Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tumelo Trail, the Riverton Way!

This is what happens when a favorite aunt and 3 cousins get together to sew up a storm!

And this isn’t the first time.  What started out as a few “quilt gatherings” with a limited number of people started to grow into an annual event where even the Boys/Men got into the act and are now making quilts along with everyone else!

Quilting is Contagious!  And it’s much more fun when we are quarantined together.

Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II was an easy and fun way to end our 5 consecutive days of back-to-back workshops in Utah.  Speedy piecing and even better- streamlining of matched sets of 9 patch sets ready to sew, and easy accurate triangles from strips using the Essential Triangle Tool

Add block webbing and Leader & Ender piecing strategies to  juggle the blocks where as one block finishes, another starts, using each block to complete the next, and we have happy quilters with stacks of fun blocks in the DONE pile by the end of the day.

Slicinging up the 9 patch strip sets!


Chain, chain chain!


Press, press, press!


Blocks ready to sew!


Hooray for a fun week in Utah!


Seven Lefties in Class!!

When doing the Essential Triangle Tool demo, I always ask if there are any Lefties in the class so that I can be sure they learn to use the tool with how they cut the best – left handed.  SEVEN!  We had SEVEN lefties in class yesterday – a record!  Six of the 7 received the remaining Vintage Textile Soak gifts from the Star Spangled Sampler & Company (THANK YOU!!) and the 7th received a deck of my Bonnie Hunter playing cards. 

Thanks for the fun, Utah State Quilters Guild and visiting friends! 

You’ll find the rest of our workshop day in the slide show below:

I'm headed home today!

It will be a short visit home as I head to Iowa on Wednesday, so we’ll have to plan Quilt-Cam for when I am home for a longer stint.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage hexagon quilt top found in Texas.

Step carefully but assuredly.


  1. Wow! SEVEN LEFTIES?!? I'm one of those, and I always appreciate it when instructors think to ask if anyone is left-handed. Sometimes, you just can't reverse things in your head. Looks like a good time was had by ALL in your class.

  2. What a treat for those ladies to have their own sewing table to sit at.

  3. How was the border in the top quilt done? I've done a piano key border before but I just use a cornerstone. I like how that quilt is done.

  4. Looks like a good time was had by ALL in your class.



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