Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It’s Punkin’ Patch Gift-Away Time!


Guess what was waiting in an EPIC pile-o-mail when I returned home last night?

I’ve been waiting!  Since JANUARY for this issue to arrive, and here it is!

The Sept/Oct 2017 issue of Quiltmaker is on its way to you, or will soon be at a news stand near you, if it hasn’t arrived already.

Yes, after 11 days on the road this girl is feeling a bit behind, but I’ll soon catch up!

As I’m home for just 2 days – leaving for a Family Reunion in Utah on Thursday afternoon –and teaching across Utah next Tuesday through Saturday, my planned post of all of the antique shops I hit on this trip will be postponed while I deal with incoming mail, outgoing mail orders, a suitcase full of laundry and an empty fridge.

(Okay, family – those two bananas that were on the counter when I left 11 days ago were STILL SITTING there when I arrived home last night.  What’s that about?!  Ewww.)


This issue’s Addicted to Scraps column block!  FUN!

It’s time to get into some triangles.  This block is AWESOME as a main block, so graphic – but also consider it as an ALTERNATE block and watch the magic happen to whatever you put them with.  If you think they are great straight set – watch the wow happen when you put them on point!

My page includes regular rotary cutting instructions, but you can do this quicker and faster from pre-cut strips from your Scrap User’s System using the Essential Triangle Tool!


All of these patterns included!

Pattern per pattern, magazines are your most economical source of great designs from a wide range of designers.  So many different styles from applique, to paper piecing, to string piecing, from contemporary to traditional, it’s all in here!

And the beautiful Halloween themed Dresden plate on the cover was designed by Carolyn Beam!

I’m eager to throw in a little gift-away, are you just as eager to win it?


From Bonnie’s Burgeoning Basket!

Along with the September/October 2017 issue of Quiltmaker, our winner will be receiving a double-cone thread stand, a beautiful stationery set, EZ patterns hexie foundations, a Colorin’ Quilts Hexagon panel ready for you to color, embellish and quilt, and a Wildflower panel:

By Masako Wasayama!

How cute is this?

I’ll be drawing for our winner on Monday evening from my digs in Utah.

Good luck, everyone!


Last night’s welcome home sunset.

The hay field you see in the foreground had just been mowed.  Not only was this a sight for tired travel-weary eyes, but the fragrance took me back to long summer evenings while living in Idaho.  So good to be home in North Carolina if only for a couple of days.


Pre-bed hexie cutting time.

“You are in the basement cutting HEXAGONS?!” came a voice from upstairs.  “Yes!  I’m standing at my cutting table, petting fabric, cutting kits for Thursday night’s flight and re-centering myself!  I’ve been on the road for 11 days, I’ve been sitting all day in the car, and I need this.”

Sometimes you just have to!  It was at the BOTTOM of the to-do list, but now it is done and the list is shorter – and off I go to tackle it.


Early morning photo shoot!

My friend Mary Kerr is writing a book on Southern Quilts and asked me if I had a Pine Burr quilt by any chance.  I do –but it was a rescue quilt, which means that fabric has shredded until completely gone, and there are holes right in the MIDDLE of the quilt.  This quilt is folded strategically and hangs on an old saw on my dining room wall.

She loved it in all of its charm and asked me for an “over-the-rail” shot for her book.  I’m tickled.

May all of our quilts be so well loved as this one was throughout its life.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Say no to doubt!

Vintage quilt top found yesterday in Virginia.

Let's plan on Quilt-Cam via Facebook live at 8 p.m. tomorrow evening, Wednesday July 19th.  It’s been a wild and crazy month and this is the first opportunity I’ve been able to do it, and the last opportunity before I fly off again.  If you miss it, the feed will be embedded in Thursday morning’s post and placed in the archives. 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Yay! I've been waiting for a Quilt Cam. See you tomorrow night :)

  2. It's amazing how much you do! Only home for 2 days and you're doing a Quilt Cam. You are awesome! Thanks Bonnie.

  3. What a whirlwind...hope to catch quiltcam live. Love the over the rail shot of your quilt. Cheers! Shuna

  4. What a whirlwind...hope to catch quiltcam live. Love the over the rail shot of your quilt. Cheers! Shuna

  5. Great block in this issue, Bonnie!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  6. Please show a picture of your Hexie Travel Tote. How do you corral needles so you don't lose any. (ouch) Also have you ever cut slightly used sheets into scraps?

  7. I chuckled about the bananas...to me, that would make them just about perfect for banana bread. I let mine get very black & squishy, fermented makes the best tasting bread. I've been known to freeze them like that even, and then thaw and make when time permitted.

  8. Hi: Not sure where else to go with this, but I'm not able to access Quiltville's Open Studio. I've been out of town so wondering if I missed something? thank you.

  9. Love your work! Someday I'll be caught up with all my sewing, but maybe not for a few dozen years!

  10. Those are the best kind of quilts....well loved! Imagine my surprise a few years ago when I moved here to find (under a pile of "fake" quilts one that was backed with feed sacks from a kill at Winston Salem. My husband was grilled on it's origins, but was clueless....a true mystery quilt!

  11. Yes, those bananas should be great in bread right now! Glad you are home safe ( So is Sadie🐶) What a fun trip you had to Pa. I hope to be there next August. Just signed up for a class in May. So excited!😀🤗😍😋❣️Just put together a hexie project to go. You have started many projects Miss Bonnie! Such an inspiration to us all! My collection of orange and grey fat quarters are waiting for this issue too! Is the shed done yet?? See you tomorrow night!

  12. Triangle twist might be the perfect design for some triangles I brought home from my first meeting of a new charity quilting group. I just resewed some that were stitched poorly and there are a bunch that aren't stitch yet. The hard part is these are all roughly hand cut; I will be doing a lot of trimming. The other idea is to just use these in crazy quilt blocks.

  13. Can't wait for the Quilt Cam. Don't know how you have the time to do all you do. See you tomorrow night Bonnie.

  14. About those bananas... I've done that and another time it was cauliflower left in the microwave...stink like a skunk! Now I have a list to check off before I leave and " check micro" and "check for bananas" is on it. Once but never again.
    One question.... When do you relax? Love your daily missive....

  15. Hope you have some great family time coming soon! Darn will miss Quilt Cam but will check in later. :)

  16. You are one amazing woman Bonnie. So talented i look forward to your dailey post every day.
    Have a wonderful visit with family and Quilting times.
    Happy quilting, Yoka Bazilewich

  17. I'm probably one in a million that doesn't mind but actually likes to hand bind my quilts. I never really liked hexagon quilts but was about to go on a cruise and fly across USA to get to my departing port and thought "why not? I might as well do something with hand stitching while flying and cruising." Bonnie, you would be proud--I'm a convert!! Hexagons catch my eye everywhere now, and stitching is sooo very calming! It's all I want to do. At this rate, my quilt will be done in no time. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  18. You amaze me with all your energy.
    Thank you for the new drawing, it sounds like a perfect package for ME. lol. I should be so lucky.
    Can't wait for quilt cam tonight, hope I can make it work.
    Glad PA was such a success for you, and I know you will enjoy Utah & family. I think that Utah is the most beautiful state in the Union for visitors. I have been twice & would go again if the opportunity would arise. All said from a born & bred Texan who loves her state.

  19. Laughing at the bananas on the counter

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