Friday, August 26, 2016

Krka National Park, Croatia!

Croatia is a country that has been through so much during my life time.

On Oct. 29, 1918, Croatia proclaimed its independence and joined in union with Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia to form the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.

The name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929. When Germany invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, Croatia became a Nazi puppet state.

Growing up I just remember hearing vague things about wars and rumors of wars yet I really had no idea where this area of the world was, and why all of this was going on.  It was beyond me.  I vaguely remember the following, again, placing it so far away from home:
The Bosnian War, from 1992 to 1995, was a territorial battle among Serbs, Croats and Bosnians that is characterized as the bloodiest event in Europe since World War II. Approximately 100,000 people died, a large number of them civilians, and horrific war crimes were rampant.
Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic and his soldiers attempted to ethnically cleanse parts of the former Yugoslavia of Croats, Bosnians and Muslims, with the aim of creating what Milosevic called “The Greater Serbia.” When NATO finally intervened with airstrikes in 1995, opposing parties were forced to come to the table. The Dayton Peace Accords were signed on Dec. 14, 1995, officially ending the war.
Now, almost 2 decades since the end of the war, Croatia is well established as a safe, independent and tourist-friendly country. With a strong economy and stable government, Croatia joined the European Union in the middle of 2013. [source]

A sailing school as we were pulling in to port!

Our guide was awesome on our hour’s bus drive out to Krka National Park, and I got a quick history lesson of how Croatia came to break away from Yugoslavia to become an independent country.  And indeed, tourism is a big part of why Croatia is thriving today, and we were all excited to partake in a little bit of Croatia’s beauty outside of the port city of Split.

And for those lovers of “Game of Thrones”…it indeed was filmed in this area!


Ships in port!


Arid and dry, mountains in the distance.

Our tour was out to the Krka National Park, a sight known for its many waterfalls and beautiful fish swam in crystal clear water.  Our guide was giving us the layout of the land with the map of wooden “boardwalk” walking trails:


Stay on the trails and don’t get lost!

Back on the bus time is 4:30! Don’t be late!

This was a beautiful spot, and the challenge was to get shots without a lot of people in front of you.  If it looks peaceful and serene, it’s because there was a break in the people.  By the time we got to the main waterfall and swimming area, it was wall to wall!

And she said we were lucky it was a LIGHT day as far as crowds go – Wednesday.  Midweek.  I’m glad it wasn’t more crowded!

There are many stone buildings on site, this place was used as a mill town for grinding grain due to the natural flow of the water feeding many mills.  It was fun touring those as well!

There was so much more of Croatia to discover, but this was a fairly short day in port and this excursion took up all of our time.  I’ll have to come back to see what else there is to see!  Next time, Croatia!

Yesterday was our last workshop day at sea, and there are photos of that coming up.  Today we are in the Amalfi Coast region.  We’ve booked  a tour that will take us to Capri by boat.  So excited!


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  1. Had no idea that Croatia was such a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us with you through your posts. Every place has been so beautiful. Thanks, Bonnie!

  2. Just three more weeks and we will be doing a roadtrip through Croatia and Slowenia, for three weeks. Can't wait :-) We will also go to Krka, and Dubrovnik and Split and several more national parks. Slowenia is very well worth a trip as well - Google Soca Valley :-) This will be my 10th holiday in Croatia, I love it, it is so beautiful. And being from Northern Germany, it is fairly close as well. Mind, places that are not very close to the sea, rather inside the country, you can tell the country was hit by war. Some village are now found deserted, you can see destroyed houses still and seeing the houses you can tell were bullets hit. But nonetheless, you are right, Croatia is well established and incredibly beautiful <3 Caro

  3. Croatia is so beautiful! Thank you for the photos ♥


  4. Thank you for taking so much of your vacation time to show us the beautiful sites. It is VERY kind of you. Some of us (me included) will never get a chance to go. It's just too bad that there's "time limits". Your already half way around the world & I wish you could see it all!!! I'm just very happy that you & the other ladies (& gentlemen) get to go!!

  5. Thank you SO much for sharing your trip with us. So many places to see, so little time (and money). I really appreciate seeing your photos.

  6. Love your travel experiences Bonnie - and just how do you pick so many "quotes" that take my breath away and allow the tears to flow! Thank you for ALL that you do!

  7. Thank You, Bonnie for sharing your pictures, video of Peace Time Croatia. I only know war time Croatia from the mid 90's, when it was my job to ready troops to go there. In late 2003 my girlfriend went there to help transition the countries back to peace time, when off I went to the middle east I am glad you got to see it during this time, though I can still see remnants of the war.

    It truly is a beautiful place, and the people are too. The people of Yugoslavia have had a rough last 100 years!

    Thanks for sharing, stay safe!

  8. Please come to Pula, Istria, Croatia next time you are here. Beautiful beaches, Roman remains including an Arena in good shape where they have concerts. The home the real 'Sound of music' family lived when they were newly married is also in Pula. A day trip from Pula to Plitvice lakes will show you the prettiest waterfalls this side of Brazil.

  9. I love the places we get to visit because of you Bonnie the waterfalls are gorgeous and so relaxing after a full day's work thanks again for all you do and for all you share with us


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