Saturday, August 27, 2016

Class Day Three at Sea!

Busy stitchers all around!

All talking about our port day the day before – Croatia!

One thing I love about cruising is that we are free to choose ANY of the ship’s excursions and see what we want to see.

Or choose NONE of the above and either stay aboard ship to get a massage and relax and stitch blissfully away, or curl up with a good book, take a nap – or just wander into town for a bit of sight seeing and try a local eatery.

I think that amongst us – we did ALL of the above!  And there was a lot of chatter about what we had done and seen the day before.

This was our last full workshop day at sea, but there were still 4 more port days ahead of us.


Noooo….not having a good time at ALL!


Some are hexiing, some are appliqueing!

Check out Bob!

He has been an absolute trooper, finishing his hexie rosette and also trying his hand at needle turn applique.  It’s not easy when you’ve got man hands, but if the Egyptian tentmakers can do hand applique, dog gone it, so can Bob!


Some are even working on their OWN hand projects!


These quilters have a lot to show!


And through it all we are making new friends!


Looking good, ladies!


This group is in the time out corner…Hahaha!

Sew Much Fun!


Some lovely samples!


I am so proud of these cruisers!


Gorgeous Spanish Rose!


There will be some beautiful quilts happening!

We took a bit of time to go grab some group photos:


How many quilters fit in one stair well?
50 including me!


Won’t you take me to……QUILTY TOWN!!

Gotta have a crazy one just for fun!

This post is going live on our “Go to Rome!” Day, and what a long day it will be.  I’m doing my best to keep up with the blogs, but when we return from an excursion and go straight to dinner, and then write the next post before going to bed because the alarm is set for 6am the next morning with a 7am departure from the ship…….a lot of the BIG posting may happen AFTER I return home from this cruise!

Also another thing I went to mention.  September 1st is the GO LIVE date of the new streaming format for Craft University.  That means if you haven’t taken my 6 part course on Scrap Quilting yet, you can sign up for it, it will live in the cloud, and wherever you are on whatever device it is yours to watch for the rest of your life as long as you have a wifi connection!

Find out more HERE. Remember to use the code BHSCRAP to save $30.00 off of the course price.

This is LAST year’s workshop series.  If you’ve participated over the past year, you already have this one.  The course I just taped in Golden earlier in the month will air in November.  Be watching for it! (I’ll post more details after getting home.)


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

What is holding you back?  What can you rearrange to achieve happier results?

Vintage bow tie quilt top from my collection.

Off to Rome we go! It's a 90 minute ride by bus....hexies are coming along too!

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  1. I spy a Lucy Boston block -- love it!!

  2. Hello, looks like everybody is enjoying themselves. Sorry, but I'm intrigued by the "thread catchers" taped to the tables. They look a bit like "sick bags" to me. Is that what they are?

  3. Beatrice...oh yuk. You are too observant. No, no, no not going to go there.

    It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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