Sunday, June 05, 2016

A Midnight Flight Kind of Day!

If you read my blog this morning you will have noticed that it was very short and to the point -- Google wasn't uploading my photos from my computer to blogger.  All I got were grey boxes with no photos in them.

Frustrated and running out of time, I simply saved this post as a draft and went with JUST the slide show so you could at least enjoy that!

Even YouTube wasn't cooperating as those photos were not viewable as I was trying to upload them either.  Just outlines of boxes, so I couldn't edit photos out, or even be sure that all photos were right side up and not upside down or sideways.

It was THAT kind of morning.  But this evening things seem to be back to normal so we are hitting send and finally publishing the post I started this morning.

See this photo?

I dare you not to smile when you see a quilter so happy with a block finish!

It’s infectious!  This is the fun of sewing with a group – we are each other’s best cheer leaders and I love the encouragement and chatter and laughter and brainstorming and networking that happens when we all gather together to sew.

We met yesterday at the Masonic Hall in Davenport, Iowa, just across the river from Moline IL where I am staying.  The facility is wonderful and they have catered to our every need.  Plenty of room for 40 quilters, tables, chairs, machines, cutting tables and mats, ironing stations, it’s all there. 

And we didn’t trip the power at all!


Lots of cutting!


Busy hands stitching!


Friends spending the day together!


Sisters celebrating birthdays!


Ironing out the world’s problems together!


The happy smile of an 88 piece block finish!

See how busy they all are??

The pattern for Midnight Flight is found in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.


Thanks for the great day. ladies!

Of course there are more in our slide show below!

A little funny about this slide show.  My phone did an automatic update to the new Android operating system DURING class yesterday.  And this morning when I went to upload my photos, it wouldn’t let me!  I spent a lot of time searching online for how to be able to get the photos from my phone to my laptop for editing and posting – why didn’t I do it last night?

But now that this is live I can take a breath, tell you to bypass anything that is side ways or upside down or out of order and just….go with it! HA!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Wishing you much peace through making and through giving today! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone! Vintage string quilt found in Kentucky by Irene!

So excited, I’ll be seeing her in a week when I go to teach in Kentucky. 

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone – it’s a Scrap Crystals workshop day for me!

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  1. Looks like fun. Thank you.

  2. Looks like fun. Thank you.

  3. Paula Y.8:07 PM EDT

    Phooey, when you were here last time I was out of town.This time I was going to have to leave Tuesday afternoon to fly to Texas to help one daughter move back to Illinois. Those plans changed when our other daughter gave birth 4 weeks early, by c-section. Now, Mom to the rescue (to Missouri tomorrow). Guess someone will have to send me on a Bonnie cruise or something, or you'll just have to come back to Moline!!

  4. Irene finds wonderful quilts! I'm hoping you'll post a slide show of some of her collection.

  5. I love that block! I need to find my copy of that book.


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