Monday, August 08, 2016

Hopefully to Denver -

Black Beauty and I are on our way to Denver.

We hope.  I’m writing this from the airport gate area.

This morning as we were just about to leave for the airport, the news reported that passengers were stranded in airports all over due to a computer issue.

Oh. Freaking. No!

Breathe, Bonnie Breathe….(Seems I’ve been doing a lot of  breathing lately!)

I tried to call the hotline, no go.  My Delta app? Gave a system error.

I have to get to Denver today, I am recording in the studio tomorrow!

The consensus was made to just go to the airport and see what we could find out.

It was confirmed that yes…..we are grounded until systems come up at 7:30 am.  I’m on the 8:15 flight to Atlanta and from there on to Denver, so there is a good chance that I will get there today.  On time? I doubt it, but miracles do happen.

At this point I’m thinking of Irene’s lost luggage that is still missing after the Southwest debacle.  Yes.  There are worse things that could be going on, like my luggage with all of the quilts not making it to Denver either.

But we remain hopeful!

Black beauty is taking her first flight and I will be sewing on her during my demos!  No plastic computerized wonder machine for this girl.  I need to demo on a machine I am familiar with..  It’s like traveling with my best friend.

Her mode of transport?


A soft sided rolling cooler!

This is the cooler that The Hubster brought my cheddar featherweight home in before she got her paint job.  It fit the overhead bin just fine on large planes.  I am SUPPOSED to be on large planes this trip.

But if anything happens, the machine is in a fabric tote bag and can easily be lifted out and will fit in a smaller bin or under my seat.  I know better than to ever let any machine be gate checked for any reason ever again.


Wheels, handle, and pockets!

Also with me are the step out units and fabric and the Wanderlust table runner I can’t risk being delayed.

And so I’m sitting here waiting to see what happens.  Hoping to get to Denver at some point today.  And I’m going to think positive because it doesn’t do any good to think otherwise.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Tumbler Leader & Ender Challenge quilt finished this weekend, hope to get it quilted soon.

Wish me luck, everyone!  Happy Monday!

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  1. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way today, hoping for a safe and timely arrival in Denver for you. Keep breathing. All things will work themselves out - one way or another.

  2. A lot of breathing is better than no breaths at all!!! But safe journey however it goes (when it does and hopefully all is well by now).

  3. I am also sending positive thoughts. Both to you and to Delta.

  4. I wish MIRACLES for you. I love your TUMBLER quilt too!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  5. Oh I so hope you get going soon. Fingers crossed.

  6. Oh no Bonnie, I am watching the morning news and hearing about all of the Delta problems. Hopefully it will work out this morning and get going again. I am sure it is stressful, especially because of your taping tomorrow. Praying they get you there with plenty of time. Love the machine in the cooler, that is a brilliant idea, yes you can tell your husband he is brilliant. ha ha.

  7. According to MSN .... Delta Air Lines is warning passengers of "large-scale" flight cancellations Monday due to computer system issues stemming from a power outage in Atlanta, where the carrier is headquartered. Many flights were already being delayed.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way that all improves shortly!!

  8. Sending you good vibes, and prayers that everything works out....just Believe!

  9. When I saw the headline about the Delta problems, my first thought was "Oh no, Bonnie is flying to Denver this morning and she always flies Delta". Hope your "flight magic" works today. Just think how many hexies you can do. Good luck.

  10. Bonnie I'm in Atlanta flying on Delta and the computers are partially back up and flights are being rescheduled out of here. You can go to Delta's page now and get flight status info. Good luck

  11. Saw the headlines and will send prayers up for your safe and timely travel!

  12. oh bummer... I had a similar stoppage last week in RDU with afternoon storms, with which I am sure you are more than familiar! My DH was traveling with me and he got a new appreciation of the life of a roadie !!!! Just try to stay calm. Go rock in the rocking chairs... I love those in the Greensboro airport...

  13. Thought about you right away this morning when I heard Delta was grounded. Sure hope you make it to Denver with plenty of "rest" time.

  14. All the breathing is practice for coming to altitude ;-) Colorado waits for you with arms open wide. Safe and peaceful travels.

  15. Continuing to breathe? Always a good thing. ;^)

    If you can get to Atlanta the options open up. Southwest and United are the two largest carriers out of Denver. Wishing you safe travels.

  16. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to you. Hang in there, Bonnie. You always have a way of making lemonade!!!

  17. Wishing you the best of luck Bonnie! I love all your quilts and look forward to your next book! You're right , SO LITTLE TIME , SO MANY QUILTS TO MAKE!! So many of your quilts on my to do list! I bought your fabrics pack ,(all 3 ,lights , medium and darks) hope you offer more in different colors to help me get more scrappy fabric , it's hard for me to pick out fabric and your quilts are so beautiful! Very hard to find light neutrals! Happy Quilting Days to you!! I hope you never retire from quilting ! It's such a great job,hobby, peaceful too ! Do what you LOVE!

  18. Best of luck, hope you are on your way.

  19. I heard about the flight delays on the BBC tv news this morning and thought of you - I hope you get/got to the studio on time - fingers crossed

  20. I just got home from the National Lutheran Youth Gathering in New Orleans. I took my sewing machine, because that's what I do when I travel. 25,000 teenagers and the gathering backpacks that all the participants got had shoulder strap issues. I brought my machine to the convention center and sewed backpack straps on for 2 solid days. They were shocked I had a machine with me. I was shocked that in 25,000 people, no one else brought theirs. Mine fits in a rolling carry on size suitcase and I have also stuffed it under the seat once or twice. The TSA folks do look a little funny when I send it through. Hotel rooms, and my sister in law's house all have a table, iron and ironing board and I can get a lot of fun stuff done. Hope you made it ok. I'm entering a queen size irish chain quilt from your pattern in the Alaska State Fair this weekend. It is all scraps,I have a second one in progress. :-)

  21. Just get your wonderful machine out and entertain everyone in the airport. You can give lesions from there. Good luck with the airports. My prayers are with you.

  22. oh goodness... first thing I thought of when I heard Delta had a meltdown was Bonnie! I know you travel Delta.. Sigh... I don't get your posts until the next day, so I have no way of knowing what your situation is at present... whatever is happening, just try to relax, stressing about it will only wear you out. The folks I Colorado are professionals and if they have to re-schedule some schedule to another schedule, just relax and leave the logistics of scheduling up to them... LOL... got it? =^&^= cats

  23. Same here Bonnie i get mine late also. Hope in THE meantime you made it to Denver. I know how important iT is for you and hope you arrived with everything you need. Bet some days the stress is to the roof.Thinking of you!!!!!! Guess i read about iT tomorrow.
    G-D bless you,
    Yoka Bazilewich

  24. I'm sitting in Dallas/Fort Worth airport now. Luckily I am not on Delta. Thank you American Airlines! I hope you have made it safe and aren't stuck. Good luck!


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