Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Road to Hotlanta!

If Georgia is known for it’s Georgia Peaches, they would be cooking on the pavement if given the chance.

The car thermometer reached a scorching 98 degrees on my drive from Wallburg, NC to Atlanta GA yesterday.

Yes, yes, yes…I know it is hotter in Vegas.  It’s hotter in Phoenix.  I’ve got family and friends there…but Honey Child, this is the SOUTH.

This kind of heat leaves me feeling like I'm walking into the world’s largest dishwasher set on STEAM DRY.

Give it up,  it’s bound to be a bad hair day with this humidity, just go with it….and GLISTEN!

I didn’t get out of the house as early has I had planned.  Several orders had come in over night and I wanted to drop them off at the post office on the way out of town.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was 90 minutes behind schedule.


Do you have to go, Mama??

Yes, sweet girl, I do!  But I’ll be seeing you at the cabin for 4th of July!  Moby and I are on our first BIG road trip!

I wavered back and forth, and back and forth..trying to decide which stops to make on my way…

But once you’ve driven a couple of hours, you are going to have to have a rest stop SOMEWHERE:


It may as well be Mary Jos in Gastonia!


Hello Fabric Paradise!

The kicker is – you have to make it all the way through this department to get to the rest rooms in the back…..oh pity!  I must pet the fabric on my way to the back of the store!


Hello, my pretties!


Solids heaven!


Gorgeous oranges!

And you have to walk straight past everything on the way back UP to the exit as well!


Fabric Vastness!!

Would you believe me if I said this rest stop only took me 15 minutes?  I stopped right at the Fat Quarter bin for this:


8 fat quarters.  $20.00.

I am CHEAP and FAST!  Hahaha!

Other than gas and a bit of lunch, these were the only stops I made because time was ticking….My goal was to get to my hotel before the Atlanta rush hour started.  I’d been caught in it a number of times, and let me tell you, it is NOT fun.

I approached the outskirts of the city around 4pm.  Traffic began to cluster and slow.  Sometimes it came to a complete stop.  And so what if your exit is 2 miles up the road…..the lane is already clogged with people crawling to get off at that exit, and you better get in the lane when you can far ahead of time because NO ONE will let you in otherwise.

All in all, it was 40 minutes of touch and go, crawling along and white-knuckling all the way but I made it.


My dinner fortune!

I was so excited, that I tore the paper on the way out of the cookie…..I hope that doesn’t negate the fact that I will so be gaining something I have always wanted.  Though I can’t think of what that might be, because I am pretty danged content with how things are right now.


Setting up to sew for the night.


Cheddar Baby stitching away!

These blocks will need to be trimmed up at the cabin as I don’t have a square ruler big enough with me.  I do however have the BIN of sand colored strings since I could pack all the stuff I need in the van for this 10 days on the road.


Live in the NOW!  Do you see it?

I am living in the now.  And now it is 8am, and I’m being picked up in about 45 minutes to head out for a Blue Ridge Beauty workshop with the East Cobb Quilters, followed by a presentation to their night guild this evening.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Get out there, and blossom! Vintage 1940s Flower Basket quilt top found along my journeys.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. have fun Bonnie - I do not leave a comment often but read you ever day - love all the quilty work you do - enjoy your week

  2. OOOhhh Bonnie, again with the restraint at Mary Jo's. I would pay big bucks for a class on how to control myself as you do there. I had to laugh at the apt description of my Atlanta home. Wish I could join you at East Cobb but alas, I will not be there. Love Ya and your blog entries - always.

  3. Oh my all that fabric! It looks like M&L in Buena Park Ca! So hard to be restrained there too.

  4. You are such fun to follow. I am making a scrappy bargello and scrappy trips and trying to remember to feed those leaders and enders in as I go. I need to take some time to prepare tho. Have fun in Hotlanta

  5. Following along with you, just wish I could be with you. we sure would have fun. x

  6. Envy you your Cheddar baby machine. Looking forward to seeing this finished project you are working on. Anxious to try your current project myself. Safe travels, Bonnie.

  7. I thought your featherweight was "school bus yellow", not cheddar! LOL! Love your blocks!

  8. Love your fat quarter choices!

  9. Bonnie, you are killing me! Now I really want to make these! But I also need to make the blocks you were making with the four-patches with aqua and scrappy sections surrounding them. And I need to make a Jamestown landing. But first I should finish my Floribunda and Playing with Jacks and Sisters Choice which are all in various stages. I cannot keep up! I definitely need to retire so I can do nothing but make quilts along with you! LOVE what you are doing now.

  10. Realize what a great idea it would be to take Sadie along on your car-trips!!!! Quilters would be besotted and fall even more in love with her...she could be your mascot!!!
    Poo scamp, look at her sad eyes...she wants her MOMMMMMMMMY!

  11. The price for all those fat quarters, down here way more expensive. Super fabrics, enjoy the time away, and so soon July will be here.

  12. Anonymous2:59 PM EDT

    WHERE did that picture of Atlanta come from? LOL! I have NEVER seen that few cars on the highways around Atlanta - even 20 miles out!! The first time I drove to Atlanta years ago, someone advised me when changing lanes to put on the turn signal and start mearging over. They told me its the only way to get over because nobody will let you in. I followed their advice. It seemed to work.

  13. Anonymous3:26 PM EDT

    That's a whole lotta fabric in one place!! Such restraint you displayed!!
    Love your fat quarters....the second one from the left, on the top row in your photo....the one with the numbers that look like they are on a ruler...a while back I bought a fat quarter of that very fabric...started using it and decided I had to have more...then I went back a third time to get some yardage to use in a wedding quilt for our niece...just recently used up the last of it for a little wall hanging....I love that fabric, in case you couldn't tell!!! Cannot wait to see where it appears in one of your quilts!!
    Have fun in Atlanta...and safe travels back home!!
    Sandra B

  14. Anonymous4:26 PM EDT

    Mary Jo's reminds me of Fabric Depot in Portland Oregon! I love a store with lots of variety!

  15. You just described Sydney traffic but here everyone has learned to merge gracefully. You let ssomeone in and the driver behind you lets a car in before proceeding. It'called a zipper and sure makes for less stress at rush hour.
    Enjoy your road trip.

  16. Anonymous9:35 PM EDT

    Oh my! Hot and humid. I know you can expect this weather in Georgia, but we had this weather 2 weeks ago. I drove in 96 degrees and high humidity out to my 50th class reunion held 35 miles southwest of Sioux City, IA. It was great to see my classmates and some I hadn't seen for about 50 years. The town was also celebrating 125 years. Not much for quilts and I didn't have much time to shop on the way; kind of like you. Mainly pit stop. I did get 2 fat quarters. I came back in the night while it was cooler. Love your school bus yellow featherweight. Enjoying the pictures of the workshops. It is supposed to be humid tomorrow, but only in the high 80's. I will shut up the house, put on the AC and get some sewing out.I just might have to try some garlic knots blocks out of scraps. Fun looking blocks.

    Mocha 301A at Okoboji

  17. Bonnie, you need a sign on your car that says "When my indicator is on, I am not asking for permission I am telling you I am coming over" Not sure why people don't let others merge in but it happens here in Canada too. And if you let someone merge over, the car behind one honks their horn in contempt. Have a wonderful time. Ever thought of travelling to Canada to teach.? Our fabrics are way expensive, but I would love to attend one of your sessions.

  18. Violet Withey6:34 PM EDT

    Gotta love the humid southern summers! Did I say love? My mistake, I meant survive! Same with the traffic in and around Atlanta. I thought it was bad in the 1980's when we lived there. Understand it is worse. I do miss there southeast after living there for 30 some years! But not summer. I have fabric envy! Love the fat quarters. Loving your Sand and Sea Glass progress. Can't wait to see finished quilt. On my to do list is garlic knots and the H's for my grandson Hunter. He is 2.

  19. Violet Withey6:35 PM EDT

    Gotta love the humid southern summers! Did I say love? My mistake, I meant survive! Same with the traffic in and around Atlanta. I thought it was bad in the 1980's when we lived there. Understand it is worse. I do miss there southeast after living there for 30 some years! But not summer. I have fabric envy! Love the fat quarters. Loving your Sand and Sea Glass progress. Can't wait to see finished quilt. On my to do list is garlic knots and the H's for my grandson Hunter. He is 2.

  20. Wendy Bain9:18 AM EDT

    I haven't seen fabric displayed with the yardage fluffed out like that in close to 40 years! Sure looks nice, and it's easier to see AND fondle. Safe travels,Bonnie. See you soon.

  21. My oldest son lives in "Hotlanta" and I know exactly what you are talking about! It does get pretty steamy! I know you won't let that spoil your trip though. I love shop hopping at the quilt stores in and around the area. Enjoy your time there!

  22. Don't you love fabric with words on it. Every once in a while a phrase jumps out and it is like the fabric is talking to you!


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