Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Let’s Do that Quiltmaker Drawing Thing!

Well DANG!

Here is is nearly 10pm on the East Coast and I have been so involved with getting this Spanish Rose top together that I, once again….completely SPACED drawing or our Quiltmaker Bundle giveaway winner!

It’s still early on the West coast.  It’s earlier in Alaska.  So let’s just say I’m still on Alaska time, which puts me right on schedule! HA!

And my thanks go to Quiltmaker Magazine, not only for promoting me as they have over the past nearly 10 years,  but for also sending me extra issues so that I can pass them on to you.

It makes sharing the quilt-love extra fun!

We had 2754 entries!  TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR entries.

That is more than the number of people that live in my town.  Staggering.  My mind is blown!

Let’s turn up the Random Number Generator and see who it chooses!


50!!  Who is number 50?

(So happy I didn’t have to scroll to 2649! LOL!)


Jackie Marsh!  Congrats!

Jackie – I’m sending you the September/October 2016 issue of Quiltmaker as well as 100 blocks vol 13, a spool of Isacore thread for machine quilting, some fun grape cluster buttons, a “Keep Calm and Turn the Block Around” fridge magnet, a quilty nail file AND..a deck of my Bonnie Hunter Playing Cards!  Enjoy!

There will be more fun giveaways in the future…I’ve got a whole box of studio goodies that I’m re-gifting  saving just for this purpose!


Blocks arrived from Irene!!

I’ve been working on these tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll give you a sneak peek of how far I’ve come in putting them together…..I’m on the rampage to get it done ASAP!  It has to be quilted and ready for binding by the time I head to Denver on Monday!

Have a good evening everyone – it’s hot tub time for me.

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  1. Love your current project.

  2. Welcome back to my time zone. :)

  3. Awesome blocks by Irene! What a wonderful friend to help you like that. The design is beautiful. It will really reflect your Mediterranean cruise well.

  4. What a great give-a-way, congrats to the winner !

    The applique work is lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished work.

  5. This is beautiful! You are amazing!


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