Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello, I’m Home!

We made it!

All luggage made it.

We even made it home 6 hours early because of availability on an earlier flight that took us from Barcelona to Atlanta, bypassing JFK all together ---thank GOODNESS!

It was 3:30pm in Atlanta, and my body was saying it was time for bed – 9:30pm Barcelona time, and there was still one flight left to go.

By the time we arrived in Greensboro, got the luggage, retrieved Moby and headed on home….it was all I could do to love on the critters, hug my son and toddle off to sleep in my own bed beneath my own quilt.

This is the longest cruise I have ever been on, and when you have a 2 hour dinner affair every night with everyone in your group, you really do get to know people!


I am missing these folks!

Our wait staff was fabulous, and we saw them not only at dinner time, but they also worked other areas of the ship when we weren’t in the dining room ---life on a ship is hard.  They are contracted for 7 months at a time, working 7 days a week with no days off for the entirety of the 7 months of the contract. They share their crew cabin with another employee.  There is little personal time, and almost zero “alone” time. Then 2 months off at home, and then back on the ship again for another 7 months should they wish to continue.  Many have families at home that they are supporting.  It’s a hard job, and they took such good care of us!  [Photo Credit goes to Melody!]


THIS was finished on the nearly 10 hour flight yesterday!

This is fill in corner #3 of the eternal hexagon project.  I did some sewing during our time at sea…I definitely did sewing on the bus to Rome.  So many memories sewn into this quilt!  One more triangle to go and then I can start contemplating borders.  Or no borders.  We will see.

I found out yesterday that the last 4 days of blog posts have broken photos – photos that didn’t upload correctly likely due to the crummy internet on the ship.  I’m going to fix those one at a time. 


I have already fixed yesterday’s teaser post for Aix-en-Provence.  You can find it HERE.

I will fix one post each day and link to it as I write more about this trip so you can catch up on what was supposed to post but didn’t.

The mountain of stuff to catch up on is enormous.  But I’m going to take today slow.  I’m treating this Wednesday as if it is a Sunday….I’ll hit the ground running tomorrow, but for today I am just going to putter.

There may be another post on Aix-en-Provence posted tonight.

There will likely be an afternoon nap!


Be watching for tomorrow’s post!  It’s time for book pre-orders to begin and I’ll have all of the links and everything ready to make it easy for you.  From what I understand, there is a truck load of books already on their way to me so this is going to be a SHORT Pre-order status type thing!

NOTE:  I  know am coming to your group in Rhode Island or Delaware in the next couple of weeks, and I have books headed your way for those visits.  But if you want the Free PDF pattern for the Wanderlust Table Runner, you DO need to place your order online as the runner pattern will come as an instant download to your email.  I will not be handing those out individually during book signings at guild visits.  Thank you for understanding.

Same thing for the October, November guild visits and any visits in the future.  I’ll bring books to you and I’m happy to sign them in your presence, but if you want the table runner pattern, you need to place your order from my website.

More on this tomorrow.  Right now my brain is swimming.


Quilty Box Giveaway Deadline!

This Lovely Quilty Box is still up for grabs!  The drawing will happen the evening of September 2nd – so go and enter HERE and read about it for your chance to win!

For those asking about Quilt-Cam, let’s look into that NEXT week, okay?  So much to catch up on.

First things first…time to take care of 12 days worth of cruise laundry.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I know this may be hard to read, and it is supposed to be!  Because it goes with the quote.  Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look a little bit harder.  Can you see it?

Wild & Goosey Quilt – MINE!  Over the next 12 days I’m sharing quotes on the quilts from Addicted to Scraps! Smile

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. The world is wonderful, but home is best. Guess that's why it's called home. I noticed your photos weren't posting, but knew you would fix that once you could. I just enjoyed reading your posts and imagining all the sights. The Aix en Pŕovence photos are sheer poetry. The painted signs on the buildings are great. Always a favorite of mine. You will love the Savon de Marseilles. A friend brought me a honking big bar once. Kind of brown and didn't look like much but it is so much kinder to our skin. Made me a convert. I only use handmade bar soap now. Hands are much less dry. And it's fun to search it out when traveling.

  2. Hi Bonnie, I am interested in pre-ordering the new book but would like to know if the Garlic Knot block is in this book? Thank you for all your hard work!!

  3. Made it home -- early! Luggage made it too -- yay! Have had one sleep -- whew! Nap on the schedule -- smart!

    Laundry in progress. Mail sorting in progress. This sounds like a Saturday and tomorrow should be Sunday, because you'll still be catching up on daily stuff and another nap will be in order. Then Friday can be Monday (or Monday can be Friday? I'm so confused.) We are looking forward to everything you've promised, but we are sitting comfortably at home, anticipating, while you have been, and still are, oh, so busy. Do not let us pressure you. We will be here, always eager, always impatient. Relax a little. Breath a lot. Take an extra nap or two. We love you, Bonnie. We will be here when you are ready.

  4. Glad to hear your caught a more convenient and earlier flight, 12 days on a ship is a dream idea for me - we have only done 8 nights so far....hope you tossed those old undies like you planned, less laundry today!

  5. Love your "Mornin' Jetlag" photo!

  6. Love your "Mornin' Jetlag" photo!


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