Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sunday, Packing It Up!


Right off the top:  QUILT-CAM today at 2pm EASTERN!  Here on the blog.  Bring a project, cross your fingers that audio stays working!

This little ditty arrived from Julie Latvin of Me & My Stitches while I was up at the cabin!

She had posted a photo of pendants she had recently created on Instagram and I knew right off that this hexagon log cabin pendant was for me.

I sent off an email, we paypal-ed the transaction and before I knew it the deed was done and on its way.

Isn’t this gorgeous?  Such TINY TINY piecing.  The blocks are paper pieced, and encased in glass with a metal frame around them.

I want to wear this for my Workshop recording in Golden this week! 

I may have to get more – I love quilty accessories.

Take a look at the back side:


Signed JL 2016!

What I didn’t know as that Julie would sweeten the pot with a whole bunch of other goodies.  Seriously, she spoiled me rotten:


Boxes, Chains and Beeswax, oh my!

The holidays aren’t that far off.  If you have a certain quilty person in mind on your holiday shopping list who is very into hand crafted quality, order early and knock them off your to-buy-for list.  These are all so unique and one of a kind.


We have a finish!

And I am thrilled!

I wanted the quilting to blend in, and not contrast with the piecing. I used Bottom Line thread both in the needle and in the bobbin and I love the results. 



The quilting design is called Espalier by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

I will be using this quilt to record a binding tutorial during my time in Golden, so it is likely that the binding will be stitched on during my studio time at Quiltmaker, and I’ve packed thread to do the hand stitching part on my way home from Denver on Thursday.  Nothing like burning this candle all the way to its end --


Last night was spent writing the pattern!

And I can’t FINISH the writing of the pattern until I have photos of the finished quilt, binding and all.  It just wouldn’t do to have a pattern with photos of a quilt with raw edges and batting hanging out all over!  Home on Thursday, finish up the pattern on Friday…a quick trip to the cabin on Saturday, home on Sunday, packing Sunday and Monday and we are off to Barcelona on Tuesday! WHEW!

I hope the Cruisers don't mind that the center blocks in my graphic are headless - they resemble how I feel right now! I really have no experience in drawing digital applique, and this should give them the idea.  Or maybe, I’ll tell them this is what the flowers looked like AFTER the deer ate them:


Spotted babies!  SO CUTE!

This photo was taken with our trail cam that is strapped to a tree. This is a better shot of the automatic deer feeder in our yard.  It drops corn twice a day, just enough to keep them coming to nibble. The bin holds enough for 2 weeks or more of feed, so they are fed while we are away.

Oh, and thanks for all of the funnies in yesterday’s comments on my DUMB BUCK HEADS! post.  A committee is being formed to challenge the board.  Bylaws are being gone over with a fine toothed comb. 

The one thing I want to say is that when we bought 3 years ago it was a different board and things were not this crazy.  You never know when buying in a HOA location what is going to happen as boards go in and go out.  Smooth waters can get choppy quickly.  Dr Jekyl does turn into Mr Hyde, and there was no way to know this was going to be like this 3 years after signing papers.  Something has to happen.  And the attitude of “Well, you should have known when you bought what you were getting into..” Just does not apply.  There is a time to take a stand.  I’ll keep you informed as the drama unfolds….entertainment at its best!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage hourglass quilt found in North Carolina.

The best way to reap the benefits of gratitude is to notice new things you're grateful for every day.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Oh, that wooden box is so, so cute! I am green with envy.

  2. Thank you for the gentle reminder to be grateful this morning. It's been a tough week, my dad died unexpectedly and DJ's mother us in Comfort Care. We literally snuck off to our little place in the Sierra Nevada's and I'm grateful for the beautiful peaceful morning.

  3. The pendant is precious! Love that you can see the details on the back!! That makes it so perfect for the serious quilter too! Sounds like y'all have the HOA thing on target with the reviewing etc. Great entertainment....and so glad I don't have to deal with one!

  4. Sorry I will miss you on quilt cam today. A friend of mine passed away so I am helping his family pack, clean and move his stuff out. I will catch your video later over a cup of tea. Good luck on your audio Bonnie!

  5. Sorry I will miss you on quilt cam today. A friend of mine passed away so I am helping his family pack, clean and move his stuff out. I will catch your video later over a cup of tea. Good luck on your audio Bonnie!

  6. I needed the reminder to be grateful. It has been a tough week for me. My 6 year old dachshund has been sick for several months, and we had to have him put to sleep on Thursday. My heart has been so heavy since then. It is wonderful and hearbreaking to love an "animal", but in reality he was my little buddy. Looking forward to quilt cam today, will keep me occupied. Still working on garlic knots. I have a nice pile of them now, but still need more.

  7. What a super group of quiltie goods.... I like quilted items and quilt related items also.

    AT LAST< going to get to see quilt cam LIVE... I usually have had to wait a few days.


  8. Julie's stuff is wonderful. You made a nice pendant choice.I have a pendant, a few pins and a charm bracelet made by her. I am not surprised that she spoiled you. She is a sweetheart!

  9. You never cease to amaze me as to the amount of stuff you get done!!! Now you are headed to Denver. Good luck in that venture. Your deer feeder is interesting, in Wyoming, it is strongly advised against feeding deer and other wildlife. But it is so fun to see them and their babies.

  10. You're not alone, Bonnie. The HOA in our new property subdivision changed the architectural guidelines such that our design would be rejected. Happy to say we've had an offer on the property!

  11. Bonnie, what did you draw the pattern with....program? Have a good week. Paula in KY

  12. HOAs are a dicey lot and in a way, you "should have known" what they could and could not do with the $$$...attendance at board meetings (I think meetings are the biggest waste of my time, time I could spend w.fabric) however, keeping an eye on them and the way they spend your $$ is key... it's one of those things about government, you must keep them reined in or they can and sometimes do get the feeling it all belongs to them and they can do as they please.., vigilance my friend... sorry, you are a very busy person and it's a shame you also have to add "keep track of the HOA dictators" to your list ... I much rather you keep educating me about fabric and quilty things... sigh.. big heartfelt sigh ,,,zxo xo xo


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