Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Very Wonky Wishes Monday!

We had a Wonderfully Wonky Monday with group one in Bedford, Pennsylvania!

Don’t you love this sign?  There is no way to miss the turn-in to the American Legion Hall, but I giggle when I wonder what passers-by who are NOT quilters think.  “Who the heck is Bonnie Hunter?!”

The boxes of scraps came out to play, and the variety of colors, prints, and genres in fabric were WONDERFUL!

Not enough variety in your box? Make a trade with new friends sitting across the table.

Take a stroll around the room, introduce yourself and swap out some squares!

The more fabrics, the more variety, the LESS things match, the better!


Just look at these smiles!


Yes, things may get messy!

You may be afraid of things “oh, so small!”


Perfection goes out the window, and playfulness is the game!


Fussy Cutting Fabulous!


And all together?  Weeeeee!

You’ll find the pattern for Wonky Wishes in the pattern singles section of the Quiltville Store, and it is on sale!


You’ll find the rest of our day’s fun INCLUDING our outside show & share in the slide show below.  Such a fun day!

Did you catch THIS quilt in the slide show?


1930s!  It’s a HOUSE!


There are even sashes in the windows.

This fabulous quilt is from Mary Koval’s collection and Loretta was working on adding a hanging sleeve to it so it could be displayed at a future event.  I’m glad she showed it to all of us after I begged her to.  This is so unique – it’s quilted all over with free-hand Baptist fans as well.  Perfect.


And this was my evening.

It has been an incredibly intense 4 days.  My all day driving trip on Thursday, three days of workshops with an evening lecture thrown in the middle has made me very glad for a couple days of “off duty” time before we ramp up again for another round of 3 more workshops and an evening lecture starting on Friday.

To those who are coming, I can’t wait to see you!  I’ll be rested and ready – bring it on!


3.75 mile morning road hike!

With a mostly open day today, I was up early and headed out the door to greet the morning for a long road walk.  I love Pennsylvania.  The mountains call to me here just as much as they do at home, and the vast green fields of farm and wilderness put my soul at peace.


Past old farmhouses with barns and silos behind -


Tall wildflowers with sunlight breaking through -


Oh, I so love the old red barns!


This one is my favorite.


Or maybe this one?

If I didn’t love my place in Virginia so much, I could live here – in a very rural corner of Pennsylvania.


Another barn tucked behind an unoccupied old house.


Wildflowers with barn in the distance.

I love the thought of “Some see beauty where others see only weeds.”  It’s all about perspective. 


Abandoned school house from behind.


and from the front.


Back home at Mary’s converted church-home.

Which brings me to now.  What’s up for my day today?

This morning I’ll be tackling some computer work and some ordering for future venues so that books and patterns and other classroom supplies are delivered ahead of my arrival on some upcoming events that are coming up soon:  Utah, Iowa, and Minnesota.

This evening Mary is giving a presentation in State College, and I’m going along to help HER out.  I’m looking forward to that.

I may be able to set up a machine here in the dining room and do some sewing – that baby quilt STILL needs a binding attached so I can start in on the binding flipping and stitching.

Could it possibly happen that I could squeeze in a nap somewhere?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Celtic Solstice quilt shared during yesterday's workshop in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

It may be scary, but you can make a change!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. It's been YEARS since I was in Pennsylvania. It was the Summer of 69. A lot of water under my bridge. That house quilt is great. How funny is that sign? Enjoy your off duty time.

  2. Loved this! Your photos are as amazing as your quilts Do you know where a pattern for the Celtic Solstice can be acquired? SoooOOOOooo wish my guild out here in California could host you!!


  3. The Celtic Solstice pattern is in Bonnie's shop, in the digital patterns section. Click on shop at the top of thd blog, just under the quilt photo.

  4. Your blog posts just make me happy each day Bonnie!

  5. I LOVE your Wonkey Quilt pattern, Bonnie. I have made 2 baby girl quilts using it. One gifted, the other next month when my best friend's baby granddaughter is due. Love seeing all the great blocks being created at your workshop. Ticks all my boxes: scrappy, stars, wonky!!!!!!

  6. All of us quilters are sew happy you like Pennsylvania.
    Have sew much fun here.

  7. Nerdy trivia fact for the day: your wildflowers above are milkweed, absolutely essential for monarch butterfly caterpillars. If you had looked under the leaves, it's possible that you might have spotted some striped caterpillars munching away.

    Hmmm.... green leaves, pink blossoms, yellow/white/black striped caterpillars, and orange/black butterflies. There's a vibrant quilt color scheme for you!

  8. Love southern Pennsylvania and all the barns! I had forgotten about milkweed, as I hadn't seen it in many years.When the seeds are ripe, the pod pops open and gradually the seeds fly away on the wind to replant themselves wherever they land.Oh, once again, thank you very much for all your sharing! You bring so much to me everyday.

  9. Lovely wonky quilt pattern! Looks like you're all having a great time!


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