Saturday, August 06, 2016

From Buck Mountain to Basement…

This is a bit of the RIDICULOUSNESS that is going on with our Home Owners Association up on Buck Mountain.

It’s been a total tangle of wits and wills and personalities and stupid ideas.

When we bought there 3 years ago, the home owner’s dues were very affordable at $650 per year, with funds mostly being used to maintain the roads.  Many of them are dirt, only the steep inclines have black top for safety reasons…and we were fine with it.  Minimal head butting. All was good.

But the recent board has their own agenda for what Buck Mountain needs to become and has increased dues after a washed out road due to rain our first year to quite a bit more – it was supposed to be temporary just to put money back in the fund, but no…they’ve not let it go, and put dues back where they belong. And in fact they want to raise it MORE so they can do things like the horrid buck heads on the gate entry posts that you see here.

I swear, they are tarting up my mountain, and it looks worse than a 40% off sale at Hobby Lobby! Tacky Tacky Tacky!

They took our beautiful waterfall and made it into a “park” and it now has lit pathways and blooming flower pots, benches and tables, Adirondack chairs and HAMMOCKS….this is NOT the nature that I love.  It’s like they are trying to turn my beautiful natural mountain into a manicured country club.  This is our home owner’s dues at work, and it makes me so mad. 

LEAVE nature alone!  It’s perfectly beautiful just as it is!

(Yes, they have even put in a putt putt golf thing and basketball, and don’t get me started on the pavilion re-do that went from a simple and functional covered pavilion in the open air for gatherings and BBQs into a completely walled in “club house” complete with dish network so they can watch the super bowl games.  Your dues at work. GAH!)

Did the population of the mountain vote on any of this? No.  All the decisions were made and executed by the board with no vote ever being taken.  They never asked.  They just did.

HOAs are just a nightmare, and when we finally retire the plan is to sell both places and build somewhere away from HOAs and all of the headbutting and headache they bring.

To calm myself down over the addition of stupid buck heads upon the gate posts (That now look like a gestapo check point) I headed to do some antique browsing.

Not a lot was found!


Seriously? Poor thing!

You too could be the proud owner of this boat anchor, rusted with charm.  Missing both slide plates and shuttle, completely frozen up for the low low price of $99.00.  Get a clue people!

My bad mood from the whole buck head debacle hasn’t left me yet!


Ahhh. That’s better!

I love the uneven rows and that ginormous 4 patch on point in the center.  Pet the fabric, Bonnie.  Just pet the fabric….and breathe…


Oh lookie!  Hourglass Leader & Ender units!

Have you started yours?

I nearly have enough neutral ones to add around my center!


Oh, sweet!

This quilt is more recently made – I would say late 90s or early 2000s…hand quilted with lovely stitches, hand bound, all those scallops….and already it’s in the antique mall.  THIS breaks my heart.

It’s not an easy pattern to make, all those curves.  The fabrics remind me of Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or the now defunct Hancocks over the past 20 years, but this should have stayed with family.  It’s not old enough to be relegated to the antique mall yet.  All of those hours into the hand quilting..How do you put a price on that?

Probably sent there by the same tacky people who thought buck heads on our gate posts were a brilliant idea…..no wait, don’t go there…


I shopped the stash and found backing upon my return home!

But..uhoh..take a load of the dumping ground called my longarm table….


There has been NO TIME to clean!

My life has been on a whirl the past several months, and this mess was created with the making of my Addicted to Scraps blocks that are now ready to go to Quiltmaker, and the brainstorming of Spanish Rose…bits of those fabrics are everywhere! 

I needed a clean up!  I put on a movie on Netflix last night and just worked at it one corner at a time.


I needed a zig zag machine out to piece some batting!

Hello, Pink Necchi!


So easy, only one seam needed and scraps gone!

That’s it, Bonnie…think of pink things….sweet things….blood pressure going down….no thoughts of buck heads anywhere….


Table clean, batting pieced, ready to load!

And that brings me to now.  Saturday morning.  I have today and tomorrow to get as much done as I can because I leave bright and early on Monday morning for Denver.

The plan is to get this quilted..I need to make binding.  I need sample strips to sew together on camera, and then I’ll be doing a binding tutorial at the end of this next workshop series.  We can do this!  We are into the home stretch!

And through it all, don’t forget to LAUGH!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Never ever ever lose your sense of humor! It will carry you through many a difficult situation, and bring the sweetest memories!

Dancing 9 Patch quilt made and shared by Kerri during our workshops in Helena Montana.  Pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  I love her pink green and yellow version!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. "Worse than a 40% off sale at Hobby Lobby!" Oh, that is BAD. Yes, it sounds like they are tarting up your beautiful mountain into something it isn't. What is wrong with people? Mother Nature's original design was pretty good as-is.

  2. "Probably sent there by the same tacky people who thought buck heads on our gate posts were a brilliant idea" bwahahaha! Quite likely indeed.

    Reading your post made me feel better about our HOA. We pay $40-$50 a year (yes, a year) depending on needs. They probably could vote w/out our consent for things like buck heads on gate posts but so far have not. We've been in our mountain home for 14 years now and not much has changed, thank goodness. Hope you find your perfect, blissful place some day.

  3. Oh I feel your pain. And I like your plan. No HOA where we are, we made sure before we purchased. Like you I like my woods the way they are. Leave nature in it natural state! Ok, you can fix dangerous erosion...I bet you are not alone, and that some of your neighbors feel the same as you do.

  4. Sounds like it is time for a revolt. How can they have so much power without a vote?

  5. I feel for you Bonnie! HOA's can be the worst. Our dues are $175 a year and people complain about that! Maybe you should find a collection of hats, feather boas and funny glasses and decorate their silly buck heads...anonymously, of course. The midnight fashionista strikes again! ��
    Love your cruise sample. It turned out great!

  6. Looks like a redneck pez dispenser to me! LOL

  7. The hour glass quilt almost looks like a Lozenge quilt! Love it and the old scrap quilt. Also glad to know that I am not the only one who makes piles on flat surfaces! Only I am far less busy than you are. Happy Weekend.

  8. Oh, how awful to have an HOA that doesn't represent the community. My daughter lives in San Antonio and the HOA is run by a management firm. They ride around on golf carts giving "tickets" to people all day long. As busy as you are, it is something that you are passionate about, so getting involved may be the next step. Vote the bums out for one thing! Secondly, get the other residents on your team; and find some reasonable people to be on the board. Get the rules changed - find a way to require these massive projects subject to a vote. My brother, his wife & neighbors recently took on the Monterrey County CA board of supervisors; and they WON! I will be writing a blog post about it today. Channel that passion! Invite a few passionate people over for drinks and a chat. You can be the one who gets the ball rolling, just by talking about it. Someone else will run with it! Go get them! Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  9. I am so sorry about the Buck heads. They are ugly. I feel your pain in over-doing the beauty of nature. Sigh. However, you did think more pinkie thoughts and that is good. You need to start relaxing. You deserve it.

  10. Bonnie - I would check your HOA's by-laws. They must have them, and they must provide you with a copy, by law. Find out if what they are doing is within their powers. If not, there could be a legal challenge, although you probably wouldn't even have to get a lawyer involved, just a challenge re: the by-laws should be enough. Find out how to vote the bums out!

  11. It must be the same everywhere, people move out to the country/ mountains and want to turn it into the suburbia that they moved away from. Then they complain about farm smells and slow moving tractors on the way to the fields. I so understand your anger.

  12. Maybe a petition to "undo" the crime against Mother Nature @ the boards expence.

  13. Those buck heads are hilarious! We live in a "natural" neighborhood along a river. The natural yard types like me and the country club types are always at loggerheads. So I feel your pain. Have you considered running for the board yourself?

  14. So sorry to hear that your HOA does not ask residents for their thoughts on changes. I know it can be quite frustrating.

    I have a wonderful HOA. They are always asking for input, asking people to get involved and making small improvements to a park area that we have. My fees are only $87.00 per year. They host a yearly cookout to meet new neighbors, an ice cream social, a craft market and more.

    I don't live on a mountain, but in the beautiful Texas Hill Country at Canyon Lake. For years it remained a rural community, but it seems as if San Antonio and Austin have discovered this area. More and more people are moving out in that area, so we might see more changes!

    I wish you luck with your HOA!

  15. I often wonder if "HOA" isn't a misnomer, since very few actually represent us homeowners!! LOVE the handquilted "antique" you show above--if only a family member had held onto it...

  16. I can totally relate. We moved to a beautiful RURAL county 30 years ago to raise our family. We loved the quiet, peaceful evenings, star-studded night skies, cool breezes on summer evenings, summer crops maturing in the rolling farm fields, farm animals grazing in the lush green meadows. Then came the city folk. Our town featured a "community pond" where the Canada Geese would favor us with their appearance. No, the city folk said, "We want a side walk around the pond so our kids don't get the goose poop on their shoes!!" and on it went.

    Did you get the part where this is a RURAL county??? We patiently slowed down for combines, and other large farm equipment occasionally using the roads. We instinctively know to step around the cow, horse, pig, chicken, guinea hen, and yes, the Canada geese poop! We would rather smell horses and cows in the meadows than the metro bus diesel exhaust, but not the city folk. They use the roads like super highways, complaining and demanding that our roads constantly be widened, and connected to not-so-rural locales. Why? So crime goes up? So housing developments take over the farmland? Our beautiful rural town is now burgeoning suburbia. The traffic lights are creeping ever closer to our beautiful 5 acre paradise. My family is making "let's move out" noises. Okay, I say, but no HOAs ever. I can totally relate. Had to get this out; excuse the mini rant.

  17. It will get chilly this fall and winter so you must make those ugly bucks scrappy scarves to wrap around their distorted necks. My experience with HOAs have been similar to yours. The people in control love spending everyone else's money for their own pet (a buck in your case) projects. I agree with comment #8. I find it interesting that some people move to the country to get away from it all, but manage to bring it all with them and draw attention to their gated community. Very frustrating for those people attracted to the area for its natural beauty and surroundings.

    Keep quilting and blogging. I love what you do and how you do it. My world is very busy and stressful right now, but I always make time to read your posts. They keep me centered--especially when I don't get to sew as often as I would like.

  18. Your HOA's website says that they plan to raise dues 3% to 5% annually for the next ten years. However, it also states that they use the money this way: "Approximately 60% of the dues are used to maintain the extensive private road system within the community. Only about 5% percent of the annual dues are used to maintain and improve recreational facilities on the mountain. The other third of the budget is used for liability insurance, security, fire preventation, utilities, accounting, legal and administrative fees." It sounds like they must be spending more than 5% to maintain and "improve" recreational facilities. Maybe they have already broken their own bylaws.

  19. I can so relate -- at least you see what your HOA dues are buying -- we have no clue what ours goes to and the HOA hasn't been turned over to homeowners from the developer. Guess it's all going into her pocket because we have just one small triangle of common space at the end of the street. And now the dead end street is going to be pushed out and another 27 homes built! And this is why our beautiful home we built 3 years ago is for sale. We found a lovely house with more land, 10 miles outside of town, just a few miles from the ski area and 15 degrees cooler in the summer than it is her and no HOA! Keep your fingers crossed this one sells.

    Ha ha - and I thought the surface of my long arm looked bad.....

  20. We call this 'decorating with the dues' the DISNEYLANDIZATION of nature. It seems that 'some' people move to nature for a reason and then try to bring their worlds with it. We always tell them 'Do your own place FIRST and leave the rest of us alone!' Fight them. I hope you win. If they want flashy, plant a dahlia and leave the buck heads at Hobby Lobby.

  21. if the board or whatever they might call themselves, wants buck heads, it's gonna cost lots of bucks. every one of them installed on fences will represent a member of the board; they should be slightly altered one by one, and stamped "disney". maybe rednosed / pinknosed / or not-nosed-at-all. it's set up for any visitor in the future to pay upon entrance, with arrows pointing to the cabins with world-wide-known dwellers like that quiltville girl or name it....
    if you happen to find some other place don't think twice: when people with bad taste take over, there is no hiding... as they will be able to have their friends come in as well.
    in the meantime, please keep to the beauty still surriounding you!
    love from Witmarsum (1700 inhabitants and still rural with no traffic lights)

  22. You might wat to see who is getting paid for this work. betts are its someone on the board.

  23. Our HOA is $25 a year. That is to maintain the front entrance flower bed, brick wall and pay for the lights. No HOA is collected until the money runs out, like it should be. No collection for the last two years. Someone volunteers to be in charge of the front entrance, usually a member of the Master Garden Club, and they keep the job until they get tired of it.

  24. That buck head is SO ugly! LOL

  25. Oh come on, don't you want a buck head or two?! Sorry, your post just made me laugh because I don't blame you - I would be feeling the same way. I'm so glad we live out in the country and have lots of acres surrounding us and everyone leaves us alone! That is the talk from a hermit right there! Have a great day!!

  26. I feel your pain! We lived in a community with an HOA in Greensboro. We decided NEVER again! When we retired to the North GA mountains, our first requirement in the house hunt was: NO HOA!

  27. Check your state laws. Many states have now passed fairly restrictive regs for what HOAs can and cannot do without a vote. And, um, on the QT, can you start decorating those buck heads? You know, a little scarf or hat here or there? That might give you a smile and should annoy the daylights out of the country clubbers.

  28. thank you for showing your dumping ground longarm table....my sewing room is so like that......MUST clean up! Don't let the "HOA Nazis" get you down ( my DH words)
    life is too short to waste all those emotions on something that you can't change.
    Work on what you can do to make a difference moving forward and run with it.

    I feel like I am running out of days they go so quickly that I don't want my mind clutter up with negative inducing problems I can't fix.
    Just want some peaceful, quiet, days to sew, talk with God and make some gifts for friends and family to use to let them know I love them.

    Loving the new leader and ender Bonnie, thank you so much.....hugs and calmness and Happy Sewing

  29. OH BONNIE.... When I was on a town council, our first "planned unit development" came into town. HOA, yup. The town's attornies told us when anyone buys in a restricted/HOA place, you literally are forfeiting some of your rights as Americans! I do sincerely feel for you.

    Try to get back on track emotionally. I do agreed totally with the poster above me, Kim.


  30. Those buck heads are just crying out to be yarn-bombed.

  31. Maybe it's time to buy a piece of property, clear off some land, and build a cabin and be free of the HOA Nazis. The whole idea of being in the mountains or out in the country is to be free of folks like that... We live in rural Kansas, and wouldn't trade rural living for nothing. We're in city limits, but we don't have HOA to worry about.

    If you get really mad, park one of the HOA folks on the antlers.

  32. your comments reminded me I need to fill out my township's survey requesting opinions on how we want to see our township grow and develop; we are primarily rural but close to a city that keeps moving out our way. If I don't express my desire to keep the rural nature of our township, then I will have to live with the opinions of those who did fill out the survey--possibly city slickers and developers that like the beauty of our rolling wooded hills but want the look of a country club and HOA developments. Shudder! I am relieved to see our parcel is labelled on the township's future use map as a "natural resource protection" area but if I want it to stay that way, I have to speak up!
    What your HOA is doing is a crime against nature!

  33. Come to Northern Maine, no HOAs, barely any zoning, and lots of space tween neighbors! We are just natural at it's best.

  34. HOA's are horrific. Your's is pathetic! They can not will nilly decide they are going to spend money without a vote! Have you noticed most HOA's don't work either in an average community? Smh when we went to visit our son in Seattle, we visited our old home. It was a new area when we purchased it and many promises made. Now, 12 years later, none of tbe promises were completed and the area was not the same.....run down and trashy. Something HOA's are supposedly there to stop. Plus, you purchased your cabin on a mountain, for the nature....not fake nature or golf! They need to drive down the mountain if they want amenities of golf especially! Tranquil, peaceful, mountain.....how blessed you are!❤

  35. I lived in a HOA area as a young mom. I was ticketed for putting up a laundry line, after getting a notice in my electric bill asking us to do so, as we had had brown outs, and for sitting in my parked car with a sleeping baby in the car seat. We never paid their stupid tickets, as we were renters and had nevery signed anything or even been told that there was a HOA! It was a blessing in disguise, as we bought our first house after that and made darn sure it has not in a HOA area.

    I second the idea of dressing up the gestapo deer!

  36. I think you should sell your houses and buy the affordable 120 acre property I just got a notice on in our beautiful Colorado foothills and build your dream home! Trees, rocks, meadows for Sadie to play in, live stream, and secluded peace and quiet just minutes from town all in one package, no HOA closer to your mom AND you just might need a good local quilting friend!?!?!? lol :) HOA's are good to a point but they always seem to get out of hand! I hope things settle down for you guys. I agree when you buy for the natural beauty of a property you want it to stay that way not cost you a fortune to ruin it. Sooo......if you need pictures.....lol!

  37. I live in an adult HOA and we used to joke about the gestapo. I got so fed up I ran and won a trustee position. Slowly things are turning around, but it is slow. I feel your frustration.

  38. Oh Lordy Sister, I hear your pain !! After living in Columbia, Maryland for 8 years (God's Community Association Hell on Earth) we found an established neighborhood in a sweet spot outside Annapolis, Md. Shh, don't tell a soul but we enjoy our neighborhood's 5 beaches for less than $50 per year. It's quaint & peaceful with no tacky deer heads nor outlandish rules like in Columbia where the C.A. has their nose in everyone's business. Here we live and let live !! Your heavenly get-a-away like others I've heard of, are being taken over by those that want to bring suburbia to all the privately owned vacation spots. Who would have ever thought there would be C.A.s in the mountains. Breathe Bonnie, Breathe !!

  39. When we lived in PA our house was nothing but stairs and as my hips got worse and my DH fell and shattered his ankle, stairs were no longer tolerable. We considered moving to a ranch type home but they were very hard to find in our area. The only place that had new construction all on one level homes was in a gated senior community. We had friends that lived there so we did a "tour" and talked to them about how they liked/disliked living there. Their only complaint was the HOA and the expense that kept creeping up and the stupid decisions that were made by the committee. That did it for us. We did the best thing the following year and moved from PA to AZ. Our home is new and all on one level and we love the weather and scenery of the mountains right out our back yard :)

  40. I agree with all the others who said to review the HOA bylaws, and challenge the board. YOU need to be on the board! I am in an HOA myself and it's been pretty good, especially the part about enforcing only one small pet per household.

  41. I think a baseball bat in the dead of night would be satisfying... Also are there other residents who hate all this too? Band together and sue. How can you have a representation of the home owners with out due process? Your paying for a service that you should have imput into. Ive never heard any good stories about HOA's, If I ever get a chance to buy is certainly wont have one. If I paid for the home its mine to do what I please. Im mad for you!!

  42. I love the part when you tell yourself "Just Breathe". AT 69 yrs. I have been there many times. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Oh Bonnie that photo of your long arm "table" made my day! I took a sharpie and wrote on the topmost take-up bar "THIS IS NOT A TABLE!" in big bold red letters. It helps.......a little :)

  44. Love your heart! Those heads are just begging for two orphan blocks turned into bibs! Yes, they would be quilted and there would be backups if they got removed. I am quilter - hear me roar! I would not mind them knowing it was me who put them there. They didn't ask you if you wanted the things, why should you ask permission to bib them. And, if they got removed, there would be pennants on the horns for the next go around. Trust me, they would not match! And, you are a whole lot harder to get up with than most people. OK, I feel better for you! Thanks for letting me vent.

  45. Thank God I live in a middle of nowhere little town where no one has ever heard of HOAs. Well, some probably have, but there's no HOAs here. Why on earth would people want to tart things up in such tacky ways when they already have the beauty of nature? They might just as well stay in the city and go to their local country club. How do people get on those boards anyway? I would NEVER buy anything, anywhere with an HOA.

  46. oh dear, that buck head is wrong on so many levels, I think it's the committee that needs an overhaul & not the beautiful mountain, I say a take over is necessary, & the first one to remove the buck head leads the revolution -- viva-la-buck mountain!!

  47. So discouraging. I agree the deer heads are about the tackiest thing I have ever seen. How did this group get to have all this power. Sounds like maybe the residents need to hire a lawyer to get rid of these kooks.

  48. The buck heads look like a target for vandals to me.

    My longarm is buried, too. I have tops that need to be finished and I seem to be playing catch-up after the Alaska cruise. At least I don't really have deadlines like you do.

  49. Uh oh ... I am foreseeing some theft/borrowing of the buck head! In the meantime, it needs some plastic, glitzy sunglasses, some dingle-dangley glitzy earrings until "someone" adds it to their collection of other heads that are displayed on walls.

  50. It is too bad that your Blog has to have all those classmate pictuers poping on as soon as you get to the picture. Things like that I make sure I do not support whoever they think they are.
    Sorry, I would rather see your pictures and not the phony classmates pictures.

  51. I feel your pain. that was the first thing my hubby and I checked before we bought our property. We are 15 miles from town and have 80 acres as a neighbor buffer. They can do what they want on their property, just don't do it to my property. There's 40 acres for sale next to us in the White Mountains of AZ, just a 3 hours or so from Phoenix and your family there.

  52. Plot your revenge for the buck heads Bonnie. Decorate them outlandishly for any occasion you can think of. Probably have to do it in the dead of night though....lol

  53. Love your blog. I read todays blog regarding HOA, I to own land in North Carolina, Ashe County we don't live there but do hear about all that the HOA wants to do with our money. So far the people in the area do have a voice in what is done. HOA are not for the homeowners that's for sure. Taking a class with you in Feb. in Texas, can't wait!!

  54. Bonnie, you crack me up! I hate HOAS and I'll never be in another one. I have to meet you some day, you are a girl after my own heart!

  55. One of my side jobs is secretarial services for HOAs. Boards can quickly run amok; owners must make them toe the line. After more than 8 years of listening to their board meetings, I would never buy into any HOA. My other side job is mending ~ much more fun.

  56. HOAs should be limited to certain improvements like roads and anything else should have to be voted on. Maybe the mountain has a bear or two which could pull off the tacky deer heads. If they had to put a deer, couldn't it be a whole deer statue not the hunting statue. Anyway, I have a peeve. I totally understand the reason for ads on blogs but I don't see why an ad has the right to block one of your photos. I am so tired of seeing that yearbook ad block every photo you post. I so appreciate all of yout time and effort to keep us informed and motivated. You are so giving of your talents, I don't see why any company has the right to block your photos. Thanks for all you do for us!

  57. You have a right to see the financials (monthly) tho they may have a right to charge you. I pay $2.50 for any month I get them. It's a good lesson that we have to be involved in our communities or we are giving away all our rights... best of luck with it.

  58. Bonnie, you crack me up! I hate HOAS and I'll never be in another one. I have to meet you some day, you are a girl after my own heart!

  59. Bonnie, this is so funny... not for you, of course, because that is an UGLY deer head sitting on the electric gate thing. LOL Moral of the story: never never never buy a home with HOA's... too many crazy people with too much time on their hands like to run them. I'm sure you get fired up everytime you drive by the deer head.

  60. Why do stoopid people have to mess up what is still beautiful on this earth?

  61. In my opinion those buck heads are tacky. VERY tacky. Why should a minority impose their taste or lack of taste on the whole group. They seem to be doing their best to bring suburbia to the mountains which rather defeats the purpose of getting away to the mountains. Unfortunate that these few feel the need to destroy beautiful nature for all. I really feel for you.

  62. Thanks for laugh today - but I feel your pain! I think the idea of "dressing" the buck heads up is a great one!

  63. Very same going on here with how! Not fun... I'd they didn't want nature why move to the country!!! Gosh dang... Sorry bought those awful Deer heads... Yuk! Does this make them feel important or what! Still some nice places here in WY Bonnie if you are ready to move to our mountain!

  64. I feel your pain. I, too, live in an HOA. Thank goodness I have my quilting to keep me sane. LOVE, LOVE your "cruise" quilt. Have a wonderful time.

  65. Gestapo barriers! Oh my life - did I laugh! Maybe the buck needs a red nose. Sounds like the HOA is a law unto itself. Maybe turn it into Uncle Buck and stick a raincoat over the barrier? Buck can have his trilby and cigar.

    Thank you for making me laugh so much today.

  66. BONNIE:
    I am so sorry you are having to deal with the HOA trauma on Buck Mountain. I feel the same way about nature. That is why I love it on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska! I live on my five acres with no HOA, no one to tell me how to live, what I can build or how it has to look. BUT, I did have to laugh at some of your comments. I am glad you found some things to calm you down!

    Your Long arm table looked like how my apartments got when I was on the road all the time with the military, training deploying troops! I had to retire (after 36 years) and come to Alaska to regain my Sanity! Now I can have my peace and tranquility, and Quilt, Garden, Bake. AHHHH!

    Now where is my cocoa, so I can make a chocolate zucchini cake to take to work on Tuesday! I HATE Moving!

    in Rainy, Kasilof, AK

  67. HOA's can be a curse or a blessing. We have two residences and we definitely went to meetings to make our opinions known , others agreed and rules were changed to take away the majority of the power from board members. The buck heads look terrible , I'm sorry they just do. Maybe you can rally enough people to make the necessary changes. I wish you luck.

  68. Oh Bonnie! I FULLY agree with you - let nature be beautiful AS IS. Why humans think that they can "improve" on some God made is beyond me. Like your plan for the future - sell and then buy without HOA in the picture. Woo Hoo!!!!

    (your look alike in Clearbrook, Minnesota)

  69. OH, deer (pun intended)! That is the ugliest gate post I've ever seen. Just remember, if they were voted in, they can be voted out!!!

  70. Hey Bonnie, you are way too busy to be on an HOA, but this might be a good venture for your hubby. He is a CPA and a great candidate to run as HOA board member. He can audit the financials and put the HOA back on a sensible path.

  71. One can only hope that he will be missing come deer hunting season! I am so sorry! Just breathe and take a little time for yourself.


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