Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In a Packing Frenzy!

It hit me yesterday as I was coming out of my massage fog that not only am I packing today for my trip to Georgia and Tennessee, winding up at the cabin for 4th of July –but also leaving on the 7th of July for Seattle and our Quiltville Alaska Cruise with Craftours!

It’s coming up so quickly

Must remember passport.  Must remember workshop stuff for the cruise for THAT suitcase.  Must remember cruise quilt!

My mom and my two crazy aunts are going to be on this cruise, and I can’t wait to be making some memories with them as well.  It’s going to be EPIC.

My friend Irene is joining me in Tennessee for the workshop there, and will be coming with me to the cabin for the 4th of July..and fly out of Greensboro with me to Seattle for the cruise.

All of this stuff has to be done TODAY!

Holy cow.


This is me right now!

So today there is nothing much quilty going on here, I just need to get down to the business of packing everything I need for my Georgia and Tennessee venues in the car.

I need to pack my projects, and a spare machine so Irene has one in Tennessee.

I’m making a pile of cruise stuff so it is easy to pack when we come home from the cabin before flying out of Greensboro.



Happy Mail!

Happy mail all in a squishy envelope! Vintage bits and pieces and some fun yardage all with personalized notes from Sylvia W! Thank you for the smiles, Sylvia!

And the longer I sit here trying to think of something of merit to type, I realize that I am just putting all of this packing and getting ready to the back burner, and it needs to be front and center.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Thank you Mother Teresa for putting things into perspective.

Vintage 1950s quilt found in Glendale, Kentucky last week.

I've never seen this pattern before, have you?

Headed into the packing zone!  Wish me luck!

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  1. wishing you luck but know you will do fine. you are always so organized still working on midnight flight from the class in Moline actually Davenport took 2 1/2 inch squares with me to sew group last night and drew lines and used my card buddy for second line this works so well. thanks, have great trips

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM EDT

    You have a lot to do but just focus on one thing at a time and at the end of the day it will be done in no time. At least that's what I tell myself. Sometimes it works and well you know how that goes. Have fun on the cruise especially with your mom and aunts.
    Patty E.in Monroe NC.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM EDT


    You are quite welcome. I hope you enjoy those bits and pieces and put them to use.

    I don't recognize that pattern either. I think there were a lot of inventive quilters in the past but we just get to see the most commonly used patterns.

    Sylvia in HOT Texas

  4. This pattern is almost "little breeches" quilt pattern. If you google that name you will find some pictures.

  5. Playing Pollyanna here! You don't have young ones to deal with before your trips. Glad you could get the massage. Road trip sounds like great Fun. Lucky Irene and Your family going on the Cruise. I'd be there too if it wasn't for Timing.

  6. I dare say you grow younger everyday!Tell me which therapist does this kind of work on you ;^}
    Be fine and don't let the days overcrowd you, just remember that you could even sit a while in the sunshine!
    love from a sunny Friesland,

  7. Take your time. One task at a time and all will go smoothly. Your schedule looks busy but I'm sure you'll have a great time with friends, new friends, and family. Wish I could have gone on the cruise. Maybe next year. Safe travels and God bless.

  8. Yes, I think the pattern could be Little Breeches. Enjoy the cruise with Mom and Aunts, what fun. I would love to join you some year.

  9. Good luck, Bonnie! I know you can do it! :) I have been keeping an ongoing packing list for the cruise. So excited to meet you, your mom, aunts, Irene and all the other Quiltvillians that will be aboard!!! See you in 17 days!

  10. Good luck, Bonnie! You don't need it, but good luck anyway! Judy T.

  11. I'm so excited to be hearing you talk at my quilt guild in Georgia this week! Coincidentally, I am leaving for Seattle on July 2nd for an Alaskan cruise! Not the same one you're going on, but an anniversary cruise with my husband. Happy travels!

  12. Anonymous6:33 PM EDT

    Bonnie--Just getting to your blog for today. I pray that your day has gone exceptionally well and that all that needed to be done has just fallen into place. Don't forget your "thimble" as you will definitely need it along the way. Praying for safe travel mercies here on the East Coast; you and all flying to Seattle (wave as you go overhead); and then your cruise time and return home. Sounds like a fun filled 3+ weeks. Know that I will be praying the whole time. Looking forward to your blogs on all the adventures. Quilted Drummer

  13. Have FUN! Best of luck and safe travels.

  14. God bless you, Bonnie. You must be an incredibly organized person. I hope you have time to breathe and enjoy the cruise. You brighten all of our days. - Barbara

  15. I am happy that you have such a busy, happy life. I really wish I had your problems! Just be safe, don't rush too much.

  16. By now all the packing is done and hopefully you are enjoying a lovely deep sleep. Tomorrow you will be able to stop and drink in the beauty along the way and maybe poke around in a couple of antique malls. I hope your driving days give you a little respite from the hurry of life. I know you will have a great time with Irene in TN and at the cabin. Then off to Alaska with Irene, your Mom and Aunts. Even though you will be working I hope you get plenty of "family" time on the cruise.

  17. Have a wonderful time on your Alaska cruise. Next time, you need to take one that ends in Anchorage - where I live - and where there are lots of quilters.

  18. Wishing you safe travels and a lovely time in Alaska, happy quilting!

  19. yes, I recognize the pattern and even have the set of acrylic rulers for the quarter circle....the other light parts are done in a snowball technique...if my avatar shows on this post you will see how I used this ruler set in the past. Have a safe trip and blog when you can....you put a smile on my face everyday. Hugs and prayers, Diane

  20. Breathe ... and make LISTS ... I make lists for everything ... my brain forgets stuff and as I've aged my organizational skills and memory have also slowed down. Lists are the best way. Some people think that making lists is a waste of time ... the time would be better spent getting things done ... but just forgetting something major ... ONCE ... and you'll become a list advocate. Safe travels and look forward to your posts! Linda

  21. Like Linda Says: BREATHE! and make lists. Even though I have been doing this packing thing on short notice, and be prepared for next trip two days later for the last twenty years, I still make lists. Most things are automatic and I leave Gallon bags packed with shower stuff, face stuff, etc, so it makes switching out suitcases much easier.

    I wish I was going on the Alaska Cruise with you. Even though I live in Alaska, I would love to do the cruise, and especially a Quilting one with you! Maybe next time!

    Have fun and enjoy your family, too!

    In Sunny, Kasilof, AK


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