Sunday, July 09, 2017

Garden Party, Group One!

It was a Big Bunch of Fun in yesterday’s Garden Party Workshop with folks who traveled in from as far as Michigan, Texas and even Colorado!

This event gets bigger and bigger every time we do it, and that is why we have extended it to two back to back weekends instead of trying to fit it all into one. 

We were at max capacity yesterday  as stitchers got busy making the blocks for their own Garden Party quilts.

It was a hustle and a bustle of activity!


Great space at the American Legion Hall!


It’s Pennsylvania!  There MUST be Steelers blocks!


It was a great day all around!


Love the Rocketeer!

For the first time ever in Quiltville History, we had TWO Rocketeers just a stitching away in class.  Such a great machine. And yes, there were featherweights a plenty, and several 301s.


This is TOM!

He belongs to Quilter Steve!

Such a great machine and great machine name for a guy!

On my own machine front – 4 out of 5 machines have been snatched up.  The one remaining oddity?


This little fully functional BELL!

You can read more about the Bell Micro Machine HERE. This is not a machine I’d sew on regularly.  The bobbins are tiny tiny, and it is more of a collector’s item than anything.  Cuteness factor?  HUGE!  Sewing ability?  More a mending machine than anything.  But cute!

Capturing some of the day's action!


SEW much scrap happy!

Laying our blocks all out together! Thanks for a wondeful day, everyone!

We laughed and said this was much like “Quilter’s Twister!”  And I prefer to call it Quilter’s Yoga.  It’s good to bend and stretch after sitting at our machines for 6 hours.

Since this is 9 days full of 6 workshops and 2 lectures there is no way to save the show & share for the end of this trip all in one big thing, so I’ve included our  show & share in the slide show below as well.  Remember if you can’t view the slide show, either go to my YouTube channel directly, or try a different browser.

Chances are you are using Explorer if you can’t see it here on the blog.  Blogger is Google owned.  So is YouTube.  I use Google Chrome myself.

Such a great day! Being outside in the pavilion for show & share made the photos a bit difficult with all of the back-lighting, but the fresh air was worth it and gave a “stained glass” effect to all of the quilt tops that were shared.  Much better than being inside!

And the perfect end to a great day?


Oh yeah!  The Penguin!

Today we’ve got Box Kite also from the Addicted to Scraps book up on deck.  It’s a triangle day!  The Essential Triangle Tool is coming out to play – and all of this will be followed by my first lecture tonight.  If you are in the area, please come!

There are two evening lectures – July 9th and July 15th both at 6pm.  Even if you aren’t coming to take a workshop (though I hope you are!) come see the lecture and trunk show and fall in love with your scraps all over again!

Come join us by contacting the shop by phone at (814)310-2278 to register. It's going to be a ton of scrappy fun.

I’ll see you in Bedford!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage signature quilt circa 1940 found in Virginia.

I'm grateful to see so many friends this week in Pennsylvania! They make what I do is such a joy.

Share this photo with a friend today!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone-

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  1. I just LOVE the show and tell portion, such wonderful quilts! I especially love see Bonnies patterns done in alternate colorways..its amazing what a difference it makes!! Love love love!!!

  2. Wow what a group! What quilts! Very impressive! Wish I was there! Have fun!

  3. You are such an inspiration!!! You posts are always so wonderful. You show kindness and love to all. Espically to the sewing machines and antique quilts. NICE :)

  4. Wow it looks like that all the participants of the party enjoyed a lot. Garden party is normally scheduled in gardens but this one was arranged indoor.


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