Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day, 2017!

I am wishing all Americans a wonderful and safe 4th with your families, friends and loved ones!

Our plans here in Virginia are small.

Good eats, time for naps, enjoying the beautiful nature, and appreciating this land that we love.

I may celebrate with sewing a little something in red, white and blue today.

And in true American fashion, we may find ourselves at Lowes for an appliance sale as I just can’t deal with this fridge in the cabin anymore.


Trimming String Snowballs while pasta boils!

The kitchen island is a great height for trimming the multitude of string blocks that have been coming out of my machine this strip.  I’ve got a goal.  I need a lot of them.

So far the string bucket is not looking much diminished!

New appliances are needed.  The fridge is small, I mean small as in even SHORT for tall people.  And to get a gallon of milk out of the fridge we nearly need to bend down double and reach way back.  We are tall people.  I am 5’9”.  The menfolk are all 6’3” to 6’4”.  

Nope.  Time for a new fridge.

And a new stove too.  This one is about 20 years old and it works just fine, but I’m not a fan of electric coil plates.  If Lowe’s has got a good sale going on, that’s where you’ll find me.

God Bless America!


And continuing with this.  Lots of this!

More Simple Folded Corners rulers are on their way, but they won’t be in before I head to Pennsylvania.  I’ll be home on the 17th, so I’ll be posting about them when I am home from this next trip.

I made a little slide show on how this is working so great for me!

Tomorrow bright and early I’m leaving the cabin and heading to the oral surgeon.  It’s time for this tooth to be GONE and a bone graft taken care of so we can start the long implant process.  

My tongue will be happy to have the sharp edges gone.  I have had all of this that I can take.  It's been going on since Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday is for packing up and getting mail out for this trip.  

Friday I’m on the road to Bedford!  ARE YOU COMING?!

There are still openings in week 2!

July 14, 15 & 16!


There are two evening lectures – July 9th and July 15th both at 6pm.  Even if you aren’t coming to take a workshop (though I hope you are!) come see the lecture and trunk show and fall in love with your scraps all over again!

Come join us by contacting the shop by phone at (814)310-2278 to register.  It’s likely they are closed for the holiday today, so call them first thing tomorrow.

I’ll see you in Bedford!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage patriotic star quilt shared by Cathy B.

Freedom means nothing by itself. It's what you do with it that matters.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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  1. Get the tape measure out and measure BEFORE you go to Lowes and take it with you to see what the new ones measure..... this may become a bigger project than a trip to Lowes..... but you are good for getting things done... teeth included lol.

  2. Ha! I have a tall family too. we are talking about a bottom freezer frig. You had me reminiscing all day when you posted about the parade. We would visit friends in a small town on the River every 4th and the children in the town would dress up and decorate their bikes with streamers. the parade would go from the general store/post office down to the docks and then a community pot luck. sweet memories

  3. Nothing says "Patriotic Holiday" like a good appliance sale! Laughing with you, I have done the same, although my patriotic holiday always seems to be President's Day. Why do appliances die then? Can they not take the winter.

    Hope you find exactly what you want. And the dental issues go smoothly.

  4. I will see you in Bedford this weekend. I'm ready!

  5. You might consider selling the stove. I wouldn't mind going back to a coil one!

  6. Looking forward to seeing you in Bedford this weekend!

  7. We stopped at Home Depot after watching Despicable Me 3. Spent 20 minutes trying to find a drill bit long enough to match the screw length we needed. Then dropped the box of screws and had to pick them all up....

  8. You reeled me in. I'm driving down from western NY this Sunday for the lecture and Monday's Wonky Wishes workshop. Can't wait to meet you.

  9. I really love the quote for today. Freedom is a precious Gift we have. We must not let it slip away.

    If I was closer, I would come to the lectures and even possibly one of the workshops.

    Kasilof, AK
    Land of the midnight sun.

  10. Check out an induction range, the best range there is! Fast as gas, (might even be faster), energy efficient, no wasted heat into your room, only the pot gets hot, (you can actually put your hand on the stove top element while cooking - the heat only transfers to metal). We love to put a pot of water on and watch our friends eyes go big when it boils in less than a minute. Ours is an Electrolux. Love, love, love it!

  11. Well, new kitchen! yay, new tooth!! double yay!! !! Things are moving along, I so enjoy the throwback, small town parades, with bicycles and the town fire truck and yes horses and mules and mini's OH MY! I, like the post from AK, would love to be spontaneous and hop on out to Bedford... sounds like a fun time... sigh... thanks again, Bonnie, for sharing your lif and contributing so much to so many.

  12. My daughter, Naomi, and I are also driving to Bedford on Friday for what we nicknamed "Quilt Camp." We are, however, delighted that this camp doesn't require tents!

  13. Hi Bonnie, I just had a tooth pulled last week. Boo Hiss. Now I have to figure out what to do. An implant is looking like the best choice. But first, let the healing begin and that dang stitch dissolve! It's driving me nuts. I'm busy with great-granddaughter quilts--one done and gifted, the second one is coming along nicely. Happy quilting and safe travels.

  14. Bonnie call your power company. In Virginia if you replace working appliances you can get a small rebate(cash money).

  15. You need the fridge in our new house . I am 5'4" and it is way too tall for me
    .last November i had bone grafts done in preparation for implants they are scheduled to be sited in August. I have terrible trouble with fear at the dentist that even my wonderful and highly skilled dentist can't allay. Therfore I had the augmentation under a general anaesthetic and same with implants But o am rare. My dentist regularly does the grafting and siting with patient fully conscious with no distress to anyone involved. It will be such a relief for you to get this done. Best wishes


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