Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Guess who has a new favorite photo-op spot for quilt photography??

The perfect white railing with a burbling creek beyond!

No cows were in sight yesterday – they’ve wandered down around the bend in search of greener pastures.

This quilt, which as of yet has no name, may be winging its way to Quiltmaker shortly for appearance in an upcoming issue.  And then on to a future book after that – and it was so fun to throw it over the porch rail for a couple of shots.

Hooray for FINALLY getting this binding and label stitched down and completed.

I took the last stitches while we were still watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jeff had fallen asleep on the floor, and I covered him with this newest finish.  Finished quilts need to be slept under - immediately!  It's good luck, don't you know?


Meanwhile, the menfolk were mowing!

The yard at Quiltville Inn is right at an acre – and most of it, including what will be the parking area is grass.  It was fun to see my cheddar mower in action!

Yes, that is a tree slide you see behind Jeff.  It will come down at some point – it belonged to the family who owned the inn before we did.  They had a couple of small children, and I smile thinking of the fun they must have had in this wonderful yard.


The hubster and the weedwhacker – trimming the wilderness back a bit!

There is an abundance of wildflowers right now – purple and white, just beautiful.  I told him to go easy on them.  I don’t plan on manicured gardens – I just want green and lush with a bit of taming.



We don’t know what the remainder of that brick wall is/was.  However, it is OLD OLD OLD brick so could have been part of an old smokehouse or outdoor kitchen from when the house was first built.  I don’t know what we are going to do with it.  So for right now it stays.

The wood “octagon” you see in the lawn is hollow underneath.  You can hear it when you walk on it.  Could it have been a root cellar?  There doesn’t seem to be a way to open it.  What would a house built in the 1880s have? 

The rectangle on a rope you see is a tree swing.  Perfect for kids, not perfect for adults.  When I tried to sit on it (oh, that was a pretty picture) the bough bent enough that my hind end was nearly on the ground.  LOL.


Now this was fun!

While the guys tackled the yard, I worked at removing the old rubber tiles from the back entry, office, and bathroom at my Post Office. That yellow stuff has got to go!

The tile came up easily, and to my surprise look what I found under one of the tiles in the office! It had to be put down there when the floor was installed, there is no other explanation for it being embedded under the tile.

A 1970 quarter! A time capsule moment! It's about time new flooring happened in here. (No, it is not a valuable 1970 quarter – just a normal one.  We checked.)

I love thinking of the many things that happened within these walls over the past many decades that this Post Office was fully functioning in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.

Someone suggested that I find a 2018 quarter and put it under the new tile when it goes in.  I think that’s a great idea.

The tile is now gone, and we are ready to install new sub-flooring before putting new tile down.


Much scrubbing also happened.

This is a metal bed frame I picked up on Facebook Marketplace a few weeks back – someone’s little girl was getting a bigger bed and didn’t want something so girly.  Well, I do!  I scrubbed up the frame out on the back porch while watching the guys do their thing.

There are some chips and wear, but that just adds to the whole shabby chic appeal.  I’d love to find a couple other metal beds to go with this one in one of the bedrooms.  I sense a theme coming on!


Evening hand stitching.

Unlike the other two hand quilting projects I have completed in the past year – both of which were samplers – this one has it’s 16 blocks all identical.

So my progress photos are going to look all the same as there is no new hoop view as I move the hoop from place to place.  There is a reason I like to go scrappy, ,and the only thing scrappy about this quilt is the triangle sashing.

I still love seeing the texture happen as each needle-load of stitches is taken.  I’m quilting with Gutermann thread, also a subsidiary of American & Efird. the same company that makes the Signature 60 wt that I machine and hand sew with.  Dragonfly thimble by TJ Lane.

Though it is Memorial Day, I will be heading down to home this afternoon. 

I need tomorrow to get ready for my trip to Mississippi on Wednesday!

Still on-going: ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS in the Quiltville Store are 25% off through the 29th using coupon code DIGITAL25 at purchase. Must use code to redeem, so don’t forget!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Memorial Day Remembrances.

Today I will say "Happy Memorial Day!" And mean it.

While Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the service of those who died defending our liberty, it should also be celebrated for the very same reason - that liberty is alive and well.

That's something to be happy about.

Can one be in remembrance and be happy at the same time?

If not, what were they fighting for?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, my friends.


  1. Octagonal seems a weird shape for a root cellar - you lose a lot of wall space in the corners. Could it be an old well or cistern that’s been overed up?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I would definitely get it checked out or make sure it is blocked off and no one can walk across it and fall through.

    2. Definitely an old cistern and potentially hazardous unless that piece of what appears to be plywood is not reinforced underneath.

  2. See you in Mississippi on Friday!!!!

  3. I’m enjoying watching the progress on Quiltvilla. The wooden octagon in the backyard may be covering an old water cistern.

  4. I would love to think it is a cistern, but it could also be an old septic tank. Be careful since you really have no idea what is under there. The last owners may know. It looks like the septic tank my parents had to have removed from behind their home. It couldn't be abam=ndoned since it was close to recreational water.

  5. I would check the octagon for safety. If it's safe the build a gazebo or large Pavillion over it. That way there is no chance anyone can get hurt and there is a nice sitting area.

  6. When you lay the new sub flooring sign your name in paint before adding the glue for the flooring!

  7. I'm wondering if the octagon area could be an underground gas or oil tank. There is one on my husband's grandfather's farm. The farm is over 300 years old; the tank was put in in the 1930s or 40s.

  8. Your purple quilt reminds me of a ball room floor.....shall. we dance?!

  9. Hi Bonnie, I will def.be watching for your quilt to show up in Quiltmaker or your book, I love that quilt! Quiltville Inn looks lovely!!!

  10. An octagon was most likely an ice house with big blocks of ice stored in saw dust. Quilttville Inn looks like it is filling your soul with joy and wonderful dreams of yesteryear and tomorrow's possibilities. We just love sharing in your happiness. Keep the stories coming.

  11. I'm not sure why I feel compelled to leave this comment...LOL
    When I saw your purple quilt my first thought was "she should call it Purple Haze or Purple Rain. Just being silly!

    1. I was thinking purple mountains majesty..... Gorgeous quilt!

  12. It could have been an ice house.

    Oh and how about Purple Rain for the quilt.

  13. How about calling the quilt "Deep Purple Dreams", from the lyrics of the song "Deep Purple"? You know, "When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls. . .here in my deep purple dreams"?

  14. Oh, Bonnie, I am so looking forward to enjoying that burbling creek when I come to retreat with you, and so far it seems I must come in May -- everything is so beautiful. But maybe I should plan to come later in the summer when the evenings will be filled with the sound of cicadas or grasshoppers along with that creek. I LOVE that mystery brick wall. I hope you do not have to take it down but can continue to let your imagination build its possibly history. I am loving following along as you realize your vision and your dream for this retreat center.

  15. I, too, thought of a cistern as soon as I saw the picture. What fun to uncover the history of your inn bit by bit!

  16. If/when you do take down the brick wall the bricks might be salable if they are in good condition.

  17. Hope you're Memorial Day will be memorable. After graduation for the past two days, it's nice just for a bit of quiet.
    I'm thinking about your octagon - perhaps it was a well. Growing up we lived in a very old house - the first built in the area and it had a well just off the back porch. Hmmmm...

  18. Look at that luscious purple quilt against the green! It reminds me of a field of Dame's Rocket (wild phlox) which is quite common here in the Finger Lakes. Some might say it is a weed, I say it is a wildflower.

    How wonderful that you have had "hands on" time with your boys this week. Our girls and grandchildren live out of state, so although we chat and text often, nothing is as nice as having them with us.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and glimpses of life!


  19. Adore your latest quilt. I know you didn't ask for suggestions...but since it finished on Memorial Day, Purple Heart?

  20. I didn't look to see if another responder had the same ideas that I'm offering about the wooden cover, but knowing old houses as I do, I would want to know if it is the cover of an abandoned well (which you may have already checked on) or the wooden cover for a homemade septic tank. I have seen wooden covers on both. Love the purple quilt, and I'm so excited for you that another quilting dream (the inn) is on its way to reality.

  21. Bonnie, since you have a wood burning stove at the Quiltville Inn, you could use that brick wall area as a place to store the logs. Could stack them up and be all set when the colder temps arrive.

  22. Love seeing the photos of your new project. Intriguing to know what is under the concrete...just hoping the boys dont fall into the access point while whipper snippering! Love that poison green applique on your hand quilting, I just spent a lot of time tracking that fabric down to buy some! Enjoy your new venture I hope it continues to bring you much joy.

  23. Love following your doings at Quiltville Inn, and so hope I can visit it some day (from Canada). Am absolutely amazed and in awe of the energy you and your guys have! Great work you're doing; it's going to be absolutely splendid.

  24. Your quiltville inn is such a beautiful place , the purple quilt is just lovely set against the lush green .
    So looking forward to the rest of 6oyr adventures with the inn.
    Have a safe journey to Mississippi on Wednesday.
    Quilty hugs xxx

  25. I couldn't help but think of where I was and what I was doing in 1970. Did you? Love the purple quilt and watching you put Quiltville Inn together. Wish we were closer as I'm sorting through my mom's stuff and found a hand crank Singer patented 1886, 3 featherweights, a well loved treadle New Companion with "PAT DEC 17 1895" stamped on the wood case, a Singer 401a with cams (I learned to sew on this one), 2 black Singers I didn't take the time to figure out what they are, a Brunswick, and my step-grandmas Singer in a small cabinet. I found 4-5 green Singer boxes with attachments. I had no idea she had so many machines! One she used as an end table and thought it would be prefect for for your Inn.

    1. TEN sewing machines?!?!?! Wow, what a treasure trove you have there! Congratulations! Such fun to look at them all. How nice the 401a has the cams, so often they don't.

  26. I just love your new quilt and I look forward to seeing it in a future Quiltmaker digital magazine that lands in my inbox. I also love reading about your exciting project at the Inn. Maybe one day (on my bucket list?) I will visit from Adelaide, South Australia. :)

  27. Your new profile picture is very pretty :)! Cant wait for the deep purple dreams quilt pattern, awesome!

  28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that purple quilt!


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  30. That brick wall looks like the perfect height to sit on and admire the views!


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