Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Garden Party, Brigham City Style!

I may have taught this class 100 times already.  And I wouldn’t mind teaching it 100 times more!

Workshops are much more than just the quilt we are making.  It’s the skills we learn – cutting just a bit better, sewing for unit size, pressing for easy nesting of seams and fine-tuning how we assemble blocks to streamline the whole process and make us more productive.

Students who have taken my classes will know exactly what I mean by “turn the page, don’t close the book!”  and “It’s bicycle pedals, baby!”

And if you don’t know what those terms refer to, you need to come take a workshop!

Our venue, hands down, was the most BEAUTIFUL workshop location of 2017 to date!


We are on the top floor with big windows all around!

And those mountains in the background?  Fabulous!


Oh my goodness!

This building used to be a dance academy.  And it’s all been recently restored as a convention/reception center.  Those wooden floors just GLEAM!  I get giddy when I imagine little ballerinas practicing at the bar in here.


And we were so spoiled for lunch – pink napkins and all!

Really, it’s the little things that take any experience from ordinary to extraordinary – and this has been wonderful!


Peeking out over downtown with the old courthouse in view.


We got busy making blocks.  All the fabrics!  All the colors!


We all cheered when Jeff made his first block – EVER!


Jeff and Jennifer came to stitch together.

So happy to meet them both and have them in class for 2 days!

Jeff was sewing on his own featherweight, one he had rebuilt using parts from 3 different machines to get it up and running.  Jennifer’s machine is a 222 – a free-arm featherweight!




These little blocks are Janet O’s!!

Holy moly!

They make my blocks look gargantuan!


Check out the penny in the middle!


Alternate chain blocks!

Oh, Janet O!!

You’ll catch the rest of our day in the slide show below!

What a great day!

As a side note – when uploading this slide show there was a message on YouTube that they are discontinuing the slide show capability  as of September 20th.  I’m not sure what I”m going to do.  If anyone knows of an embeddable slide show alternative, can you please leave a comment in the comments section below?  It needs to be something I can embed in the blog, not just link to.  This makes me very sad.

And dinner was a fun affair with 17 hens and 1 rooster in attendance!

I’m ready for today’s Midnight Flight workshop.  This afternoon when all is said and done I’ll be traveling down to Riverton for 3 more days of workshops ahead down there.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Carolina Crossroads quilt shared during our Pennsylvania workshops.

You truly do know what's best for you. The opinions of others don't matter. 

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Google Slides will let you embed a slideshow into your blog posts.

  2. It looks like you had such a fun day. That location is stunning! I just love the tiny blocks, and that you had a brand new quilter in class.

  3. JanetO does tiny pieces very well! Love this quilt pattern.

  4. Oh, Janet O!! I knew she was planning to do her Garden Party as a Mini. WOWSER! The view of those Mountains theough beautiful wondows. On to Riverton, my cousin lives there. Wonder if shell be in your class? Glad you got to meet my friend Janet O.

  5. Love this pattern, so good to see it in pieces...which book is it in? I follow Janet's blog, which is my mini inspiration, so good to see her tiny blocks. I might just aspire to making a full size block though. Sad though I cannot take this class in Australia...one day when your dance card is not so full?

  6. The blocks match the windows amazing

  7. What about SmileBox? I've seen it on other blogs. (But I'm not very computer savvy, so...)
    What a beautiful building, view and quilters...one handsome one too!

  8. All of the ladies and gentleman made such beautiful blocks! I enjoyed seeing all the variety and beautiful fabrics. The venue was just outstanding, and the luncheon tables so pretty with the pink napkins! What fun everyone must have had, and in such a glorious setting!

  9. OMG NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I took your class in June in KY, I just finished pressing ALL of my blocks yesterday. NOW I SEE that the blocks are ALL PUT together wrong!!!! my light square is on the Inside, not OUTside....... DANG IT!

  10. Wow, what a great location and so much room. It is beautiful. Love the mini's. Need to get back to working on mine but my yard keeps calling me. Have a nice time Bonnie.

  11. Looks like great fun! The venue is amazing and the views to die for. Someday......

  12. I tested Google Slides and it's pretty easy to use. Check it out here: https://quiltyconstance.blogspot.com/

  13. Don't anything about import capabilities, but I dislike watching Smile Box stuff, very rinky dink in my opinion. Not up to your standards we've gotten use to. The quilt blocks are awesome.

  14. What state are you in? It looks lovely.

  15. Love to know the measurements of Judy Os mini Garden Party? They are so cute for mini quilt! Love the big verson too!


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