Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Venezia, Italia–Day One!

Venice with friends!

Oh, no – we are not having a good time at all, can’t you tell?  HA!

Venice is amazing. 

I’m still pinching myself that we were able to spend nearly 2 days in this jewel of a city with so much history and culture.  Actually, two days is NOT enough – not by a long shot.

But we crammed in as much of Venice as we could into our two days knowing that no matter what we saw, it would be wonderful.  And no matter what we saw, there would be things we wanted to see that we would have to save for another time down the line.  This was a TASTE of Venice, and there was so much more.


Upon disembarking our water shuttle!


Narrow canals!

How did they even build here?


Alleyways open up into squares with monuments!


St Mark’s Square is mobbed with people….and pigeons!


Don’t poop on my shoulder!

There are far too many photos after two days to do it all in one day, so be looking for day two in another post!

And yes, in the slide show you will find quilt inspiration in tile floors from churches we entered.  Not all churches allow photos, but I was a quick snapper at those who did!

And at the end of a long day, how perfect is a far-sighted pachyderm?


Simple things make me happy!

More Venice to Come!

I woke up this morning to several messages asking about our safety due to the earthquakes that happened last night in Italy. We sailed out of Venice about 8:30pm last night and were well at sea by the time the quakes happened. I was devastated when reading about small towns being wiped out in the 6.2 quake that happened in central Italy. We are all safe on the ship and will reach Croatia by noon.

More on BBC news HERE.

My heart goes out to the people of the towns impacted.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I prepared this photo before the earthquakes happened and though I feel a bit funny posting it now, I am still choosing happiness today. Vintage quilt from my collection.

Next stop, Croatia!

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  1. I was so saddened to hear of the earthquake last night and quickly thought of the geographic area. Prayed for the victims, families, people still possibly buried and waiting for retrieval....I pray some may be found alive and well. So sad. I thought about the structures and how they took time to build. Tbeir construction process amazed me. I miss living there, but was glad to be stationed back stateside. What an educational experience for our family! 💕 so happy you are able to stop in so many interesting ports! Croatia was not even a safe possibility for us back then, but glad you are able to go, and can't wait to see the pictures! Have a safe and wonderful day! ❤

  2. I was struck by two things in Venice..... no wheels... you have to be under five to have a scooter and the directions to things were given in "bridges". How many bridges you have to cross or turn at the next bridge.... No wheels and bridges must make for robust healthy people.

  3. looks like a fabulous trip so far...thanks for taking me along!

  4. What a magical place, thanks for taking me along with your pictures.

  5. I love the quilt. A different arrangement of four/four patches!

  6. Glad you weren't in the midst of the Earthquake zone. Beautiful pictures! Not having much fun? NAH! rub it in, Bonnie! Hope Dave knows when Bonnie is Happy everyone is!

  7. Hope you were able to visit Peggy Guggenheim's home (which is now an art museum). It's so interesting, and to dream of living right on the canal with your own access to it.

  8. Hope you got to see the beautiful floors and tile work inside St Mark's Bascilica!! Just amazing!! Lots of pattern ideas for fabric!!

  9. Just Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  10. Loved seeing these pictures and it brought me back when I was there 3 years ago. Looking forward to going back.


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