Friday, June 17, 2016

Texas Tumbleweed, Kentucky Style!

THIS is the face of a happy quilter!

Can’t you just tell by the look on her face that we are having a great time in Cave City at the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society Getaway Retreat?

These gals got so much done….and what has been really fun for me is to see the dynamics that each classroom full of quilters has brought along with them.

It has been a different batch each day as the students were told they could only choose ONE of my classes for the 3 day retreat so that others may have the same opportunity to take a class. 

It’s been a totally NEW bunch every day.

New folks to know, new people to get scrappy with!

And they dug right in making blocks in their own fabric and color choices for their own versions of Texas Tumbleweed from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


I love quilting THIS much!


Blocks coming together on a vintage 301, black!


With a mocha version across the room keeping pace!


And a 3rd 301 also in black fits a sew easy table!

It was a trifecta of 301 fun!


Aren’t these blocks great?


Thanks for the fun day, ladies!


You have all made me feel so welcome!


What happens at KHQS Getaway, Stays at KHQS Getaway! LOL!


I sure hope we can do this again some day!

You’ll find the more scenes from our happily scrappy day in the slide show below.  Enjoy!


There was some sewing for me last night!

I didn’t have an evening meeting to attend last night, so after dinner Irene, Sherry and I set up in their room for some pressing, cutting and sewing fun while watching ‘Begin Again” with Adam Levine, Mark Ruffalo and Kiera Knightly.  Toe tapping, singing along and sewing away, it was a great way to end a full and busy day.  I had not sewn anything myself since MONDAY and I was due!

We’ve got another workshop day ahead – we’ll be having some very scrappy with with a Split Nine-Patch workshop, our quilt is the header photo at the top of the blog!  This one was our Leader & Ender challenge a couple of years ago, and you can find the pattern under the free patterns tab if you want to play along.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage pickle dish quilt found in North Carolina.

Cute quote with a great life lesson! I think this is one reason why Quilters get their hands busy when life gets stressful. It helps us work through the issue while doing something creative, positive and giving us something to show for it. Put it all in there, into that quilt you are working on.

Don't you wonder what our quilts would say about us if they could speak?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. A lot of 301'3 !!! Everyone is working hard I see, having a super time.
    Do believe when this ends, some folks will need to vacation! :)

  2. Love the quote today.. and of course always love seeing the quilting goodness.

  3. Lovely 201's, and one for you to sew on, too!

  4. gee...wish all you gals would try and cheer up...lol

  5. I love that quote so much! I think if my quilts could talk they would call me names, like scatterbrain! Lazy! Colorblind! Lol, but then at least I would have more motivation to finish the bindings and shut them up!

  6. You're just a few miles away from Kentucky Down Under, I recommend that you go there.

    Have you explored any caves?


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