Sunday, July 02, 2017

A Small Town 4th!

You just can’t beat a parade in small town America.

Especially when you didn’t know there was going to be one!

I stopped at the grocery store in Sparta, North Carolina on ny way up to Virginia for some “necessaries.”  Just a few things were needed for this holiday weekend:  Eggs, milk, cheese, fresh fruit – you know.  The usual.

Only when trying to exit the parking lot I found a policeman at the light directing everyone LEFT, you couldn’t go right!

Could all of the lawn chairs lined up on the sidewalks be an indication of what was yet to come?

Oh boy.  It’s nearly 2pm.  I’m stuck for good!

But it’s a PARADE!!  We can get into the spirit of this!


Hand over heart for the color guard.


What’s a parade without classic cars?


Oh, I want this one!


Or maybe this one?

(I have a thing for red vintage cars!)

Or maybe one of these?

There were lights and sirens and floats throwing candy! (But I think I loved the mini donkey cart the best!


Waving back at the Lion’s Club float!

Once the parade was over, it was another parade of backed up cars crawling up the road to get out of town.  This is where patience and enjoyment really get kicked into gear.  You can’t control the slow moving traffic, but you can look out the window, smile at the hotdog stands on the side of the road and the rest of the classic cars, and the crazy guy dancing across the intersection in his American flag shorts.  You can wave at folks walking dogs sporting patriotic bandanas, and realize this moment comes but once.

I loved it.  The whole thing.

Especially the donkey cart!


The man-shed has roof trusses!

The building was ending as I was pulling in.  Rain was definitely on the horizon and tools must be covered and protected – and another realization hit.  It didn’t rain on the parade! More smiles.


Looking more and more like a shed BARN every day!

And the rain came in buckets:

I could watch the rain run down the chains for hours.


But this happened!

I got busy with the Simple Folded Corners ruler and the Essential Triangle Tool.  My job this weekend is to finish the string blocks, trim them and cut the corners witth the Simple Folded Corners ruler, and then add the cheddar triangle corners back on. Those are being cut with the Essential Triangle Tool.

Both rulers are available in the Quiltville Store – I am out of the ruler stickers but more are on their way.


Together, the two rulers make a great team!

And I’ve gone a bit “classic car” myself with the 1950s White straight stitch machine in aqua.  More to commence shortly after breakfast is served to the menfolk who are already pounding, sawing and assembling outside making good use of early morning cool temps.


As for me, I’m enjoying the burst of rhododendron blooms all over the mountain.

And yesterday I was WRONG.  I went to draw our winner for the Quiltmaker/Sulky Gift-Away and found that I’m drawing TONIGHT, not LAST NIGHT.  One day is running into the next lately –did yuo enter to win on THAT POST?  I’m super excited as we’ve passed more than 5,000 entries.  Is that a record?  I think it may be so!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Gathering the happy moments this weekend with family at the cabin in Virginia. Wishing everyone the same!

Tropical Twist quilt from the Addicted to Scraps book first published in Quiltmaker magazine around 2009.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Have a great weekend!!! The shed looks huge!

  2. What is more Americana than a parade? Have a wonderful 4th.

  3. Delightful post! Loved the parade, but more importantly your willingness to go with the flow (or not!) exiting the parking lot. I agree, the miniature donkey cart won my heart too. Sweet Man (hubby) was fascinated with the rain chain video and seriously thinking we need to do the same with our tall roof line. Will have to check with the city first (fortunately no HOA). Wow, the shed/barn is coming along nicely. Happiest of Fourth of July to you and yours. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  4. I love unexpected events. Nice to see a parade in Sparta, North Carolina. I live in the one and only, ancient Sparta in Greece!! I adore old cars, and the donkeys are cute. Donkeys are getting extinct in Greece, unfortunately. Have a nice 4th of July weekend in your cabin!


  5. That's what I always liked about visiting my Mother in Iowa at the 4th of July since they had the parade through the small town. Spectators grabbing candy that was thrown from the parade participants. Horns honking, people waving and everyone laughing. Never had rain when the parade was going.

  6. Yeah, finally able to snag a ruler before they disappeared again.

    Have a safe and happy fourth everyone.

  7. That's so funny you went into the store and came out totally unsuspecting you'd be hindered trying to get out of the parking lot.
    Oh, I hear ya on trying to get out of town after a parade is over. Years ago my ex-husband was insistent that we take the kids to downtown Rockford, IL which is a large city. They do a very good fireworks show each year and it's rated as one of the best in the Northern IL area, possibly the state ?(Can't recall now which) Anyway, we got down there and parked, then walked to a parking lot just by one of the bridges going across the river to sit and watch. Mind you, we had to get there almost 1 1/2 hours ahead of time just to get that spot. After the fireworks were over I decided very quickly that was THE last time I was ever going near that area again for fireworks. It took us more than 2 hours to get out of town and we were parked near the northern end of the downtown area where we could get on the road really fast. HA! Everyone else got the idea of leaving right away and some I wondered if they were walking to their cars while watching the grand finale in order to get in front of us. It was insane, plus out car started overheating while creeping along the road so I was freaking out about that too since there was nowhere to pull over with so many cars lining the streets as well as all lanes too.

    Sorry, this is getting long, but I have two more things which I'l be quick with to shorten this.
    1 - I don't recall if I entered the giveaway. I've been having some health problems and kinda recall reading that post and not having the energy to enter that day. I hope that's the case anyway and I haven't entered twice.

    2 - That 'rain chain' is really neat. I have never seen that before. Can you explain that a little more and what exactly it does? It appears that it helps direct the rain off the roofline down to the ground, but I'm wondering if that's used in place of gutters?

    Oops. one last thing - your little barn that's being built looks like it might have a nice sized attic space for extra storage. If it's built to keep dampness out, you could store some of that overflow fabric out there. LOL

    Have a great 4th of July Bonnie!
    again - I'm so sorry this was really long :(

  8. Nothing like a flag waving Parade. I will be celebrating with Baseball and fireworks. Maybe even some Hot dogs or burgers. Happy 4th of July!

  9. My quilt studio and family room was flooded this spring before Easter. The water table was the highest it has been in 30 years..and it has been raining like your video for weeks. The foundation is dug up and my studio is in boxes, but your quilt quotes at the end of your posts make me look for the positive side. I can't always find one but I keep looking. Today the only sewing I can do is some mending. Insurance won't cover any damage, but we have looked at this as an opportunity to rework the space to add value..aside from repairing the foundation. At least we know what repairs are needed and when my studio is up and running next year I will be more comfortable and warm. Thanks for your blog Bonnie, it is inspirational every day.

  10. I had much the same "Parade" experience, but it was a "Rolling Thunder" motorcycle parade, from close to my neighborhood up to the Veteran's Cemetary in Riverside, CA. It was Veteran's Day I believe, maybe Memorial? Anyway, i was on my way to work and the side streets were blocked off and hundreds of motors were roaring down the street. a plethora of leathers and American flags and helmets! Waving smiling people -- it was indeed an emotional experience... and ever 200 - 300 vehicles, they made a traffic break so i wasn't late for work... it would have been worth it tho... a memorable, emotional and patriotic experience... and totally unexpected.... PS: couldn't help but be glad you hadn't picked up some ice cream at the market!!! smiles and hugs.

  11. Love the parade.... we missed it this year. Although, I did see a vintage red car just like you posted (the 1st one) today here too! Since I'm reading your posts somewhat backwards...
    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your kitty and of course of your hubby's cousin. Hard on you when it happens in bunches like that. So nice though to have family to back us up.
    Have a wonderful week end. Happy 4th of July.


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