Thursday, June 16, 2016

Smith Mountain Morning, KHQS 2016!

Oh, we are having such a great time!

This is the largest Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society Getaway to date, and I can only see this organization grow because of all it offers to its members!

Non-profit organizations don’t have it easy.  Everything is volunteer work, with the emphasis on WORK.  These folks have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to pull this together and everything is going along wonderfully.

Workshops and activities are being held at the Cave City Convention Center, even our meals are provided there and they have been YUMMY!


It’s a long lunch line and worth it!

No irons have tripped the power, and the A/C works WELL!  Good thing, it’s been super crazy hot, with thunderstorms every afternoon to cool things back down again….but also adding to the humidity.  Kentucky is green for a reason!


Sisters sewing pinwheels!


Cutting it up down the line!


Do a little dance, make a little quilt….


And show your stuff before my evening lecture!

So proud of these gals!

You’ll find all the photo fun in the slide show below!  And we still have two more days to go!

 The pattern for Smith Mountain Morning is found in my book Scraps & Shirttails II.  Signed copies can be purchased in the Quiltville Store.

Today we've got Texas Tumbleweed up on deck. And I hope the ladies are as ready to go as I am.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage quilt found in Kansas.

This little quote was something I jotted down during last night’s meeting when the KHQS president mentioned it from the podium during the business meeting.  I have no idea who first said it, but wow, did this one hit me.

It's all about being proactive in your future! Are you letting it happen? Or do you have a hand in where you are headed?

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Wonderful crowd od ladies, they really do look as though they are enjoying themselves. Great slideshow.

  2. What a super looking group...and that spread of food...you all could eat for a week!
    Tis is one of my super favorite Bonnie's patterns. And in blues and browns, it steals my heart)

    Have fun, drive safe

  3. Super quote, and just a few weeks ago I decided that whatever problems we had down here, I was determined to sew every day, even if I had to stop and start several times. What a fun group you had, and lovely blocks all done.

  4. Great Blocks from all the colorways. The shirt ones get me thinking of a New Quilt to make at Retreat! May 2017- Hurry Up!! Can't wait for you to come to the PNW again.

  5. Great Blocks from all the colorways. The shirt ones get me thinking of a New Quilt to make at Retreat! May 2017- Hurry Up!! Can't wait for you to come to the PNW again.

  6. Great slide show! This one was so easy on the eyes the way it faded from one slide to the next, thanks. Love this quilt, if only I didn't have so many "want to do" quilts on the list already.

  7. Paulette Voit5:54 AM EDT

    Wonderful slide show! Wish they were located around here, would be a great group to join. Loved the quilt block made from shirts. Were the other blocks made from fat quarters, jelly rolls, or what? Thanks


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