Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wanderlust On the Set, Day 1!

Doesn’t this look like we were having fun?

I was greeted by this wonderful welcome sign as I went through the front doors into the Quiltmaker Magazine offices at 7am yesterday morning, before the office even got busy.

You would never had known what the previous day and thrown me through just to get here.

I was up and eager and ready to roll.

Thank heavens my body remains on East Coast time, not having had enough days to adjust to the 2 hours earlier here.  I awoke with my 5am alarm feeling completely refreshed and excited about everything the day had in store for us.

It’s been just about exactly a year since I was here last, so it was like old home week seeing everyone again and catching up with how things have been going around here.  Exciting things are happening for F+W Media and Craft University is stepping up its game and I’m thrilled with what the future holds.

But before we can do anything, we’ve got to get camera ready!


I have a star on the dressing room door!


Getting my hair “Doodled”
As my grannie used to say.


Getting ready for a segment…
Black Beauty is a STAR!

Everyone is loving that I brought a vintage machine to shoot this series, and I have had ZERO problem sewing on a machine that I know so well.  One less thing to stress over.  Driving someone else’s machine is like driving a rental car, and I spend so much time trying to find the lights, the wipers, the a/c control, the cruise control….having my OWN machine here was worth all of the hassle to get it here.


The Set!

And then we got down to business!


Lights!  Camera!  Action!

Our studio day ended about 2:30pm and I had time in the afternoon to do some browsing – I had mapped out the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall….and I had a great time poking around.  The place is HUGE! 

One shout out this morning for anyone in the Denver area who is interested.


I unearthed this!

The machine was down IN the cabinet, the cabinet piled high with stuff.  It’s a beautiful Singer 201 – in really great shape and I hope someone will adopt it soon….


In the cabinet, for $65.00

Vendor #250.  Someone, go get it please!  You won’t be sorry!  The 201s are the Cadillac of all Singers…a real workhorse.  I so would have taken this home had I been driving!


Hotel Sewing in the Evening!

That light bar was already on the desk when I checked in! Perfect!  So happy I have a machine with me!

I have pieced enough hourglass units as Leaders & Enders that I was able to add a neutral round around my orange center for this years Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge!  I brought some pink strips with me, and tonight I’ll be cutting for the next round of Leader & Ender fun.

I know it looks like a quick start, but as these rounds get bigger and bigger it’s going to take a while to get this quilt going, just like the tumbler challenge.  But it’s fun to work with this unit all from the pre-cut strips in my Scrap User's System!

I’ve got just a few minutes to answer some emails this morning before heading out for Studio Day 2.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It's a proven thing that worry, stress and negative thoughts have an effect on our immune system and our health. Not to mention what it does to our sense of well-being and our frame of mind.

Our happy life starts from inside!

Vintage nine patch quilt top found in Golden Colorado, yesterday. I’ll be sharing those photos after I get home!

(Someone please go get that 201 and then send me an email with photos and your story!!  I’d love to share that too!)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. So good to know all went well your first day! "Today was good, Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one." -- Dr. Seuss. This is your "Tomorrow is another one." Have a great second day of shooting!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. Oh how I would love that machine. It's the one I grew up with, but I live on the other side of the world.

  3. Oh Bonnie, so glad you had a great first day and slept well. Great that you had time to do a little antique browsing. If only we had all the space we would need to get every machine we love. I have enough anyway, it will find a good home thanks to your post. I am working on binding today for the husband of a quilt guild friend who passed away a couple years ago. She did most of the blocks, I had to make a few to get it to the right size, and put it together for him. I hope you have a wonderful day taping and doing everything the day holds for you.

  4. If my Daughter still lived there, I would send her! But that would mean less Grandma time. I think it would be a better idea... or not. Glad they recognize the STAR you are!

  5. Bonnie, just left the Brass Armadillo. That nice 201 is going home to Texas. Thank you for scouting it out for me. I will send pictures later. Husband wants to get on the road to Rapid City, SD

  6. Way to go wannabetexan!!! What a deal you got and with your own personal shopper - wow! I'm jealous - lol

  7. My 201 is my primary machine at home. You can't beat it! Glad to hear you had a fun time taping the show. Your hair doodle turned out great! Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip home.

  8. What a great deal! Glad it didn't languish. Looks like my Mother's first machine - it was 2nd hand when she got it in the late 50's.

  9. Our vocational school had 6 of those machines which they gave to our Senior Center when the school stopped teaching "hobby" classes (quilting). My quilt group was the lucky recipient so we have 201s in our quilt room ready for our use anytime, which means we don't have to haul our own machines to meetings. We make sure they are well maintained; We just love how they "sing" as we stitch away.

  10. Your hair looks great. She was a very good doodler.

  11. Dear Bonnie!
    I`m happy ,that the shooting was good.
    In 1 1/2 weeks we fly from Germany to Cypria between T├╝rky and Greeg. And I want to ask if you can post a picture with the sewing stuff that is alowed on an airplan -cabin?
    Irealy like quilt cam .
    Your `Iris Uhde!


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