Monday, July 24, 2017

Last Sister Standing!

Is there anything that brings back more memories than seeing cousins camp in the backyard – tent, sleeping bags and all??

I snuck up on these three early morning ---tiptoeing barefoot across the cool dew-wet grass, the cooler over-night temperatures making sleeping outside a highlight o f family reunion fun.

Yes, the girls gave up their beds for all of the old fogies like us!

When my boys were little they loved to sleep under the stars in sleeping bags thrown on top of the trampoline.

This brought back so many memories while in the process of making so many more.

Departures started after breakfast. 

Lunch was a much smaller family affair, and those leaving home to various destinations also left, sibling-family by sibling-family until I was the only “additional auntie” left at my sister Joy’s house.

It was still not a quiet evening as family game night and movie watching commenced.


Oliver! Oliver! Never before has a boy wanted more!

As is typical at family gatherings for movie night – if you can see it on the screen – closed captioning is enabled so we can all sing along.

No, not a quiet evening.  Not at all!

But some hexies did get stitched – the first fabric fondling to happen since the plane touched down in Salt Lake City after 12am on Friday morning.


This morning’s hike!

My sister is 16 years my junior and has a huge effect on keeping me in motion and healthy.  With kids still sleeping, we snuck out the door around 7:30am this morning in an effort to beat the high desert heat.  We failed! It was already hot as we made our way to the Jordan River Trails to join many others on bikes, roller blades, or walking and jogging with the same idea in mind.  SUCH a beautiful area, and so different from the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia that I call home.


Great paved pathways!


Love the newly baled hay with mountains behind.

Can you smell the fresh air?

And that sky!


Selfies in the morning!

Now if I can only keep up this pace – I feel like my travel and teaching schedule as well as hard-pressed deadlines have removed the time for my daily walks and hikes from the equation. I need to get back to it.  Anyone else feeling that way??  I need to eat better, I need to exercise more – but how to fit it all in!

This trip has given me a good start.

I’ll be picked up this afternoon and driven to Brigham City where I’m starting off this week of workshops.  I’m EXCITED to be meeting a new round of quilters tomorrow!


This sweet niece!!

I just snapped this photo – while I”m sitting at the kitchen table editing photos and putting together this post, Emory is painting me a picture in t he seat right next to me.  Auntie and niece, working together.  She gets more and more grown up every time I see her.  They all do!


Till we meet again!

Time to pack up my bags and get them ready for this afternoon’s pick up.  And I understand that a trip to IKEA with my niece Addie is the plan….

IKEA with Auntie Bonnie?  Bring it on!

Oh, and don’t forget!  Tonight I’m drawing for the winner of the Quiltmaker Bundle!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?

We’ve also got the fabulous July Quilty Box drawing in full swing.  You can enter ON THAT POST as well. 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Crazy block quilt made for my niece Addie by my mom.

Start by being more kind today than you were yesterday.

And that includes being kind to yourself as well.

Much love from Utah!

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  1. So happy that you are getting this family time! Even tho it's busy and loud it's a balm for you soul! Have fun at Ikea. Safe travels.

  2. It is always wonderful to catch up with family but in America more so. Such vast distances between them. Here in New Zealand it's just a few hours drive. How many siblings are in the photo Bonnie. I tried to pick them out lol. I'm guessing mum is in the front and Dad at the back?

  3. I'm so glad you are having a great time :) Seeing others happy just makes me smile :) Safe travels!

  4. What a wonderful family photo! You are well blessed with all those kinfolks.

  5. gotta love a large family and sometimes I think only those of us that come from them understand them - 17 years between the oldest and youngest of my 11 siblings.

  6. Such a sweet posting today! Used to love going to my Auntie Jean's in the summers in Toledo. She had 3 kids younger than me so for a little while I wasn't the kid sister and the youngest. Auntie Jean was the only sewer and I never had the chance to learn from her. Enjoy your raucous times. Littlest niece at the table is just precious!

  7. What a wonderful family

  8. Just started working again after major surgery earlier this year-I walk to work most days. It is almost a mile one way but so worth the effort of leaving earlier and getting home a little later. I would love to walk with you next week in Iowa! I will be at the Community Center sewing with you and staying nearby at a campground. Getting excited-my first sewing retreat with my FW!

  9. Oh to be a Fly on the wall this week! Love that the girls are giving up thier beds for you grownups. I remember sleeping 3 across at my Cousins in the Summer.

  10. Looks like a very fun time with the family. Everyone looks so happy...a true blessing!

  11. thanks, I'm so glad you are having a great time :) Seeing others happy just makes me smile :) Safe travels!


  12. I remember when you were making that Emory a gorgeous quilt. Time flies, doesn't it?


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