Monday, June 06, 2016

A Scrap Crystals Day Across the River!

i took this photo last night on the grassy bank of the Mississippi River that flows between Moline, Illinois where I am staying, and Iowa across the river where our workshops are being held.  I am hopping state lines at least twice daily!

And the weather has been lovely.  Flowers bloom --- yes, even the clover in the summer grass are flowers to my eyes and such a welcome joy.

Our woskhop yesterday was full with 38 quilters and all that goes with it.  And I love how with each different patch of students that come and go depending on the day that the dynamics of the room can change, each bringing their own special gifts of smiles and laughter and a willingness to learn and try new things with them.

It’s always great to start the day with a giggle, isn’t it?

Check out Nobie’s shirt – I busted a gut when I read it!



I need this shirt too!


Sew Many Triangles!


And then go back and sew some more!


And just when you think you are done,


My Scrap Crystals quilt contained many bonus triangles saved from another quilt in just this size, but not having bonus triangles to start with, we started with strips and specialty rulers to make many triangles we needed quickly and easily.


Units laid out!


96 pieces of happiness in each block!


Of course EVERYTHING is better sewn on a screaming orange Singer 301!


Placing our blocks side by side to see what we accomplished!


What do you think, ladies?


It was a pretty danged amazing day!

Click the screen to enjoy the whole slide show of photos:

You will find the pattern for Scrap Crystals from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders in the Quiltville Store!

After a delicious dinner I was dropped back off with still an evening to myself to enjoy.  I love this time of year when it is light much longer and evenings are perfect for walking.  I discovered this lovely tree by following my nose.

I learned that this is a Catalpa tree!

I have never smelled anything so sweet and intoxicating as these blossoms on the breeze.  Such a lovely way to end an evening.


Sun rays through the clouds on the river.  Awesome!


And I finished up with some of this!

These blocks seem to go on forever, but they will eventually get done.  Next Sunday I head to Louisville Kentucky to spend a couple of days with my friend Irene before we head off to a retreat where I will be teaching and this project is going with me. IT WILL become a top – hopefully on that trip!

Today we are headed right into a Texas Tumbleweed workshop day, and I know we are going to have a great time.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Today is another step on your way toward where you want to be tomorrow. If it isn't getting you there, ask yourself why?

1940s Vintage lone star quilt. And I’m laughing because I don’t remember if Irene sent me this photo or if this is one I took when I was in Iowa last!  They are all jumbled on my phone and I can’t remember, but isn’t it lovely?? 

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM EDT

    Your post on the Catalpa tree brings back my childhood Bonnie. We had a few on the farm in Alabama. You do know that from the beautiful sweet smelling flowers come the Catalpa worms. They strip the trees of their foliage but the trees survive to flower and thrive again and again. My grandfather used to pick the worms from the tree and we would take them down to the creek and go fishing with them. So many good memories. I think we like the Catalpa trees are survivors. Thanks for the memories Bonnie.


  2. Love the T-shirt!!! I want one too! Where did she get her's?
    Love that orange 301! What fun!

  3. I too, love the t-shirt - where did she get it?

  4. No way I'd get close to a Catalpa tree. Those worms freak me out.

  5. We have that Catalpa tree here in Leavenworth Washington and it also produces a very long (6-10") pod. Never seen any worms!
    Anxiously awaiting your new book. Robin Medley

  6. There are Catalpa trees all over Western North Carolina and they are lovely. The scent is fantastic. Have fun in Louisville. That is where I hail from. I was born and raised about 30 miles south of there and lived in the city the last 8 years I was in KY. It is a busy city. Enjoy.

  7. I have a beautiful knitting bowl made from the wood of a catalpa tree. It was made by a quilter friends husband. He is a master woodworker!

  8. Don't know what happens. I get the slide show, but the Catalpa Tree is a blank grey square. It has been happening over the last few weeks. Do not know what causes it and it does not matter which computer I use

  9. I need that shirt too!!! And can't wait to get going on another Bonnie Quilt!! It's so hard to pick which one but am loving the scrappy crystals...I better hurry and start before you show some more pics of something else...lol!!! Love ya BonBon !!


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