Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Spanish Rose Update!

Yesterday, just as I was headed up the driveway on a tear to make my lunch date with Lisa at Nawab on time, I found my way blocked by the postal van ---delivering me a package!

Oh, hallelujah!  Irene’s bocks have arrived!

I couldn’t wait to open the package, but I was already nearly late for lunch so as soon as Postal Joe could get his van out of the end of my driveway I was off and running.

We had a wonderful lunch.  Indian food is something that I love that no one else in the family does…so when I want it, it’s time to “phone a friend” and enjoy it with someone who also loves it.  And we’ve got a great place in Winston Salem that serves a phenomenal lunch time buffet.  Having lived here 8 1 /2 years now (How did that happen?!) I can say that it has never failed to satisfy!

After lunch was over, I headed over to do some dreaded wardrobe enhancement.

You know that kind of panic as in…”Shoot!  My days in the video studio are nearly here and I can’t wear the same thing I wore last year!!”

Ugh. I hate wardrobe shopping.  Especially when it is for “NICE” stuff, not just jeans and tshirts and comfy wear.

I slogged around the store looking for layers.  They want things with lapels and collars to hide microphone cords and the like.  I am supposed to wear layers.  In AUGUST.  I am already remembering last year when I couldn’t keep the sweat from dripping from my hairline down my face to my neck in the heat of the lights.  Layers are not my friend at this time in my life.  Women of a certain age, you know?

So there I am, hangers in hand and a shopper passes by catching my attention with her smile and her words: “If I said QUILTER would you look up and smile?”  YES!  I’m sorry I was so distracted, I would have talked to her more!  She said that she recognized me and asked if I were shopping for the upcoming workshop recording.  I said yes..and she wished me luck, and moved on.  Whoever you were, THANK YOU!  I was able to do the rest of my shopping with a smile. 


Uh-oh, Emmy Lou approved!

Evidently she likes layers too!

I did find some fun stuff, layers and all, and it can go with me on the Mediterranean cruise in a couple weeks as well. 

How to know you have reached a “certain” age?

The gal at the checkout said I could save an additional 30% if I applied for a credit card.  The frugal queen inside of me said okay, and then promptly forgot my own social security number and failed the application! LOL!!  Just as well.  Who needs another credit card?!  But 30%??  I have NEVER forgotten my social security number, not ever!  She asked for my phone number and I gave it to her.  Then she told me to type in my social, and all I could think of was my phone number.  I need a brain de-fragging.


Spanish Rose coming together!

I’ve added sashings.  Here I am piecing borders! 

I also set up my Daylight Slimline light bar at my machine here at home.  The amount of light is incredible! 

And it wasn’t long before I had this:



Is it looking more Quiltville yet?

This all came together in one evening because I KEEP 1 1/2’’ strips on hand at all times in neutrals, and in each color of the crayon box.  

Being able to pull from these strips meant that I was able to sit and start sewing strip sets without having to iron a dozen fat quarters in orange, and a dozen fat quarters in neutrals to get the variety I wanted before I could cut strips, and before I could sew.  I just pulled and sewed.  That’s the beauty of the Scrap User’s System!


Something fun is going to happen in the next border!

Can you guess what it is??


A thank you to Kathy!

I also came home to a big box that was quite unexpected.  Upon opening it, I found a pile of shirts, already de-boned, and some blocks, pieces and parts.  The email said “I have researched various donation sites, but somehow your name kept popping up in my head.  Therefore you are the lucky recipient!”

And right away I knew that this needs to go to my friend MONA! I’ll be seeing her up at the cabin in a couple weeks and I know she is looking for a project to finish and this is just PERFECT!  Thank you, Kathy for thinking of me.

Emmy Lou says good morning!

Now that I’ve got the Spanish Rose sample this far (Still waiting for the blocks done in my fabrics to show up in Irene’s lost luggage at some point!  Poor girl!) I am headed back up to the cabin this morning, with the 60 degree diamond die and these pieces and parts in the van with me. 

Kits will be finished today, maybe partway into tomorrow at the latest, and I’ll be home to get this sample quilted before heading out to Denver on Monday.

Remember Quilt-Cam is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 2pm Eastern.  Trying the OTHER laptop to see if the audio issue with Google Hangouts is on my end, or theirs.  We’ll give it our best shot, whatever happens!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double four patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Wake up grateful and watch how the day unfolds!

And I wish you a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Thank you so much for all you do and the morning greeting! 🐺🐈 I hate clothes shopping and the heat and brain fog is REAL at our age! Lol looking forward to Quiltcam!! Love joining in! ❤

  2. I love the Spanish Rose pattern -- where could one get it without going on the cruise -- although that would be so much fun with you. Thank you for all you do!! Barbara

  3. I'm guessing a "String" border comes next. Nice blocks and it is VERY Bonnie with that orange 4-patch border. So sorry about Irene's missing luggage. My wardrobe needs an update. I used my Kohl's card I got from Mother's Day finally. Not sure I bought something I will LOVE wearing. I saved the receipt just in case. Have fun at Quiltvilla! I'm glad you remembered the die you left home last week.

  4. Bonnie, I love that you go the extra mile and create a finished project using the block with the technique you're teaching. I have a similar block from an applique class, but that is all. There was no finished project to inspire me to do anything further. So many teachers are like that. That is why you are the best and we love you so. (I write this with sweat running off my head into my face because I was crazy enough stand and cut a few HSTs for my Floribunda this morning. I am with you, girl!)

  5. Love love the blocks!! Oh how I hate wardrobe shopping. And I can definitely relate to the dripping down the face. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, that's for sure. Have fun.��

  6. Love love the blocks!! Oh how I hate wardrobe shopping. And I can definitely relate to the dripping down the face. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, that's for sure. Have fun.��

  7. The only things I like shopping for is books and quilt fabric. Most of the time I can do that online. Shoes aren't too bad. I know my size in both women's & men's and can sometimes get them online too. Clothes sizes run so crazy one never knows what will fit and I hate all that trying on....and then when you get it home you decide you don't really like it or it really isn't comfortable after all. I guess that's why so much of my clothes is old and showing it.

  8. Very productive Wednesday...outside at 6:30 am and working in the yard. Cleaning planting pots from the spring, weeding the garden and washing some windows. Got very warm and humid so inside I headed to shower and go knitting with some friends who are also quilting buddies. Yup woke up with a grateful attitude and got lots accomplished!

  9. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie!! Girl....don't you know everyone loves you so much, that no one would ever notice that you're wearing the same outfit. Of course, I understand why you'd feel that way, but rest assured you are the best and when you flash that gorgeous smile and give us a great tip, who the heck knows what you're wearing.

    Be you cuz you be the best!

    Loretta McGinn

  10. Just as well you didn't open that credit card. The last time I opened a card to save money I forgot about it and that first and only purchase ended up being past due.

  11. I started following your blog a few months ago and I must say you have become a very bright spot in my day, every day:) Your bright smile and positive attitude is contagious not to mention your quilting tips and your approach to scrap quilting has added a new dimension to my quilting! I now have at least 2 extra quilts going with my leaders and enders! How FUN is that??? Thank YOu! Thank you! Thank you! I don't think you realize what a wonderful influence you have been to so many.....Keep on scrappin and quilting Bonnie and thank you again for sharing your life and your passion with all of us!

  12. I must tell you what a good writer I think you are. I receive a lot of emails in a day, and most get only a very quick read - but your tag line "did you click to read the whole story" inevitably makes me do just that. Somehow, in those first few lines, you truly get me hooked. I believe that is the sign of a good writer.
    So, although I'm amazed by your quilting as well, I thought I should let you know I think you are also a very good writer.

  13. Yes, the applique project now looks very Quiltville and wonderful!! Your Scrap Saver System saved the day and the border :) I have to share a Scrap Saver moment. My 24 y/o son is home for a few days. He was hanging out in the sewing room as I was attempting to restore order. At one point I was having half a hissy because I had found my "Bonnie Hunter Scrap Saver System" index card, but not my bags of scraps!! I apparently kept asking myself "Where did I put all my Bonnie scraps." My son patiently inquired "Mom, why don't you just call this Bonnie whoever and see if you left them at her house or something." I explained you were an internationally-known quilter, blogger, teacher, etc... and not a local quilt buddy, to which he replied, "Well, the way you talk about her, I thought she was a real person or something!" I assured him of your personhood, but am confident his jury is still out on my sanity!!!

  14. Bonnie, excuse me but I would leave the center sashing off. Would make the dark really pop!

    Get some rest in your old age! Haha

  15. Will the Spanish rose quilt pattern be offered in an upcoming book or will the pattern be available for purchase?


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