Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quilt-Cam 7/19/2017

Last night was a Quilt-Cam night via Facebook Live!

Did you sew along?

If you missed it, don’t worry.  I’m embedding it in this post, as well as sharing some of the photos sent in by those who were watching and stitching with me.

I love that we get to spend this time doing what we love TOGETHER, and that you share your projects with me.

This photo is from April who was with me in Bedford.

She writes:
I'm working on Wonky Wishes blocks. I have about 64 done since Bedford, PA. 

I'm making the most of what is left of summer before I have to go back to school to teach. 

I am sewing on my sun porch with the fan on high.
Doesn’t that just sound blissful?  Enjoy your summer stitching, April!

Maria was also working on her Wonky Wishes quilt – up to the machine quilting part on her vintage Singer!


Love it!  That yellow sashing is fun!

She writes:
Here is my current project I'm working on during quiltcam. My version of Wonky Wishes. Thanks for the inspiration . 
I also am using my ipad. I just went to  quiltville fb site, with no problems.
Happy sewing and thanks again, Maria in Mississippi
Such a great scrappy quilt, Maria!

Her response came after we had people emailing who were unable to find us on Facebook Live.  You just have to come to my Quiltville Page on Facebook, and the feed should be just past the top of the page.  After we are done, I pin it there at the top of the page so folks can find it easily.


Ellen’s Sawtooth Flutter blocks!

(Yes, it still has that name….)

She writes:
Ellen Matoba from San Jose, CA sending four of my Sawtooth Flutter blocks, your pattern in Quiltmaker 100 blocks, Vol. 15. 
Though it has many small pieces, I absolutely loved piecing these blocks. 
I have come to really enjoy scrap piecing thanks to you. 
And thanks for quilt cam again today.
I’m tickled to be hearing from folks in San Jose!  I spent my life from 2nd grade through high school in the Alamden Valley and this place is near and dear to my heart!  Your blocks are wonderful Ellen, I can’t wait to see what you do with them.


This is what was going on with me last night!

I finally figured out how I am going to lay this quilt out and I am pushing to get it done since my rough draft for the next book is due Jan 1st!  Oh, boy! 

I’m adding more cheddar corners that I cut with the Essential Triangle Tool to the string snowball blocks I trimmed using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler. I love how these two rulers are working together for this fun project.  I can see using them together in many upcoming projects as well!


My blue 1950s Wizard is out to play!


Blue doilies and all!

Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed.  Enjoy!

We had a great time!

During Quilt-Cam I shared this finish which also happened yesterday:


I loaded the China Trip Project (Also still needing a name!)



Next to it is the remaining backing fabric.

I got the binding on this morning! This project is also destined for stitching down either during free time while in Utah, or on the plane home. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and do you see that bottom left photo?  OUT OF BOBBIN EXPERIENCE!  Glad I caught it as early as I did!

And with that, it’s time to finish packing, get the rest of the orders out the door to the post office, and be ready to leave for the airport at 3pm!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Vintage Cathedral Window variation quilt found in Virginia

When was the last time you shut out all the chaos to listen to that small voice within who knows you best?

My life is quite noisy right now.  I’m trying hard to find my own voice within it!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. A possible name: China Stars, or China Diamonds.

  2. A possible name: China Stars, or China Diamonds.

  3. How about, 7 Sisters Go to China?

  4. When I saw that little quilt the name Seven Sisters Flying popped into my head. It's a cute quilt.

  5. I can so empathize with April. Teachers have to squeeze every ounce of sewing time into the summer. School starts for me in four weeks. I wonder if we can start a Facebook group for teachers who quilt?

  6. I enjoyed watching Quilt-Cam last night...always so much inspiration.

    Safe travels and enjoy your family gathering.

  7. How about "Stars Over China" for the name?

  8. I hope eventually this quilt will be a pattern for sale. It's really cute.

  9. I would call it China Sisters as it's a variation of the Seven sisters pattern and your group will feel like a sisterhood after traveling together.

  10. Your project reminds me of our game Chinese Checkers. Just checked it out and it appears the game was invented in Germany in 1892 with it being similar to an American game of Halma ... a little tad of "history" for you, with a play on the name at the same time.

  11. seven sisters from China

  12. Oh my goodness Bonnie, your "China Trip Project" quilt is beautiful!!
    I missed quilt cam last night due to slow interent, but hope to find time to watch it tonight.
    Have a great day and thanks for taking time to share your expertise with all of us quilters!

  13. Through the link here in your post, I was able to view the quilt cam video (using my google account) on my iPad today. And I enjoyed watching. Thanks! Safe travels to Utah.

  14. For your China trip project, since you've been working on it during the time leading up to the big eclipse, "Shanghai Eclipse" came to mind.

  15. I loved being able to watch all of quilt-cam last night. Since I am in a time zone 4 hours earler I often am out of the house when it's scheduled. And when it's scheduled for Sunday afternoon I am at church. I always warch later in those cases, but somehow watching "live" is better.

    To those who had issues with ipad watching: I was able to watch using the FB app, but not Safari. I like to watch on my desktop best because I have a large screen monitor.

  16. I love watching quilt-cam. When I saw the small quilt, I thought "Stars A'Flying". I love the small quilt! Be safe on you up coming travels. Sending best wishes from Irvington Alabama.

  17. Hi Bonnie, love when all the "stars" come out to play. Your Saw-tooth star quilt looks like a Radiating Star to me... and the one that is going to China... Star Hill? It reminds me of a hill of stars with a wall around it.
    Have fun in Utah.... I'm waving since I live here!
    Oh, and fun with your family too

  18. Can't hardly stand the wait until I am in your class next week. Safe travels and enjoy your family. I am so glad that they are sharing you with the Utah Quilters.

  19. hexi-fetti....very pretty!

  20. hunter stars or constellation stars... sounds good...I like china stars too!

  21. What kind of longarm frame is tgat in your photo Bonnie?

  22. Bonnie, how about Shanghai Sisters.

  23. Looking forward to watching quiltcam and sewing along with you!
    I just finished my mini quilt from your block pattern which I'm calling "Bonnie's Star"!

  24. BeeZee-- Be still my heart. Six pointed stars and there seven of them like the constellation Seven Sisters or Subaru. Bonnie I hope this is for distribution.

  25. Although family and friends are important, your quote of the day came to me while I was trying to listen to my inner voice. To go out and visit or stay home and sew...what do I most want to do or be? My inner voice screamed and so now I am sewing! Thanks Bonnie and enjoy your holiday!

  26. now when I click to quilt cam I only get a blank rectangle, and it won't show the video... not just my computer, but my husbands as well. boo hoo. what's wrong?

  27. I've had my grandchildren visiting for a couple of weeks, so I'm just now doing a little catch up reading on your blog. You may already have a name, but just in case...for some reason, I thought of dishes when I saw this little quilt. How about Gramma's China? ;)


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