Monday, August 01, 2016

Dog Days of Summer!

Happy first day of August, everyone!

These are the days when it is too hot and humid to want to be outside, so we hunker in and enjoy the mountain views from behind glass in the cool of the air conditioning!

And while Mama works at making kits, Sadie the Supervisor is yet again asleep on the job!

I listen to her heavy breathing and downright snoring with a grin on my face, so happy that her surgery was successful!

Thank you so much for your cards and well wishes, and even treats and toys in the mail.  The wagging tail will let you know how grateful we are for your caring friendship where my girl is concerned.

The incision on her side has completely healed, and her fur is now growing back in to cover it.  You’d never know that she went through this big scary surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  We now just have to watch it carefully to make sure nothing grows back.  Other than that, she has a clean bill of health, is caught up on all her shots, had her teeth cleaned while she was under and got her nails trimmed, a veritable spa treatment while under anesthesia. 

See that little bit of Hexiness peeking into the bottom left of the photo?  I was able to get the second fill in corner completely attached, and the 3rd corner is well under way:


Oh, Sadie!  You ham!

When I finish the 4 fill in corners, I think I’m going to need some kind of dark border to frame the whole thing, so I’m working on figuring out what that is going to be…as I said.  This has a long, long way to go yet and it has no deadline.  It’s just airplane time!


This was MY day yesterday.

200 base blocks.  4 blocks per kit.


Almost all cut out and ready to kit up!

I have to say that I now understand why kits are so costly.  I have always poo-pooed the cost of kits not because I am squeaky frugal with my fabric budget (I am!) but I really like pulling my own fabric choices together from what I have on hand for any project.  That’s the fun part for me.  But assembling kits for 200 blocks that go into 50 kits – this took me more than all day yesterday as some had already been cut at home and brought with me.

I have been able to use my accuquilt strip die for stems and my square die for pieces that will be flower heads.  I used a 60 degree diamond die to cut pieces big enough for leaves and flower bases. (Need to cut more today, those aren’t quite done yet.)  But all of the block backgrounds and the triangles for the flower pots had to be cut with regular rotary cutter as there are no dies in those sizes.

I will never gawk over the price of a kitted up quilt ever ever again!

And then there is the fusible for each person who wants to fuse it instead of needle turn….I am bringing a bolt of fusible on the ship!  I can just see security now. 

Irene’s sample blocks are in the mail and should be here any day and I can get the sample together, quilted and hopefully be binding it on my way to Denver on the 7th.

Comments so far have been “This doesn’t look anything like you, Bonnie….”  But I have done applique since I first started quilting.  You just don’t see it a lot because I fell into the piecing genre early on designing scrap quilt patterns to use up fabric the guild was donated while I was the charity quilt chairperson for my guild. 

But remember THIS applique project??  Ummmm…it’s still a top.  we need to remedy that.  I love this top!

Once the blocks are together, and the scrappy borders are on, It will look like a Bonnie Quilt, I promise!

Thank heavens this is a “partial” kit, and there are some ingredients that the cruisers are going to add to make it their own, and that includes borders because it is going to be uber scrappy and there is no way to kit all of that variety up. This will allow them to add their own fabrics to the mix.  I love the combination of  scrappy piecing and applique together.

For those asking why they can't find the pattern for this on my blog yet....HA!  It's not even fully MADE yet!  I have to finish the quilt sample before I can write the pattern.  Right now, this pattern is exclusive to my cruisers, and when we are done, I plan on submitting it to Quiltmaker so it may appear in a future issue, and that makes it easy to provide you with the template shapes.

Hold your horses, finish some UFOs....and it will be available in the future!

While all of this kit cutting was going on inside, this was going on outside:


Afternoon Visitors!


2 mamas, 2 babies with spots!

I could watch the deer all day long. Those ears!!

There was other wildlife spotted outside as well:


Caught brown handed, painting the shed!

It was a terrific Sunday, made all the better with burgers on the grill in the evening.

As for Monday. Kits will be going in baggies.  200 blocks divided into sets of 4 in 50 baggies! Instructions need to be written, and I am headed home tomorrow and have until I leave for Colorado to do that.  I don’t have much time in between coming home from Colorado and leaving for Barcelona, so that needs to get done.  And power point how-to demos.  Oh, the list is getting longer.

But first.  Breakfast!  Who wants French toast?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Star Quilt made of silks, satins crepe and other slinky fabrics found in North Carolina.

This I am sure of! Happy Monday, everyone - it's a brand new week!

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  1. wow the hexie project is stunning gal! cannot wait to see the border for it...and thanks for giving me a bit of ooomph...i'll get dressed now and start sewing!

  2. Your big hexie star is looking fabulous. Sounds like you're having a fun and productive time at the cabin. Glad Sadie is doing so well.

  3. What a fun, newsie post! XOXO

  4. A great start to the week and New Month today! Cutting takes a LOT of time. I'm cutting a Sample Quilt for our LQS and it takes a while to get all of it cut and organized for stitching. While I'm at it, I need to cut a bunch of Hourglass units to sew between the stitches. I love your Hexie Quilt. Glad Sadie is doing well. The Cruisers will love being the "testers" for this next Applique and pieced quilt. Other Quiltvillians need to just be Patient! Have a great day, French Toast- YES! Nice to Mr Dave too.

  5. I know what you mean about appliquƩ as I haven't done any for ages but when looking through books and patterns to downsize I found some great ones I still want to do. Our focus varies overtime especially with all the travelling and teaching you do. Once I sold my store I completely refocused in to what I wanted to make not what would sell the new fabric lines.
    I hope all the cruisers appreciate all the work you put into making these kits at the last minutešŸ™ƒ

  6. Bonnie --- first off thank you for the Sadie update and photo...what a preicouos 4 legged fur-girl she is! So good to know she is well.

    I too have thought kits were a waste of money...but after reading what you have done to 'whip some up' - I have changed my mind! I still have this thing about selecting my own fabrics...but kits would be fantastic on cruises where you can't hope out and get to a shop :)


  7. Good morning. So glad Sadie girl is doing well!! The hexie quilt is coming along nicely. I've been trying to figure out a design and just can't decide how to get started. The Cruisers will love the small project. I know I would. Enjoy the day!!

  8. Hi Bonnie. Love your hexie quilt. .looks like a lot of work cutting those kits. I went to Maine quilts show this weekend there were a lot of Bonnie hunter quilts exhibited. At least two allies are and some others.. Great show....mom.quilter

  9. Love the hidden squirrel in the picture of the deer family. Everyone welcome at your table!

  10. Love, love, love your hexie quilt! Can't wait to see it finished :)

  11. Cutting, sorting, assembling, a bit like getting a kitset for a piece of furniture, and the time has to be taken into consideration. Love the quilt supervisor, and so glad all is going well there.

  12. The Hexie quilt is a beauty. You guys look so happy, it was great that you found your special little mountain hide away!

  13. WOW - your hexagon quilt is AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what you will do with the binding!

  14. I love this hexie quilt so much! Isn't it amazing to think that you did all of that during time that is just idle and wasted by most people?! Sometimes I think some members of my family get annoyed when I sit and stitch when we are together - makes no sense to me - why not be doing SOMETHING!? Just sitting idly is such a waste of precious time - I've got quilts to make!

  15. Sadie is administrating.... and doing it well :D

  16. So glad your sweet girl is doing better.
    Our daughter lost one of her little 4 legged friends a couple weeks back so we do appreciate all the time we have with them.
    Lovely pictures of the hubby... lol and the dear deer! I know you are busy but I was wondering what the black thing in the deer pictures is? I know I've seen something like it before but have no idea what it is and it has me curious? If you have time to answer thank you.


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