Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Westfield NY Quilters - Way to Represent!

My friend Jill is an Innova Long Arm Dearler, and this past weekend she just happened to be vending at a lovely guild quilt show in Westfield, New York.

A very happy text came my way saying “I’m at the Westflied, NY guild show…3 Allietares, a Scrappy Bargello and a Star Struck!  Well represented!”

I was so excited that I asked Jill if she could snap some photos for me to share.

These quilters have done such lovely work and they deserve a bit of recognition here on the blog for their efforts!  This first Allietare is by Cheryl Gulvin.

Of course, the fun part for me is the placards and what they have to say about their quilts.

Check this one out:


This one really touched my heart!

Thank you, Cheryl!

If you can’t read it, she says “Working on this with some friends was just what I needed to lift my spirits after the passing of my father in October.  Here’s to you, Dad – Allietare!"

I’m sitting here teary eyed that simply running a mystery during the craziest time of the year can heal hearts.  Thank you for sharing your quilt, Cheryl!


Star Stuck by Kathleen Yaw!


Started in a workshop with me!

I love that she can’t remember WHEN she started it?  Maybe 3 years ago? or 4? Or does it matter?  It’s beautiful!!  Thank you for sharing your quilting passion, Kathleen!


Another by Kathleen!

Easy Street!


So funny!

“It’s a mystery…….why I used so much pink!  I don’t even LIKE pink!  Bonnie didn’t use ANY pink.  I liked it much better after the borders were sewn on.”

LOLOLOL!!!  Thank you for the giggles, Kathleen!  This just tickled me to no end!  And pink isn’t bad as long as I put other colors WITH it!  Hehe!


Scrappy Bargello!

by Cheryl Burgess.


“This is also the first quilt I quilted on a long arm machine. This was completely from my stash.”  Three cheers for Cheryl!  Well done on all counts!


Another Allietare!
by Marcia Wethli


Thank you for sharing the love of your friend through quilting!

The caption reads:  “Following the passing of Marion Hiller, our Thursday Sewing Group was entrusted with finding homes for her quilting supplies/fabric stash.  The fabrics that I selected were the colors to be used in Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt. (Allietare) this fabric was added to fabrics of these colors from my stash.  I hope she would be happy with my use of her fabric."

We quilt for many reasons.  Reading these placards has touched my heart and re-enforced the belief that we do not quilt just to have quilts.  How many quilts do we NEED? We quilt to express our creativity.  We quilt to give our hands something to do during times of trial.  We quilt to sooth our hearts when we are hurting.

If the efforts of our hands putting pieces to pieces eventually end up AS a quilt (3 or 4 years down the road…but who’s counting, right Kathleen?) all the better.  But the joy for me is in the doing.  In the whole process.  Just do.

Cut the pieces.  Sew the pieces.  Quilt the top.  Stitch the binding…do whatever part that your heart finds joy in.  Even if it only becomes a stack of blocks for now.

As I look at unfinished tops and stacks of blocks while wandering through antique malls, it strikes me.  While some may think “Oh, what a shame this is was never finished..” my soul recognizes that those unknown hands found pleasure in the process.

Just DO.

Oh, and the 3rd Allietare? It was Jill’s hanging in her booth, not part of the show, but still on display for all to see.

Things on the mountain:


I kitted up Spanish Rose kits until I ran out of diamonds!

I don’t know where my brain is, but I looked and looked and looked for my 60 degree diamond die and realized I must have left it at HOME on the Accuquilt there.

The hubster went home yesterday afternoon for a tennis match while I stayed here working, and this photo confirmed it:


Found in the basement on the machine at home. RATS!

Each kit takes 28 diamonds and I am NOT cutting these by regular rotary cutter!  I’m headed down the mountain this morning, having lunch with my friend Lisa (Indian food at Nawab!  It’s been forever since we have caught up!) and I’ll spend the night at home and head back up here to finish the kits tomorrow.

Everything is laid out assembly line style and I am just not moving it.  I’d rather have the extra drive and leave things where they are so I can finish them quickly.


So I set about finishing my 2017 Addicted to Scraps column blocks!

They are DONE!

Good thing as they are being turned in when I travel to the Quiltmaker Magazine offices in Golden Colorado on Monday.


And I have a new love.  See this light?

Slimline Daylight LED Table Lamp.

I bought two of these on our Alaskan Cruise from our machine guy Scott of Citrus Sew & Vac.  This light bar is AMAZING!  You can read about them on the Daylight company website HERE.

I got a MUCH better deal through Citrus Sew & Vac, so be sure to give them an email using the contact form HERE.

While I love my Ikea light, The light from this light bar is so very very easy on my eyes and lights my whole work space.  I bought one for at home too.  It does not get hot, and I can even clamp it to my chair side table for use when binding.  

The lamp provides a long arm reach of 28.7" and a wide, even light coverage, which is ideal for large work surfaces. The daylight light source reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and allows true color matching.  It uses 80 ultra bright daylight LEDs. It only needs 5W of energy, but pumps out 155W of light. Really.  I was amazed enough to buy two.

I see that floor lamps are also available and I am making my Christmas list!

time to send this up and get breakfast and head out.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage economy block quilt found in North Carolina, circa 1950.

Being strong doesn't always mean you have to fight the battle. Don’t let folks antagonize you into responding.

Oh, Quilt-Cam?  I’m hoping for Sunday afternoon as I fly to Denver on Monday.  Let’s try 2pm Eastern!  That way our European Friends can join us.  I’m not sure what the problems with Google Hangouts have been, but I’m going to try a different laptop and see if that makes a difference.  Join me, and we’ll cross our fingers together!

Don’t forget that the drawing for the Quiltmaker Sept/Oct 2016 bundle is TONIGHT!  Did you enter HERE?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. How nice of Jill to take pics of the quilts at the show from your great patterns. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I read every card posted next to a quilt at a show. Because the personality of the quilter comes out in their description. Besides, I love the story behind ANY quilt. Have fun lunching and catching up with your friend (that is the reason you ran out of diamonds and had to go home to get the wayward die cutter). Ooooh, I've added the Slimline light to my buy list -- for all the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for sharing good finds with us. Most of all, your inspiring quotes the keep is moving FORWARD!!! Hugs for a great day. Looking forward to Quilt Camming Sunday afternoon; fingers crossed!! Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. Have a nice diversion day. Giving yourself the gift of friend time is important. Safe travels to Colorado for taping. Is this Quilt U again? 1 month to wait until your book can ne ordered,YEA!

  3. Have a nice diversion day. Giving yourself the gift of friend time is important. Safe travels to Colorado for taping. Is this Quilt U again? 1 month to wait until your book can ne ordered,YEA!

  4. Looking forward to Quiltcam on Sunday.Come to think about it when I read your post and saw the great labels.I never do labels to my quilt!!!! and most of my quilts are given away !!. I have to change that!! Bente Antonsen from Norway

  5. Love the old quilt! Planned, perfectly matched fabric just does not work for me. So much more individuality in the older scrap quilts.

  6. Was that Citru Sew and Vac in Inverness Florida? Nice people! I was in Maine for the Maine Quilts show on the weekend. It was so much fun to see your patterns hanging, including at least 3 Allietares.

  7. Thanks for the info about the light, will definitely check it out. I was about to finally order the ikea lights(I may anyways) but these look fabulous.

  8. Hi Bonnie, I recently visited a quilt exhibition in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland and saw a lovely small (half size) Allietare quilt on display, a really lovely first quilt. I was delighted to see it, I have all the instructions but not yet started my version.
    Sally in Galway

  9. So Cheryl made it even bigger! It really looks good as a square, actually. Great job, all!


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