Sunday, August 07, 2016

Quilt-Cam 8/7/2016

Good afternoon, Quiltvillians!

We are going to give this Quilt-Cam thing another try, on a different lap top to see if the audio still has issues.

I have to tell you, I’ve been nearly sick to my stomach over things that go wrong with Quilt-Cam.  You know how it goes, if things are going to screw up, it’s when you are facing an audience and have no control over it.

As always, I will give it ONE MORE TRY if something happens, and if it does, give it about 5 minutes for me to start another feed, and then refresh the page so the second feed is visible on the page.  I can’t just take up where we left off, I have to start a whole NEW Quilt-Cam and embed that into the page as also.

Imagine me doing the proverbial “headless chicken” over here as I run around saying some not so nice things and trying to get it going again!

I am extremely happy to be able to be HOME on a Sunday so that we can offer Quilt-Cam to those in European time zones instead of the middle of the night their time.

In fact, emails are already coming in with some show and share photos from the UK!  Take a look at this glorious Hunter’s Star and the Allietare blocks that are on the design wall!

Carroll writes:
Hi from Bristol Uk , my name is Carroll and this is the first time that I have caught quilt cam live. I have not been machine quilting for long only 3 years but love it. I have just got your book adventures with leaders and enders and am now cutting what scraps I have ready to start.
Tonight I am working on my hunter star quilt, not perfect but I'm happy with it. Catching up with your YouTube videos and learning so much. Thank you for all your inspiration. Attached a pic of what is under my needle.

So glad you could join us, Carroll! I bet she never expected to see her photo front and center on her very first live Quilt-Cam!
This is what’s going under MY needle today:
It’s a messy busy sewing station!
I am stitching the triangle string units to the center units of a quilt for the next book…..It’s been put off and waylaid due to other immediate deadlines, and it is time to pull it out and get these on.
I’m stitching today on my 1950s Electro-Hygiene.  LOVE green machines!  Silly name, but it is reported that was also the name of a vacuum cleaner that was very popular back in the day…you know…sucking up the dirt is more hygienic than sweeping it around? Sew & Vac? Vac & Sew? Whatever the connection, this Japanese import is an uptake of the Singer class 15, and has a feed dog dropping mechanism on the bed near the pillar. Big improvement!
Quilt-Cam Support Personnel asleep on duty!

It took two tries! The first time only showed my profile photo -- but HEY! It had audio!

The second try we nailed it!  You just never know with google hangouts and youtube!

Thanks for joining me today folks!  Tomorrow I head to Denver!

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  1. Doesn't seem to be working.

  2. Hi from Germany :)

    Live Quilt-Cam or not - don't stress out! We have the archives to watch in case hangouts will let you down once again.

    Greetings from Janina

  3. Can't access on the blog or Youtube. I will, as always, wait for the archived version :) Thanks for trying Miss Bonnie!!!

  4. Yup! Loud and clear now!!! <3 woohoo!

  5. Nothing seems to be happening - no audio or video.

  6. Oh snap, it went to another archived video.. I'll keep quiet now :D

  7. Can't access from blog. Says owner disabled. Can't get on it at YouTube. Guess I'll catch it when it's archived. Safe journeys. Mary in Wa.

  8. That is OK, we don't cried over bad Quilt Cam.

  9. It seems that the live video is not accessible directly from your blog this time (I think they might have done some changes in the settings to avoid people from having too much traffic on their own websites... just a thought) - but on youtube, everything is just fine!

    It's amazing how often you manage to solve the technical problems in basically no time! Kudos to you!

    Greetings from Janina in Germany

  10. All is well Bonnie! We understand. I'm going to tune into the 03/15/2014 all the way at the bottom. It is my favorite archived QM session because a portion is all about FUN NEUTRALS!! For fellow QC followers, what is your favorite archived QuiltCam? Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas, USA

  11. Thanks to AddieNCE- Janina in Germany . . .as you said all is well on YouTube!! Go there to tune in!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  12. Hi bonnie Pam here watching you live in Ireland

  13. Hey there Bonnie! Joanne Vicory from Canton,Texas! Love watching you "Live!" So nice to have you to sew with!

  14. Oh, hooray .. I'm seeing your live feed on YouTube! What fun! .... from Walnut Creek, CA

  15. yeah i made it... not everything but i can see you live from the Netherlands! atm i am unpacking from a trip to family in the south and tomorrow i will start sewing and quilting again! you take all the time for your life that you need... we will still be in love with you and all the work you do!
    greetz from the Netherlands


  16. Thank you for a delightful, informative quilt cam today. Safe travels to Denver.

  17. Hi Bonnie, Love the picture of your Quiltcam support. I have 2 in training. lol They were the same way. :) Glad to see quiltcam was on today. Hope you have a great time in Golden filming.

  18. I was able to watch Quilt-Cam while relaxing this afternoon. I agree with you, this is YOUR life. You need to be able to live it the way YOU want. I am just coming to terms with this. I have always been the one to say "yes" to avoid a conflict. I am learning how to protect myself. Thank you for showing how you guild your life. It helps me and others to see how busy life can be and still be able to do what you want.

  19. Bonnie, Safe travels. Lots of love

  20. NAILS I found a woman who does natural manicures. She uses Seche Vite base coat and quick drying top coat. Polish is Zoya. I can get at least a week if not closer to two weeks. Can't wait to see you in Boca September 2017!

  21. How are you/did you quilt that red and white Hunter's Star quilt?


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