Saturday, August 13, 2016

Getting Some Mountain Time!

Beanie brought Mona and Rick over to visit last night and Sadie couldn’t be happier!

Who cares if Uncle Rick is giving her bunny ears?! LOL!

It was so good to see them, they arrived home on the mountain on Thursday having spent much of the past few months in Ohio caring for Mona’s mom.  Our schedules have been so opposite that she’s been home when I’ve been gone, and I’ve been here when she isn’t and we were so happy just to sit and visit and catch up with our goings on.

The plan for this weekend…any guesses?

We are going to SEW!  In fact she brought 3 youth sized quilt tops over to show me that she had been busy while away, all three from my crayon box pattern from the free patterns tab!


These blocks are my weekend project!

These Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks have been DONE for quite a while and other deadlines have pushed them aside.  Since Spanish Rose is complete – I get to put together this top, just for me, just for fun, just for the cabin – no deadlines required!


This morning, perfect for porch rocking!

I’m taking this weekend at a very leisurely pace.  Monday will be for packing for our trip to Barcelona and the Mediterranean cruise.  But for today and tomorrow….there IS no agenda.  There is no hurry hurry to meet a deadline. It’s all done.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m not even focusing on that.  Just some slow mountain living.  Breathe.


Barefoot and listening to birdsong.


Watching the sky brighten as morning unfolds over the Blue Ridge.


Only interrupted by this girl who wanted a hike!

8:30am in August is nearly TOO LATE to want to attempt a 2 1/2 mile hike….hot and muggy, we leashed up anyway and headed through the woods.


Can you see her?

In the middle of the red square!

For those who were with me in Peru and understand of which I speak – it was Hot Hot AMAZON HOT!!  It’s going to be a good one to stay in and sew, and I am headed down to do so right now.

Mona will be joining me soon, and the perfect weekend will continue.

However you spend your Saturday, try to take it at “just that much slower” of a pace, and don’t forget to breathe!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Look for the beauty, it is everywhere!

I love this old and quite plain shoo fly quilt found in Denver this past week. Humble little blocks, a wool blanket as batting and tied with red wool yarn. This quilt kept someone warm through many cold winters. Who made it? Who slept under it? What is the story behind each and every scrap? There is so much love and beauty even in the simplicity of this sweet humble old quilt.

Challenge yourself to find beauty in every day simple things…I’d love to know what you discover in the process.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

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  1. We are having the same weather here with thunderstorms added in. They do nothing to bring the temps down by the way; only make it more humid. Love the vintage quilt. The simple ones really are the most beautiful. Kind of like the Velveteen Rabbit -all worn out from being loved so much. I will sew this weekend also. But first up is lunch and a spa day with my daughter. Her birthday treat to me. Life is good.

  2. We are relaxing today and tomorrow too. We enjoyed the bobcat crossing our patio at dusk to hunt the cotton tail rabbits. Jerry lowered the humming bird feeder and we are enjoying it even more and give each other "hummingbird" alerts. After the record breaking high of 107 yesterday, the rain was welcome and more is on the way for today/Sunday and all of next week!! You'll find me in my sewing nest in the den as my Sweet Man tunes into episodes of Gunsmoke, and anything on Starz Western Encore. I'm rooting for a little Gene Autry myself. Hugs and happiness while sewing with Mona! Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  3. Woke up to birds chirping on the River. Quilt Retreating with my Guild. Time to get my sew on!Have fun with Mina.

  4. You deserve some you time and Sadie deserves you. Enjoy!

  5. You deserve some you time and Sadie deserves you. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Bonnie, Everyone looks so comfortable and relaxed when they visit you even the dogs look content and happy. So glad you found time in your busy schedule for some much needed R&R and what a great place you have to do it! I hope you have a terrific cruise. I am sure everyone will enjoy the beautiful "Spanish Rose" quilt done as only Bonnie Hunter could do it (and so quickly). I am looking forward to the next Quilt Cam as it is one of my favorite shows to watch, lol, even when things go wrong. You make quilting and life in general easy and fun! Hope you find time to spend doing your quilting thing and pray you keep sharing with us. Life is too short to take it to seriously. I love your little quilt messages within a quilt at the end of your blogs. It is like a square in a square with lots of meaning! Enjoy your family and life!!!!

  7. lazy saturday hibernating in a/c....housework done, sewing table dusted, now it's time to sew!

  8. Everone needs slowtime to relax, so glad to see you at ease, makes us feel good too.

  9. MAYBE? Just maybe, Sadie Jane is your "timeout" monitor... besides how could anyone not just fall for that look?


  10. All your praising of the mountains has peaked our interest. We spent a week in Boone in Feb. Loved it. Came back to the area in West Jefferson and found our forever home. Soon we will be joining you in the joys of the beautiful mountain living. Soon we will be moving to Big Tree Mountain. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We would have never known this beautiful area if it was not for you.

  11. Sadie's face is so expressive! She wear's her heart there. Thanks for the smile.

  12. That first photo is so fun, I am admiring it a second (or third) time here. Such big doggy smiles, and I see a blurry tail, too, lol. Nothing better than a happy dog!


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