Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A touch of Aix-en-Provence!


We made port in Toulon, France yesterday morning.


I first visited France about 6 years ago on a trip to Paris and the surrounding areas, but to find myself in the famous south of France, the area that inspired artists like Cezanne was a dream come true.

It was also a “short” tour day, meaning we had to be back on ship by 3:30pm so that we could reach Barcelona this morning meant that we chose an easy walking tour around the charming town of Aix-en-Provence to soak up a bit of the flavor of this area of Provence.

This is also just a teaser post as we are in port in Barcelona and getting ready to disembark!  More when I return home.


I love the shops!
The hand painted signs advertising who they are and what they do.
Boulangerie!  Complete with yummy smells!


The “House of Soap from Marseilles”
And yes, soap is going home with me! 


All kinds of yumminess here too!


And this one!

I am so in love with blue shutters on yellow!

Some have asked if I have found quilt shops on my way.  I’m not even looking.  Fabric in Europe is VERY expensive, shops are few and far between, and when you find them, you find fabric we have at home at greatly inflated prices.  It’s not worth it.  If I were to stumble upon one, I’d go in, but I’m not searching them out because there are OTHER things I would rather see when I am on a trip like this.  Things of history, things of culture, things of every day life as in this photo:


A bit of street life!

I think this is my favorite photo of all, this gentleman on the sidewalk, painting his passion into a lovely rendition of the buildings across the way.  I was fascinated just watching him choosing colors, dabbing a bit here, shading a bit there.  This really made me smile.

More photos of Aix-en-Provence to come when I reach real wifi.

Right now it’s time for a bite of breakfast, and heading to the airport.  I’ll be reaching home about midnight North Carolina time which is 6am Barcelona time.  Acckkkkk!  But it was worth it, so very worth it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Album Quilt circa 1880 ….found on my journeys somewhere! (But not on this trip)

I’ll catch you when I return home.  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Safe Travels Home, Bonnie!
    I am glad you will post more pictures when you get home, as none of the pictures of this post came through, except the quote of the day. It probably was because of the not real WiFi as you called it.
    I am so glad you were able to take this trip and you felt it was so worth it. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time, and the pace you go at, you probably should do it more than the rest of us.

    Kasilof, AK

  2. You are so right Bonnie about the greatly inflated fabric prices in Europe,here in the UK the prices are just as high and I'm sure that this puts a lot of quilters off buying! Fortunately I am able to buy most of my fabric on visits to the US but not everyone has that luxury,perhaps someone can explain why we have to pay SO much more per metre??

  3. I see a 'no way' sign instead of the photos... But, in Provence, you have the famous traditional fabrics inspired from India. I can give you some information about trade marks, shops, and even an outlet next to one factory, for your next trip in France.

  4. I'm just happy I made use of the dollar rate when it was in our favour - and postage was good - even with customs charges it was still cheaper than buying here. Then when we went to the US a couple of times we filled a suitcase with fabric! I'm only buying a small amount of fabric here now and breaking into the stash. I was obviously born in the wrong country! LOL!

  5. GEE...wishing those photos came through to me... but that said...HAVE FUN. Maybe the photos will show up later :)

  6. When you get to Barcelona, if you have time, you might enjoy looking up Gaudi's buildings. But enjoy all the wonderful colors, hopefully they will inspire you for another beautiful quilt pattern. I think you would also like the Ramblas in the evening.

  7. Hope you had time to see and photograph some of the Gaudi architecture. 'Twas the highlight of our trip there!

  8. As others have said, photos didn't come through but perhaps when you're back Stateside with better Wifi that will be resolved. Agree with Pat Meinecke ... hope you got to see some of the Gaudi architecture ... words can't describe!! Safe travels and hope you don't suffer too long from jet lag! I am sure Sadie and the crew will be happy to see you home again!!! Linda

  9. Dear Bonnie! With great interest and love watching your photo stories! But the whole week reading your journey, and photos can not watch, there is a sign closed. I am very upset !! I hope everything will work out ???

  10. Happy That you are headed home! Still praying for safe travels for all! Pictures did not come through tonight! I'm sure it was bad wifi but I'm dying to see pictures to fog with your story. XXXOOO

  11. The photos came through for me this morning. They weren't there yesterday. Maybe they just needed extra time before they showed up on the blog. I love the photo of the man painting too. I always enjoy watching an artist creating their work.....whether it's a painter, quilter, pianist, woodworker, chef. Whatever their passion, to watch them practicing their craft is inspirational for me. I remember watching a special on Mikhail Baryshnikov years ago. They showed a lot of him practicing, over and over. After that show, I went to the piano and practiced harder than ever! Bonnie, you inspire us to be more creative with our quilt work and fabrics! Thank you!

  12. I know that town Aix en Provence very well.
    They have the cutest shops and great food.
    When I visit my sister we always go there.
    She has a very big house that is now or sle because she wants to move to Aix en Provence.
    So glad you had time to see it Bonnie.

    Save travels home.
    Hope you have time to rest after you get home.
    Kiss Sadie from me and our Levi,
    Yoka Bazilewich


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