Wednesday, July 12, 2017

All the Way to State College!

I see this sweet gas station every time I come to Bedford.

I’ve been coming here quite regularly over the past 9 or so years, and it doesn’t matter how often I do, I have to stop and take a photo.  Or two.  Or three.

It’s just the cutest little art deco Gulf station from days gone by.

It is family owned, and full service.  They will pump your gas, clean your windshields, check your tire pressure, check your oil, just like stations used to do back-in-the-day.

In fact, This isn’t a GAS station.  It’s a SERVICE station, and that is what you get.  SERVICE.

I love that places like this still exist.

Mary was gassing up for our jaunt up to State College, Pennsylvania where she was giving a presentation on antique quilts and fabric design to the Centre Piece Quilters for their July meeting.

I got to go and be “The Helper!” And it was so fun to be on the other foot. 

But we had a stop to make on our way ----



Is there anything better than a yard full of 6 puppies?  Only 4 are shown here --- trying to corral them all into one photo was impossible at 7 weeks old.

Mary and Joe are picking up their puppy on SUNDAY (While I’m still here!) and we went over to make a visit as it was on our way.


Oh my goodness!!


Oh, sweet slurping!


Puppy love all around!


And this one has a new home awaiting with Mary and Joe!

Now to decide on a name!

I was asked if I had ever been through the Penn State campus, and when my answer was no –a plan was hatched.


Penn State Photo Op!

Palmer Art Building.

See the square in a square in a square over the door?


“Hug a Lion!” Day!

Next time let’s NOT do this just before 5pm rush hour starts!  We were a bit late for dinner as traffic was moving at a crawl, but we made it.  We had a great meal with the guild board at Kelly’s Steak & Seafood in Boalsburg, not far from the Nittany Middle School where Mary’s presentation would take place.

Mary gave a wonderful presentation and we really enjoyed our evening with the guild!   If you ever have a chance to hear her speak, DO IT.  She is engaging, with so much knowledge and wonderful stories and so fun to listen to, you will be enraptured.

I want to thank the guild for welcoming me as well – I thought I could sneak in incognito, but that didn’t happen as planned either!  It was a very fun night.


Scenes from today’s morning hike.

I went the other direction this morning, and didn’t plan on going too far.  Yesterday’s activities left me with close to 17,000 steps on my Garmin.  My legs are feeling it!  I also know, though, that if my legs are feeling it, then I NEED to get out and move to ease the soreness and tightness away.  Warming them up through movement helps them not be sore all the next day.


Wildflowers near the lake.


Cone flowers along my way back to Mary’s.

Our day today is VERY LOW KEY.  That baby quilt just may get a binding stitched on.  Some more computer work will happen.  We are playing it by ear.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Drunkard’s Path quilt shared by Cathy B.

Hindsight isn't always easy to wait for, but every time I look back I find it was worth it!

The reasoning for this quote today came with happy news - my next book approval came through with a publication date of early 2019.

My rough draft is due on January 1st so I'm a bit excited and a bit panicky all at the same time!

Here we go again!

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  1. Yea for peaceful days walking, pretty flowers. Glad you got to be 'helper'. Congrats on new book approval.

  2. Don't you just love puppies! I have a 3 month old Black Lab, her formal name is Miss Magnolia Mae, we call her Maggie. Boy they keep you on your toes. You need to quilt just to relax. Have a great time, Bonnie.

  3. That is a beautiful area - never been (and so close, Mich)! That FULL service station is almost enough to make me want to make a move. I'm glad you're having such a great time in Pa, it shows in your smile. I think these longer teaching gigs are better for you, hope you have more planned for in the future. Can't wait for your return trip and the rest of the antique mall pics. Have fun and keep smiling!

  4. Bonnie!! You think your panicky! Try me! You are going to be having a new book out in 2019 and that means I had better get the ones I have started from the other books done by then!!! Oh the pressure, the deadlines, the stress of it all....!!! I had better go turn on my machine now and go get 'er done then. 2019 you say??? I can do it, I can do it..... lol!! Congrats on the new book!! LOVE IT!!!!

  5. As a Penn State alumni, I am glad you made it to Happy Valley! I chose it for it's Chemistry dept and left warm Hawaii to go to undergrad and grad school there. Except for the middle of the winter, never regretted it! Also, I love college football and saw ever home game except 1. :)

  6. Bonnie thank you for another great class!!! So glad I didn't know Mary was a getting a puppy I may have had a new passenger for the long drive home!! We are fortunate to have 1 station left that still pumps gas, no window washing and it sure isn't that cute. No grand baby yet.

  7. Love Pennsylvannia! Just drove through part of the state while moving back to Canada a month ago. Awesome looking puppies as well! I'm getting to enjoy lots of puppy love at the moment as my new landlord's German Shepherd had puppies 2 weeks ago today! I imagine in several weeks we will be trying to corral 9 of them!

  8. I think they should name him Jethro! Or Otis!

  9. Lab puppies are so adorable! But, then, I guess all puppies and kittens and other baby animals all are, aren't they?

  10. You are such a joy to wake up to your blog. Brought my 1056 Tumbles quilt to our week at the beach to be my buddy. Thanks. On to rail fence challenge. Thanks for being such an encourager.


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