Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In Search Of…..Chairs?

**NOTE** Quilt-Cam announcement at the bottom of post – don’t skim read!

Isn’t it amazing how something you rarely give a second thought to – becomes front and center, and it is all you can think about?


Who thinks much about chairs, really?  We sit in them every day.  They are in front of our sewing machines, at our dining tables, and living spaces.  You might even have a cozy chair in the corner of your bedroom, but have you really stopped to count up all of the chairs in your abode?

Each chair has it’s own purpose – either workspace, kitchen space, dining space, living space – and oh, let’s not forget about front porch space!

My yesterday was detoured by a cockamamie idea that we simply couldn’t just order sewing station tables online, even though they were on sale according to the IKEA website.

Oh, no.  They needed to be seen and tested in person first.  But 16 tables?  Do I really think I can fit all of that in my van?

And what about the second dining table and chairs to match the first set we are bringing over from the North Carolina cabin?  (Yes, still on the market – not talking about that!)

So I loaded up the van with what was going home with be before my next trip (Mississippi – tomorrow!) and headed out.

It was 2 1/2 hours drive from the cabin to IKEA in Charlotte.  And another plan hatched.  Flying solo as I was – it was the perfect day to hit up The Depot Antique Mall in Concord on my way home to Wallburg.  Let’s go!


IKEA was a ZOO.

As I went through, checking things out – asking employees where I would find the display model for this, or that (Trying to take short cuts!) I noticed the lines getting longer and longer.

The thing to hate about IKEA?  You can't tell what everyone else is buying because everything is in flat pack boxes.  I love peeking into people's carts at a distance and seeing just what they are taking home.  Did I miss something good?  But with these boxes?  You can't tell.  It's all just boxes.


Could this work as a cutting table?

Ironing station with a big board on top?

As I found things I wanted, I took photos of the tags, and we placed our order online to be delivered to Quiltville Inn.  16 sewing tables, a dining table and 8 chairs – all in flat pack –BEST IDEA EVER to have them shipped.  They should arrive around the 26th of June, and the shipping wasn’t bad considering.

So why am I standing in this line?  Because I needed 6 more IKEA task lights.  My drive here had to be worth something.  I needed to leave with SOMETHING – and I did get a bunch of ideas for things I want to come back for later, when it is not a holiday.


Chairs.  Found Chairs!

During the great lawn-mowing day we had this weekend, Jeff was curious enough to go wander through the old General Store (derelict building, falling down, bad bad juju!  It needs to be demolished!) and was brave enough to go UPSTAIRS to where we had never been before.  He found these two cute chairs!  Sturdy, and in good condition – that yellow one may end up in one of the bedrooms.


And these 4, too!

I don’t think the 3 tall ladder back chairs are “that” old – but they are sturdy and I love them!  The other shorter one is OLD OLD, has seen loads of wear, and his HEAVY. 

Where will I use these?  I don’t know!  Maybe mismatched chairs around an outdoor patio table would be fun.  We shall see.


My favorite place in Concord, NC!


Ideas, ideas, ideas!

I’m thinking of ways for quilters to hang their towels in the bedrooms when they are done showering – there isn’t room in the bathrooms to hang ALL of the towels.  But each bedroom could have a hook board, and each hook could hold a quilter’s towels.  THINKING!


Chairs!  I’m noticing chairs all over!

This didn’t come with me – but I’m all about the shape.  CUTE!


Stitcheries!  Love them!


Is a 9 foot church pew a good idea for the porch?


Not at this price!  And it wouldn’t fit the van.


Now this I like! LOL!

But that front porch needs CHAIRS!


Oh, very cool!  Vintage embroidery floss display case.

Nope. Not a chair!


OH, this is cool!

Rattan wing-back chair?  I went to test it out.  It sat so low that I had a hard time getting back up.  Nope.  Sigh.  This is getting harder as the day goes by.  The mall closes at 7pm.  It looks like I’m going to be the last customer in here!


Kermit Green Mid-Century patio set!

Great chairs!  For atop the "Octagon?"

I love this, but no ---not exactly what I’m looking for right now.


All about the shape – oh, the shape!

What about these in that upstairs bedroom turret seating area?

Cute, but hard as rocks.  No.  But I love them – but, no.


But YES!

See that pink sale sticker?

Oh, little bentwood rocker, you are so cute and perfect!  And you are coming to live at Quiltville Inn for the mere price of $42.00.  A cute little cushion and you will be great for porch rockin!

I loved this, too!

Yes, we ARE making this happen!

So back to my shopping basket that you see at the top of this post?  Those three things also came home with me along with the chair, and I have the quilts I saw to share with you in another post.

Today I am in whirlwind mode.

Because we NEED to do Quilt-Cam TONIGHT!  Are you with me?  8pm Eastern. It’s our last opportunity for May.  And I really need some more sewing time.  I’ve got more Diamond Tile blocks ready to stitch up.  

Meet me in Facebook Live at that time.  If you miss it, it will be embedded in tomorrow morning’s blog post as I head off to Mississippi, and archived under the Quilt-Cam tab.

Book orders await – that’s first on my list today.  

Which reminds me…TODAY is the last day to get 25% off of all Digital Patterns in the Quiltville Store.  Remember to use code DIGITAL25 at purchase. 

We will  not have another sale like this until Black Friday – so stock up now!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

It's the unexpected things that add the spark to life!

See you tonight for Quilt-Cam!


  1. Good golly, Miss Molly! No antique mall is safe right now. I live following you vicariously on your treasure hunts. Having an idea of what you are looking for makes it even more fun!

  2. Yea,for trying out the chairs, and shipping all those tables. It's gonna take awhile to assemble, I'm guessing. Nice to find chairs for the porch in the attic. I love the white rocker. QUILTCAM tonight, I'll be there! !

  3. You may need to go back for those pink chairs. It is SO easy to add better cushion pads and cover them with YOUR choice of fabric (or cutter quilt). Just a bit of glue for the foam and a staple gun to hold the fabric.

  4. I enjoy reading about your adventures looking forward to seeing you complete your quilting haven

  5. My friend has used vintage door knobs for towel racks and coat racks. They can all match or be mis-matched. Both look great! Sounds like you are having fun furnishing the Inn. Best of luck.

  6. All the while I thought you were talking chairs for the sewing tables. IMO they are the most important in the whole house. They need to be comfortable, adjustable for height, moderately attractive, and uniform (so no queen gets the throne while others slave away at uncomfortable chairs because they weren't the first to arrive;-) ). My sewing chair is an IKEA office chair with no arms so I can easily get in and out, and a high back for optimal comfort.

    1. I completely agree with Kim McKee. I have been on many quilt retreats and they all have the standard hotel conference chairs and are not comfortable or compatible for sewing. Very hard and they do not move easily. I have seen a few quilters bring their own chairs.
      I am so enjoying your shopping and decorating adventures for Quiltville Inn.

  7. Looks like a fun time!!

  8. Yes, yes, yes to a pew on the porch - with patchwork pillows, of course! Also, I use a kitchen island for my cutting, and it's great. I have only one shelf, and I think two would be even better. Mine has casters, so it's easily movable. So excited for you an with you - want to come from Texas for a Retreat!

  9. Sounds like you had a fun time, Bonnie! I think that heavy chair found in the attic may be an old school chair, most likely the one used by the teacher. It certainly has the distinctive shape of those chairs. Those old school chairs from the 40s and 50s were made of oak (even for the kids) and were meant to be indestructible. What a find!

  10. You may want to check with the neighbors of Quiltville Inn for vintage chairs. They may have some goodies for you (and they would be within walking distance?)

  11. Harbor Freight has a workbench in the $160 range that isn't too difficult to assemble, has 4 drawers and a bottom shelf that would work well for cutting tables - is about 5' long. Lots of people (including myself) have made an ironing for this to use as an ironing table. I put wheels on the bottom of mine and I consider this invaluable. You just never know when you need to move something this heavy!

  12. WOW Bonnie you are a whirlwind and inspirational. Always a delight to read your blog. I have also being setting up 'another' home by the beach and love my vintage/recycled finds from auctions/charity shops/ freecycle. So looking forward to a not so quick visit from across the pond when you open your doors for bookings.

  13. the short legged chair with the (ahem) wide bottom....well, that's mine...LOL

    1. maybe should try to find several in that shape, it's exactly what I need! smiles hugs and good time, talk about living vicariously...thanks, again, Bonnie.... Cats from Carlsbad CA

  14. Loving following your adventures as you work on furnishing the Inn. I grew up in NC many years ago. My favorite memories are of sitting on the front porch at Grandma's big old house. It only had many rocking chairs. One rested and rocked away their troubles. Porches need rocking chairs.

  15. Love all the different chairs. What are you using for sewing stations? You didn't show them and now I'm curious.

  16. Antique shopping is so much fun. How great to be able to fill a whole house

  17. Oooh! I love all the chairs! And I have one just like that shorter wooden one in your picture with the 3 ladder backs! Mine is oak (which I refinished) and it came from my local Women's Institute hall. It's approximate 100 - 125 yrs old. I have a little cushion on mine and use it as a sewing chair. (wish I could attach a picture here)


  18. You need a place for the ladies to hang their coats, maybe downstairs so they don't have to climb the stairs just for a coat. Maybe elevater could go by back stairs or replace them.

  19. Bonnie if I was to come to Quiltville Inn on a retreat, I would love to set on the front porch in a wooden rocking chair with a cold glass of homemade lemonade.

  20. I had to laugh. I have a house full of chairs - 5 rockers (4 inherited from my in-laws); two chairs that my husband made (he makes reproduction furniture - a fabric stash is nothing compared to a wood stash. And he's always after me to buy a more expensive sewing machine so that he won't feel so guilty about his next tool purchase.); and the normal number of dining, kitchen, and easy chairs.

  21. That cutting table is perfect! I have two now, one in my cottage in Maine and one in our new downsized apartment. They move - and can store needed things. LOVE it.

  22. I'm totally LOVING reading about furnishing the Inn! And since you didn't ask for it ;-) my opinion is that the front porch is not an appropriate place for church pew (weather!) I think the porch should have an assortment of rockers (with arms!) or a few of the metal gliders from the 1950s (?) and side tables (for our drinks). (of course, the problem with furniture is you need a place to store it in the winter, which is why I use a motley assortment of folding and stackable plastic chairs in my yard)

  23. The Ikea island should work great. For many years I used a kitchen base cabinet with a top for my cutting table and a second one for an ironing table (we saved them for that when we remodeled our kitchen.) My husband built a laminate top for the cutting table which was the perfect size for a large cutting mat. The ironing table top was made from OSB board--very durable--I padded it with batting and covered it with canvas. It was very easy to put a new cover on it when it became stained. Ergonomically, counter height is the perfect height for cutting--even for me--5'1". Really miss those tables since we retired and down-sized. They now live at a friend's house though.

  24. Bonnie, My sister and I were recently at your Hooksett, NH lecture. We know the quilting community is a wonderful group. We were hoping you might be able to pass along this message to the group. Just a few days after we heard you speak, my sister had a brain stem stroke.
    On her behalf I started a go fund me campaign. Here is the link if you might be willing to share it.

  25. Bonnie, before you decide to get the IKEA island tables, check out the wooden tool table at Harbor Freight. Great size/height and price!

  26. Just an idea for towels. I go to a quilt retreat in Texas every year. In the bathroom there are clothespins and a magic marker. Each retreater puts their name on 2 clothespins. One for a hand towel to hang on a hook beside the sink and one for your bath towel. Washcloths are in a wire basket and you may use these as needed. We are there for 4 nights and it certainly helps keep everything neat.

  27. My mom made that exact “set it free” cross stitch pattern!! I tried to enlarge the picture to see if I could spy her name/initials but I couldn’t see them. So much to do, so little time to do it all! Enjoy your upcoming trip!

  28. Bonnie your testing all the chairs reminds me of Goldilocks and the three bears! This one is too hard, that one is too soft..... Thanks for making me smile.

  29. Love the assortment of chairs. Made me think of Goldilocks -- this one is too tall, this one is too short, this one is too hard..... Can't wait to check in. Looking so very forward to your grand opening.


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  31. Your statement, "who thinks about a chair," made me laugh. Since I am only 5' 1.5" tall, I think about the size of the chair every time I sit down. Most chairs are too big for me, and I have to have pillows behind me. I also carry a foldable foot stool in my purse which I use in churches, dr. offices, airports, etc. In restaurants I have a hard time moving a chair closer to the table or moving it back after I eat because my feet don't touch the floor. My husband is a huge help in that regard. Maybe you should also look for foot stools and pillows when you shop:) Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  32. For Towels: A plastic hanger with a label can hold a damp bath towel, and can be taken back to the bedroom closet after use. There it will dry out quicker, and will not be taking up space in the bathroom. I've found this really helpful when visiting relatives (and no one uses my towel.)

  33. Love reading about the story of your retreat as it evolves, just amazing how much energy you have. I remember you saying you were going to purchase Cotton Sheets for all the twin beds. While I was at Bed Bath and beyond last night they had oodles of twin sheets (cotton) that had been mark down to 14.99 and then 1/2 off of that. They did sell them Flat and fitted separately but might be a good opportunity Just a thought as you work to make you dream a reality

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