Monday, June 20, 2016

Show a Little, Share a Lot!

I love seeing the show & share and it is always a surprise to those who have not been in my workshops before!

“I didn’t know to bring anything!” is the response.

And that’s okay.  Because if all 30 to 50 students brought something, or more than one something for our after lunch break show & share – it wouldn’t be quick!  We’d never get back to our workshop projects!

Show & Share time in class is supposed to be short and sweet, just like dessert –and still give us a chance to know who YOU are, see the things that YOU have made, and get our juices flowing so we are ready to head back to the machines and get piecing!


Faith shared her Strip Twist above, and this Criss Cross Apple Sauce from Scraps & Shirttails II !


Isn’t this fun!

It’s like an old friend coming to say hello!


Irene brought her Allietare!

So lovely, scallops and all!


Also her Talkin Turkey in blue from String Fling.


She’s calling it COLD turkey! LOL!

Great fabrics!

I haven’t made a blue and white quilt for a while….I feel the urge coming on!

There are several vintage quilts in the slide show below as well..it’s a short one, less than 3 minutes but worth seeing.  One of the gals brought several of her antiques to share during one of our lunch breaks and I snapped what photos I could.


Things around here:


Happiness is a son who will take time out of his Sunday to shoot a video demo of his mom with her new Essential Triangle Tool! Thanks to C&T publishing for making this happen!

Be watching for a September release on this one at the same time as my new book comes out! I am eagerly counting down the weeks! I will let you know when pre-orders are available.

 I’m having a great time working with this tool, so much better than two rulers clogging my mat.


Sewing on the home front!

Last evening’s little pile of Garlic Knot blocks! These things are pure pleasure! Quiltmaker issue linked under the Addicted to Scraps Column at the top of the blog, scroll to find the block –pattern is available in the digital issue.


This morning’s walk!

Things change so much from week to week while I am on the road.  It was a beautifully cool morning and Sadie and I hit the road to see the summer changes.


Bright light, mama!


My favorites are out!


Lovely Queen Anne’s Lace!


So pretty!


This creek borders our property.

Looks like we need more rain!

The drawing for the Quilty Box was supposed to happen last night – but it was Father’s Day so I’ll do it tonight.

I have today, tomorrow…and Wednesday I hit the road for a 4 guild tour through Georgia and up into Tennessee. It’s a driving trip, so I’m excited about all I will discover on my way.  Always nice to have my own wheels for exploring.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Smiling because I am home. Life is good! Vintage 9-patch quilt found in Kentucky this past week. Love the soft muted colors.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. CrissCross Applesauce has been on my to do list for a while. I think it is moving up. I love that quilt. Beautiful quilts, all!

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM EDT

    Loved this slideshow!! They are always amazing, but this group just really spoke to me....and I love that vintage nine patch!
    Looks like you and Sadie had a good morning walk....love that Queen Anne's Lace!
    Sandra B

  3. I love the Queen Anne's Lace. I get to go on a Retreat later this month. Hiking in the Am might be on the agenda. I found a couple of Vintage quilts this past week-end at a Love of Junk locally. I felt a kinship with you looking for them and getting my daughter and her MIL to hold them up. It is always more fun with company. Excited for the New Book and Ruler.

  4. Bonnie, would it be possible to have the ruler as part of the book order?? I am going to be buying it, love these rulers, and if I could get it along with your eagerly anticipated book, I would love it!!! Loved to see the flowers, that was a very pretty walk you went on today. Those flowers and your companion made the post even more fun to read!! Take some time to relax while you are home and just enjoy the break. ((hugs))

  5. Hope you get some quality time to sew this week!
    I'm in Sunriver ALONE, hoping to sew a lot... call me when you get a chance??
    Love your dad's way to answer the phone! What a sweetie!

  6. Show and tell, we had that on a Monday when I was in primary school, aged about 5 to 10 years. And as most of us lived on a farm, always something newsy.But a quilt one, what a chance to show off your quilting. Enjoy your next travel.

  7. Violet Withey5:38 PM EDT

    Love the quilts! This last week I bought my first shirt and cut it up! Can't wait to use it. It is a stripe in my favorite colors!. My next project is going to be the garlic knots! I love how they go together!

  8. LOVE that saying!!! I want to post it on my Facebook page, if that is okay???

  9. Love the Criss cross applesauce! Don't see many of them. I will say I prefer the old way for show and share. The music is nice but it slows down the process and I like to go through the quilts at my leisure.


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