Thursday, June 09, 2016

So...I have this idea…

So….I have this idea….and ideas can be dangerous!

But this idea wouldn’t leave me alone, and it even kept me from getting much of a nap yesterday afternoon as the idea turned and turned and turned in my head.

It all starts with a project I started sewing last fall and through the winter as a "to go" project. 

A gazillion four-patches were finding their way into ANOTHER idea that just wasn’t working quite right.

My background was too dark.

My main design was lost because the background was busy, and so were the block parts.


I started here.

The red was too dark up against the blocks so I added the white strips.  Still too dark.  Not liking it.

It has sat for a couple of months in the time-out box.

My thought was to go to the neutrals, after exhausting every other color possibility as a string pieced background, but I HAVE quilts for the next book down the pipeline that have neutral backgrounds as it is.  I need something different.  Something I’ve not done before. Something to add variety to the book.


Pulling out the “brown paper bag” and darker!

I’ve been keeping scrappy neutral backgrounds lighter these days with more white and less mud.  This leaves me with all of these “too dark to be light” strips that need to find their way into a project to make them GONE.  You know the colors…a bit darker than a paper bag, more towards caramel, more towards mocha, not dark dark, and not much color in them, but spicy and warm tones.


I started piecing while watching a movie.

This kind of piecing makes a mess and I'm happy to play in it!


I think I’m going to like this.


Like a sandy beach!

I can see my block design, and it’s not on stark white!  I did end up putting the white strips up next to the center because it gave a place for seam allowances (and there are many) to land.


I even thought this?

But no.

The red ones are coming off, and I will do the brown paper bag/sand color for the quilt background.  It’s just that much different.  And I like it.  And I'm happy to see these darker strips that have lingered in the stash find a place where they can be happy.

This is for the next book, or it may appear in a Quiltmaker issue, so stay tuned and I’ll let you know when and if it is available after it becomes what it wants.  I’m still in the design phase.

But right now all I want to do is sew some more, and I have an appointment with my retinal specialist to check on the dreaded MacTel 2 and see how it is progressing, which I hope it isn’t.

It’s likely that you’ll find me back at my machine by this evening, sewing things that are not quite neutral, and not quite all the way to brown.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It is okay to change your mind about things you once thought you never would. We were never put here to stay in the same place.

Gorgeous applique quilt shared by Mary during our workshops in Moline, Illinois this past weekend. Made by a family member, it is dated 1856.

It’s good to be home. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Sorry about the no nap..... But it looks WONDERFUL!!!!! I'm still pie eing on turkey trot from your Cincinnati workshop in what March????LOL I don't know how you get anything done! BC I sure can't

  2. Can't wait for this pattern! The dark neutral is great and the little white stripe really makes the colors stand out, great job Bonnie!

  3. Praying that your MacTel2 isn't progressing! I can relate, although I don't have the same thing. I am post-retinal surgery for a retinal tear, praying that my other eye doesn't do the same thing. Hoping and praying you have good news!

  4. Welcome home! Good luck at the eye specialist....my eyes are the one thing I worry about most and dread those Dr. appointments. Good choice on the change to your quilt. Loving those brown paper bag neutrals.
    I am working on Talking Turkey....it looked so easy in the book. Well it is relatively easy piecing but I underestimated how long ALL that piecing would take!!!Started webbing the top yesterday and today I will be cutting it apart to add the horizontal sashings.

  5. Love how you work with the colors and fabrics!. Lots to learn and now I too have a plan for my dark neutrals!! Looking forward to see more of these blocks.

  6. Love your new quilt. I am a control person and you have changed me completely. Ty

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM EDT

    What kind, brand, model is the aqua-teal machine? It is such a pretty color.

  8. Anonymous9:57 AM EDT

    Bonnie, Loving the Sandy beach idea. Reminds me of Beachcombing. Good Luck at your eye Dr. appointment. Hope all goes well for you. Anne Deedrick

  9. Betty Price10:17 AM EDT

    I love this. And it does feel like a Sandy beach. It's great how your mind works!!!!

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM EDT

    Love it! Much better than the red.

  11. It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what it becomes.

  12. Good morning. Love the new design! Praying for no change in your eyes. Have a good day.

  13. Sandy beach and sea glass love the combination.

  14. Sandy beach and sea glass love the combination.

  15. Hoping all goes well at your eye appointment. The new string pieced quilt is going to be fabulous!! Love the idea of using up those strips -- mine are all in one tote bag waiting when this pattern is designed and ready for doing. Holding good thoughts for you today. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  16. Informally equate that Carnell background with some of the 'country' quilt designs. It looks very fresh as a background with these happy brighter blocks. Thanks once again for widening my design window!

  17. Looks great. I love 4 patches. The darker neutrals really make the colors sparkle!

  18. I've been Leader-Endering four-patches with no purpose until now! I'll keep it up, while playing around with alternate blocks to go with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Love the new "Beach" design...It is a new directional stretch...can't wait to try it out. Hope all goes well with the eye doc. Just finished up on "Midnight Flight" that I started in Naperville at the Quilting Cocoon...and currently working two projects: a second "Orca Bay" and my project with Pepper Cory (also from the Quilt Cocoon). Looking forward to the next project!

  20. This quilt is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I especially like the happy, summery colors you have in the block chains - the aqua, bright green, orange, plum - against those darker neutrals. Will look forward to seeing this quilt someday when it's finished.

    Will be praying for a good report at the eye doctor!

  21. I have a time out bin for projects also, that way certain projects don't get lost. I love the darker creamy colors, it warms up the blocks. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  22. Love what you are coming up with and it's fun to read of your design process.
    Praying for the best help for your eyes. Hugs!

  23. Luv luv luv the muddy lights with this.

  24. Absolutely STUNNING!!! You are such an inspiration Bonny! I love all you do and Quiltcam, what a joy. I turn the archives on auto play and you are sewing right along with me hour after hour. Thank you!

  25. You surely did make the right choice. The cream toned strings are a perfect way to make the 4 patches pop!

    Sometimes you have to let things settle for a while. I am convinced when projects sit in the back of my mind, even without my knowing it, my brain is working out details. I call it my Inner Quiltie Voice :).

    Have fun, can't wait to see the entire quilt top.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  26. Let that eye appt. go well, and all the fawns, creams, beige, and "not too dark" find their way into the strips.

  27. That is STUNNING, Bonnie! Love the way the tiny white borders just make everything pop! Can't wait for this book to be out. :)
    Kim in KS

  28. I like your idea. Sometimes it pays to think about fabrics and auditioning really works. Great job!!!

  29. I really love where you show us your creative process. It really helps me a lot.

  30. I love your replacement for the red strippy parts of the quilt. It now looks perfect, you have achieved a nice contrast .

  31. Wow i love it. I liked the sneak peek at a future book project i feel a bit naughty like i peeked at my Christmas present.

  32. Wow i love it. I liked the sneak peek at a future book project i feel a bit naughty like i peeked at my Christmas present.

  33. Anonymous7:28 PM EDT

    Love the sandy beach block. Is that its name?
    Another winner for you Bonnie..
    Its amazing how you can design just one more string pieced block.
    Love it!!!!

  34. I love it! I keep falling farther behind because there are so many of your quilts I want to make! Thank you for the fabulous designs. Now I will stash away my darker than neutral and too light to be brown, so when you release this design I'll be ready.

  35. Anonymous8:19 PM EDT

    Bonnie, that new block is gorgeous, really sings to me. Love your controlled scrappy background against those beautiful clear brights.

  36. Newest issue (July) has a few articles on new discoveries to restore vision. Mostly about macular degeneration but might be worth looking into for your problem.


    I don't know if the link will work, check out LifeExtension magazine.

  37. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Yep, I think the neutrals look better, too. It gives your colored sections a place to stand out and "pop". Also uses up all the "drab" looking strips that don't end up anywhere else. Now THAT is some serious stash busting.

  38. Wow! What a lovely solution! And I love the idea of the "time-out box." :-)

  39. Wow, your color change to sandy makes such a huge, positive difference! I really really like it. I am so happy that God has blessed you with such a wonderful creative spirit as well as a fabulous sharing and teaching one too. You brighten up lots of days with your colors and your wit. I pray that your doctor visit had a positive report for you today.

  40. Anonymous2:30 AM EDT

    Not my style at all, to be honest. I'm really done with the string blocks.

  41. I am secredly hoping for more selfedge-spam =^}
    Not more white, but more not-usable color dots, writing and so on, as this strips are best for the not distortable string blocks!
    Strings make people drop-jaw-ish, in fact: my friends love especially my quilts with strips.
    Be well and love the sunshine,
    Hugs to all from Witmarsum,

  42. Violet Withey7:21 AM EDT

    Well it looks as if the quilt has a name. Sand and Sea Glass. Love the colors! Was not a fan of the red. The red could be used in an alternate color option. Thinking Christmas or a quilt of Valor.

  43. THAT is going to be a gorgeous quilt, Bonnie! Good luck at the doctor!

  44. Anonymous9:29 AM EDT

    Love the idea of a "Time-Out-Box" for when a pattern doesn't come together right away. I will have to borrow that idea for some of my "not-so-crazy-color-combos"

  45. Myra McFarland9:39 AM EDT

    Thank you, Bonnie, for giving us a glimpse into your creative process. I really like the grocery brown bag colors, but the white separately strips don't appeal to me. I think if I made something like this, I'd use something with more punch -- charcoal grey comes to mind. But then I have to force myself to buy light/neutral colors or plan a trip to the Salvation Army to pick up some shirts to de-bone. As for the "time out box," I think I need to adopt this idea. I've been spanking my UFOs and abandoned half-finished ideas, rather than treating them (and me) more gently.


  46. Well this is kind of creepy....EVERYTHING I was going to say was in Myra's post....it's uncanny! I love the brown bag colors, I avoid white in a scrap quilt--it's just too stark for my taste. I just came from a Goodwill where I got some great shirts to take apart and finally...I, too, love the "time out box"---I can hardly wait to tell my grandsons that Gammie has one for her projects in addition to the "time out chair" for them...lol. Thank you for sharing, Bonnie. It is always so inspiring to see how Master Quilter's minds work! Blessings...

  47. Anonymous11:11 PM EDT

    Love your caramel and mocha with the blues. It sings is the way I would describe it. Hoping you eye appointment is good. Bev Fugazzi


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