Friday, August 05, 2016

Two Top Finishes!

There were two top finishes on the mountain yesterday!

After finishing all of the cruise kits (Yes, they are all done except for the printed instructions that still have to be written!) I was finally able to sit down with Spanish Rose and figure out what I want to do.

The biggest worry from folks was that the project would be LAME because it was a hand stitching project, and that it wouldn’t be a QUILTVILLE scrappy project.

And it’s so funny because I am ALWAYS asked (okay 9 times out of 10) when lecturing if I EVER make quilts that are not scrappy, that come from just a few coordinated pieces of yardage.  And I laugh and I laugh and my response is always WHY?  WHY would I do that to myself when that is not where my heart is? It would be torture!

Same thing here.

If you were looking at just one block, it’s hard to make THAT extra scrappy, but when you put 4 blocks together and start pulling in sashings of various fabrics and contemplate borders, it all comes together.

I have always said that kits are like a cake mix.  You have to add your own eggs, oil, water, nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, whatever your heart desires- to turn that simple mix into your own creation.

I am supplying block fabrics and the center cornerstone. (center-stone? LOL!) Cruisers will supply their own sashings and borders and binding to reflect their own vision.  It's a Quilt-Mix!

In the photo above you can see I am chain piecing oodles of half square triangles on Black Beauty.


I also pieced half a gazillion small string blocks!

And while I was sewing the string blocks, if you look under the presser foot, you can see that I was STILL using my Tumbler as Leaders & Enders!   It only had a few rows to go before DONE, and I was teaming each string pieced seam with a pair of tumbler pieces to knock this HUGE project out of the ball park!


Coming along!  Only a few more string blocks to go!



Is it a Quiltville Quilt yet?


And the last seam went on the tumbler quilt top as well!


It’s a room sized rug!
3,425 tumblers!

I love love love it!

My video camera has been wigging out at the beginning of my videos ---I think I need to wait until the wig out is over before I start talking so I can crop it out.  It did this in the clock video from yesterday, and also the rain from the porch.  New phone, new camera, new problem!


I need to plan a date to quilt this one!

But there won’t be time until after I get back from the Mediterranean…..or later.  It’s a jam packed schedule and though I am knocking off these projects I feel like there is so very little margin of time to catch my breath in between deadlines and workshop dates!

I have booked my airfare and room for Quilt Market and am very excited to be doing book signings, some schoolhouses and video recording a demo with the new Essential Triangle Tools.  I wish I could hang around for Festival as well, but my schedule only gives me a few days to do Houston.

I also booked my airfare for Rhode Island in September!  I'm going back to visit the Ninigret Quilters.  I have such fond memories of my last visit.  Friendships made while there inspired my quilt Narragansett Blues from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  A portion of the quilt can be seen on the cover.

My blog post for the C&T blog is due to post Monday and I haven’t written it yet.  That’s on the agenda for this morning.  Something simple, but hopefully something that will help you in your every day quilting life.

And because i am such a domestic goddess at the cabin, and it isn’t all quilting:


It works for honey dew, too!

I tried my sister’s “remove rind first from half a melon placed face down, slice melon second!” trick with a honey dew and it was so easy!  And now I’m hearing “We’ve always done it that way, what other way is there to do it?” from people who’ve been in the know all along and I wish I had learned this sooner!

Here it was always “cut into slices and use a paring knife to remove the rind from each slice, and then cut each slice into chunks.”  TEDIOUS!  This way is so fun and easy. So if you’ve never tried it, if someone forgot to give YOU the memo early on in your kitchen training years, you can try it too.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt from my own collection, found in North Carolina.

The inner child inside of us all needs some encouragement from time to time! We are still becoming who we dreamed we'd be!

(And we are still learning the proper way to cut melons and pineapples! Ha!)

Remember, Quilt-Cam Sunday afternoon at 2pm Eastern!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I never got the memo, either. Beautiful finishes!!!

  2. My Black 301 is also named Black Beauty. But I call him Blackie most of the time. It is a he because he is a stallion. I use Blackie every day. My favorite!

  3. I am not normally the melon cutter at my house. Arthritis and weak wrists make it difficult, but DH has just started cutting this "new" way too. He says he saw it on Facebook, or a YouTube video. Even a really old "dog" can learn a new trick or two!! "giggle"

  4. Beautiful quilt finishes. Love both of them. My leader and ender tumbler is also coming to a close for this year. It will also be huge!! But love it. Safe travels and looking forward to your next adventure posts. Be blessed.

  5. Great post, Bonnie. Loved all the quilt photos. Those Strippy blocks are so gorgeous and bright. Makes me want to start making some mor, they are very addictive. Hope all your forthcoming travels go well.

  6. wise woman...sept in rhode island should be gorgeous and still warm....squeeze in a trip to block island if you can....serene beauty at its best!

  7. I have always cut melons the old way you used to do it -- cut slices, use a paring knife to remove the rind, cut melon into smaller cube pieces. Yesterday I tried the new method and I'll never go back! Thanks for posting the video on how to do the quick and much easier way.

  8. Yay!!! Both finishes are wonderful!! And on your"Black Beauty" -- glad she has a name now. As always, a newsy post of your doings and about-to-happens. "See" you on Sunday afternoon for Quilt Cam. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  9. I too cut melons the old dash ion way. I love this idea and will give it a try. Thanks, Bonnie for the lovely quilts in your post. Wish I was among the lucky cruisers who will be doing your scrappy appliqué block. I love appliqué and your scrappy ideas, this a blend of both. Lovely! Happy travels.

  10. Your tumbler quilt is a stunner! I'm starting my first leader/ender challenge this year with the hourglass block. I think I'm going for scrappy all over instead of a planned color design. I hope it turns out okay!

  11. Oh, i'm sorry i'll miss you at Houston. Several friend and i - eight at latest count - are going to the festival, but only 2 pr 3 to the Market as well.

    My tumblers may end up as a tablle topper. I still have a ton cut, vut i'm ready for a change!

  12. What a wonderful, full, happy post! I love each and every part of it.

  13. Your quilt tops are looking fantastic Bonnie!! You give us so many ideas and options!!

    I love how you have been posting your "quotes/sayings" on the vintage quilts that you have seen or own. They are all works of art! It is so interesting when you have shared your knowledge of block names and possible dating by types of fabrics. Thank you for sharing and letting us observe and learn more about the gems from quilters before us!

    Do you know what the block in this quilt is called? It is quite striking!!

  14. I especially love the Spanish Rose, such a happy quilt with happy colors!! Go, Bonnie.

  15. I have learned SO MUCH from you, Bonnie, about quiting!! And now you are teaching me - and apparently a lot of others - a thing or two in the kitchen! I have always prepared melons (cantaloupe my all time favorite!) the way you did. I can see how this method would be faster. Thanks for increasing my knowledge!!
    I also recently purchased a Singer 301. I was never interested in vintage machines until I became a Bonnieholic. I started out looking at featherweights, but chose the 301 because of your recommendations. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this machine!!! I have always had a sewing machine, but they were just sewing machines. EVERY time I sit down at this machine, I am amazed how much I LOVE this machine!! Even though it has some dings and scratches, sewing on it is SO MUCH FUN!! My machine's name? BONNIE, of course!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

  16. Your quilts are beautiful! I feel overwhelmed just looking at your tumbler quilt. I have been using the 'new method' of peeling and then slicing for years. I also prepare butternut squash and rutabaga the same way.

  17. I didn't get the memo either... Saw it in pinterest couple years ago... Lol!

  18. I have done my melons that way all my life, lol. I use newspaper to cut on though, fold up put in trash, no real clean up, lol.

  19. I have done my melons that way all my life, lol. I use newspaper to cut on though, fold up put in trash, no real clean up, lol.

  20. I am loving everything about the "quilt mix" top. It's so lively. And congratulations on finishing the tumbler. It's beautiful!

  21. Definitely a carnival quilt. Quite appropriate for the Olympics in Brazil. So colourful. I also love your tumbler quilt. I was a little undecided whilst you were constructing it but now, wow, it's great. Look forward to quiltcam tomorrow. Hope to get to join in live from the UK.

  22. Oh. My. Word. I always like your quilts, Bonnie, and your tumblers quilt is no exception. But the other one? The small one with the flowers and the string blocks around the edge? It makes my heart sing. It makes me want to sew my own. GORGEOUS.

  23. Love your quote for the day...
    Thank you!!
    I've been dealing with some tough decisions as I sort through my mom's home and prepare for a big move out of state...
    Today I will take good care of my "inner child" and keep my eyes looking forward, remembering not to give up on the precious life opportunities that lie ahead.

  24. I have never heard of peeling it first. There is a third way to cut up a melon. After we wash the melon, we have removed the seeds and sliced it, then we cross cut the slices and pulled the points back to flare the center section, it reminds me of clipping curved pieces. Once you have the ends pulled back it is almost a straight cut between the peel and the melon center.


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