Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Crabapples Kind of Day!

This is the Pensacola Contingency!

They came all the way up to Marietta, Georgia for my guild presentation, and yesterday’s Crabapples workshop…..with a whole lot of quilt shop hopping thrown in.

Sounds like a fun road trip, doesn’t it?

Thanks for coming ladies!

I find it so fun when there is workshop availability for those outside of the organization to come on in and participate.  It brings a whole new dynamic and really adds to the festive party atmosphere of the workshop.

It’s just PLAIN FUN to get to know others from far away places who share the same passions as we do!  It increases our playground.

We spent yesterday with some precision piecing techniques.  It’s important that seams be where they should be so the tree top sections measure what they are supposed to measure.


Pressing matters!

And do it with STYLE!  Hahaha!!

Short strip sets build variety!


Carefully cutting strip sets already matched right sides together.

This makes for LESS handling, so less distortion!


Of course we love the conversations and other shenanigans that take place too!


Presto-Change-o!  Blocks are happening!


In so many wonderful colorways!


And for a first time EVER….

We had THREE white featherweights in class at one time!


Before class ended, we laid them all out…

Almost enough for a full quilt!

You’ll find the rest of our fun in the slide show below.

Such a great day! 


Thank you, East Cobb Quilters!

You’ll find the pattern to make your own version of Crabapples in my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.

For those who have asked about the music?  I really have no other info than when you upload a video or a slide show to YouTube, there is a selection of free music to choose from.  I just choose from the list. Sometimes finding the right song is the hard part!  I’m so glad you enjoy them.


Sometimes a girl has to move furniture to sew!

This is my set up in Newnan where I am teaching for the next couple of days.  The desk was against the wall, and I moved it out.  There was no way to see the TV from where the desk was.  This also moves me a bit farther from the a/c unit which was doing a great job of freezing everything below my waist at the time.

Don't worry, it will all go back the way it was before I move on to my next location on Tuesday.


More string blocks are under way!

Today we’ve got a Cathedral Stars workshop up on deck with the Common Threads Quilters in Newnan. 

Looking forward to meeting a whole new bunch of ladies today.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage string quilt found in Kentucky.

Your smile may make a difference in someone's day - including your own!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. See!? There-ya-ago - Pensacola...it is so beautiful down there. And seeing the bright happy faces making quilts is a plus. You know it does rev-up your juices to see others working away!

    Bonnie, I have 'several" UFOs to finish. Not a zillions but more than I like to have in limbo...and here you are sharing that terrific tree pattern. Do you think if we stayed up for a week straight, we who have UFOs could get a handle on them :)

    Have fun, STAY OUT OF THE HEAT...

  2. I just got your book that Crabapples is in and I've started making those strip sets! Great to see the variety of blocks, I think i'll be adding more variety to the tree parts. another one added to the Bonnie work-in-progress pile.

  3. Gotta love the trees with the owls in them. Perfect!

    Bonnie, you inspire us every day. Thanks for the never ending positive attitude. You lead by example.

    Be safe and don't freeze your tailfeathers off.

  4. Have lots of fun in Newnan! That's always our stop on the way home from Pensacola to visit family.

  5. i would not worry about putting the desk back, housekeeping can give the rug a good vaculmn and then put it back.

  6. Anonymous1:09 PM EDT

    Ohh, Pensacola, home of A&E Pharmacy, beautiful beaches, and my parents!


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