls, lush greenery, and all your wonderful efforts building your retreat. It is truly a dream spot, very inviting! Sadie's a true friend! I look forward to your post every day...my best, Rosanne in Albuquerque

  14. I love watching the evolution of Quiltville Inn. Thank you for your inspiration everyday and the many ways you get me to think outside the box. Going to meet you at Mary's this August for more inspiration.

  15. Sitting around a table with quilty friends, I read them your blog today. We all liked your idea of getting a bigger BOX.

  16. Your Quiltville Inn is going to be a marvellous place. Wish I lived closer :)

  17. As I read of your early addition to the inn, I keep thinking "wow" or "perfect" or "I'd like that myself." Reading each day and sharing in all of this is so much fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. I am so excited for you, Bonnie! The last few years of my life have been consumed by family— leaving little time for sewing. You have been my get away — always upbeat and a taste of normal. I look forward to your inspirational quotes— many very meaningful and tied into what I was experiencing. I am looking forward to a retreat at Quiltville Inn— once you are open. Enjoy this process !! I so appreciate you and your talent.

  19. I love how you are filling the inn with momentos from your home. Pieces that are part of your life’s journey which will be continuing at the inn. I enjoy watching some shows on HGtv. But I never understood the part where a designer will finish off the rooms with store bought items rather than using pieces and momentos that belong and mean something to the homeowner. I would much rather have the handmade gifts that my kids have given me over the years rather than some store bought sculpture that is on a shelf because it is the right color for the room. Oh the stories your wonderful momentos could tell if they could.

  20. are those cardinals I hear in the last video? have not heard them since 1990 when we moved west from Ohio.

  21. I’m loving the pictures and coming together of the Inn. I wish Texas wasn’t so far away from Virginia. I have some things I would love to donate to you!!

  22. the danger of having the Inn will be the amount of things you will pick up "For the Inn" Lol....Enjoy the process

  23. I love your process of downsizing, and your quote: "In other words – you don’t need to downsize, you just need a bigger house for your STUFF! LOL!" needs to go on one of your quilt blocks of daily sayings for us to keep. It so fits my feelings. If anyone ever gave me something, the chances are 99 to 1 I still have it unless it got horribly damaged in life. I love the TV commercial with the children & all their stuff all over their room, and they are singing "I love my stuff". That's you, That's me. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Bonnie, I lived in SC for a few years and know that the real estate market is a bit slow, at least compared to the west coast where I reside now, but just curious. Did you sell your last cabin? I may have missed that post.

  25. Love listening to the birds

  26. Great project, great plans. Can't wait to visit the inn for a retreat. Do you take donations of vintage sewing pieces?

  27. Bonnie- I love Quiltville Inn! I love the Rhodie's! Having a larger house is not the complete answer. I have the largest house ever @3288 sq ft, and still no place to put everything. I had lots of extra storage put in ,cupboards in my office and sewing room, instead of regular closets; extra large closet at end of room downstairs, strage under garage ='s 23x26 storage under the garage, and still not enough space. Actually, I think I will have, but will just have to put boxes in the storage space until I can go through them, use stuff up. Combining three locations, having multiples because of that, does not help!

    Your Inn looks darling all ready!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun shines a little, and it is drying out enough I may be able to rototill some this weekend, after I am done with the May Workshops.


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