Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Day to Play on the C&T Blog!

Yes, yes, I know!  It’s the second TUESDAY of the month today!

But C&T had something already in the line up for yesterday’s blog and it was fine with me to be given an extra day to prepare my post since I only had 3 days home in between Moline and Louisville.

So today you’ll find me posting on the C&T blog hopefully helping to clear up some Stitch & Flip Mysteries!

We use stitch and flip quite a bit in patchwork, and I’m glad we do – it makes otherwise tricky units easy as pie.

Even if you are an old pro at the old “put a square on a base unit and stich and flip it” you just might learn something!


Common Stitch & Flip Units!


Do you prefer the “not quite there” unit on the left?

Or would you like to achieve the unit on the right?

Head on over to the C&T Blog and check it out.

 Be sure to leave your comment on the post there so the folks at C&T know that you are reading!

And if there is something you would like me to blog about in the future, please leave that in your comment as well! Your question just may be featured in an upcoming article.

**NOTE** I actually don’t know what time the C&T blog goes live in the morning, and since they are 3 hours behind me time wise in California, the post might not be there when you first check.  Give them a break, and come back and check it later!  It’s worth it!


And that applies to stitch & flip corners, too!

Leader & Ender Tumbler quilt shared by a student during out Moline, IL workshops last week!

Irene, Sherry and I are on our way to Cave City where I will be teaching at the Getaway Retreat for the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society!

I’ll have wi-fi!  And better yet, we’ll be shopping our way there.  I’ll share those shenanigans with you from Cave City.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Funniest thing... I have been reading a book by a well known doctor about making NEW pathways into your brain, by doing EXACTLY what you quota of the day says to do!
    I remember writing my times-tables in grade school over and over etc. YUP, you can wake me up at 2 AM and I can still spout out the times tables.... repetition makes it all possible.
    MAKE NEW PATHWAYS of good things into your brain.

    Like the lesson with the flip and stitch method you do Bonnie :)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Yes as Juile said, "repetition" makes it stick. Headed over to read other blog now :o)

  3. I went over yo C&T... Couldn't find the comment section... Thanks for a great lesson in stitch & flip piecing....

  4. Great tip from C&T.

  5. Anonymous5:49 PM EDT

    Could not figure out how to post comment on C & T. Enjoy your tips! Have a question for possible future post: In your post you mentioned that the machine you were using is a "slant Shank". I have heard this term and other kinds of shanks for years but have never understood what this actually means. Can you give an explanation and how does a person determine what kind of shank their machine is?
    Carol (alwaysquiltin@gmail.com)


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