Friday, June 03, 2016

Back to Illinois!

This is the pitiful look I got this morning as we pulled up to the curb at the airport to get me on my way to the Quad Cities!

Oh, poor Sadie.  Can’t just just FEEL the “Why does she have to go AGAIN!?!” radiating from her soulful eyes?

It’s a short trip, Sweetie!  I’ll be back on Wednesday!

I have loved this time home.  SO much good has happened on so many levels, but most of all I got to sleep for more than a week i nmy own bed and I didn’t have to live out of a suitcase.

And I sewed to my heart’s content!

After all of the mail order and desk work and contract submitting was done, I had time last evening to get the table runner ready for the machine:


Piecing up some batting scraps with a wide zig zag.


Ready to roll!

This went so fast, I think I need to make MORE small stuff.  Pure pleasure!  This table runner is only 22” wide.


Can you see the quilting?

I tried to use a thread that blended through everything, and sometimes the thread color will surprise even me.  This one is called sea gull.  It’s kind of a greenish dirty grey.  Not to stark against the black is what I wanted, but also something that didn’t look too dark against all of the colored fabrics.


The design is called Gossamer.  it resembles webs.

Great texture!


Take a break and pay attention to me!

We had a thunderstorm roll through last evening and right on cue, Sadie glued herself to where I needed to be standing, as close as she could get to my leg. “ Poor girl, it will pass!” I told her – and luckily it moved quickly through.  I’ve found that if I go about things normally, not making a big deal about her shaky state, she gets over it quicker. Silly girl.


Done already!

I used a favorite aqua as a backing.

I had just enough!


I thought about aqua binding…

But I decided against it!  This is going on a very dark table at the cabin, and I wanted a warmer edge. I tried yellow. Nope. that’s not it.  I tried purple. Not!  Orange? No…looks like Halloween.  Red Red wasn’t what I wanted, neither was pink, but I found a compromise:


Pinky-red chevron stripe!



All of the bells and whistles went off with this as the binding. I love stripes, the chevron effect is going to look great in a 1/4’’ finished binding and I’ve got this weird fabric OUT of my stash.  I honestly don’t know how long it’s been around or where I got it.  I’m just happy to have found a place to use it.

So hexies are on hold this morning as I fly off to Illinois AGAIN.  I’ll be binding on the plane.  If I get this done it can decorate my book signing table for my visit with the Mississippi Valley Quilters.

And yes, I’ve got my thimble!  And I wound a bobbin with thread to match so I’m good to go.

Just a reminder:  There is no pattern for this runner yet, but it will be made available when I start taking orders for my new book release.  It will be a free digital download to those who order my book from my website.  BONUS!  YAY!  I'll let you know when all of this is going to happen.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage fan quilt found by my friend Irene in Kentucky.  I’m getting excited, I’ll be seeing her in just a few weeks!

Making my own happiness today as I go do what I love best: Teaching quilters to find their own bliss!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. The runner will be so fun to share on your travels. I like the idea of the Pattern being a bonus with purchase of the new book. Be safe! It's been nice to see all you've been able to share while you home and at Quiltvilla.

  2. I too am off to the Quad cities to join Bonnie in a class on Saturday can't wait it is only a 3 1/2 hour drive for me but a friend and I are going to shop hop our way there. extra bonus is daughter and family line in Moline so will get this evening with grandsons..

  3. That does it :) - You simply have to do any CAR trips taking Sadie along...bless her doggie heart.

    The runner is willllllld... and I know you had fun making it up. Small things can be so good. They start and end quickly giving me a feeling of accomplishment. :)

    Be safe

  4. I live across the Mississippi from Moline in Bettendorf. I don't belong to the guild. Can I come? When is it and where?

  5. I live across the Mississippi from Moline in Bettendorf. I don't belong to the guild. Can I come? When is it and where?

  6. I love, love this table runner! The color scheme is wonderful!

  7. Oh yes, that pinky red is JUST the right colour for the binding. Hope your trip and classes go well.


  8. Thank you for sharing in this article
    I can learn a lot and could also be a reference
    I hope to read the next your article updates

    [-] KLG

  9. gorgeous runner....isn't it great to have so much stash on hand? can always find what is needed....

  10. I really love the table runner - have been enjoying watching you create this magic right in front of my eyes and I love the binding. There is just something about stripes in binding that make me happy. And as for your newest book - stop teazing me and let me order it NOW!!!! lol!! Oh, I can hardly wait. Your books are just something I love to look through, a lot, and last summer/fall, when ever it was, I was in a yucky state of mind and was looking through 'More Adventures with Leaders & Enders' when I came across the spool quilt. Well, I thought, that looks like a whole lot of work and then read your introduction to this quilt. Bonnie, it made me laugh out loud when you wrote that if you make two of these spools a day, this quilt will be done in a year!!! A year!?!? My 'Bonnie' quilts take me WAY longer than that - except for 'Orca', that one got done ASAP - but reading your info at the top of the spool quilt, made my mood change and yes, guess who took that 'done in a year' as a personal challenge??? You are such an inspiration to me, and I appreciate all that you do to get quilters up and moving. Use your fabrics, I call it making magic because to me, it is. Most people throw out what I use in my quilts and it just makes me laugh - yes, sometimes it takes more time to create, but look at what I made!! Thank-you again Bonnie. And I will be ordering your book as soon as you say I can!!!! ((hugs)) ~ Brenda!

  11. Violet Withey5:46 PM EDT

    I love to travel, but hate to pack. I was wondering if you kit your classes that you teach, and always have it in kit form that you can just grab it and pack it? By the way, welcome back to our state! I live in Peoria Heights.

  12. Wonderful saying and so true! You are living proof of that!
    I really like that table runner. I'm already waiting with bated breath for the book to show up on your site!

  13. I love this table runner. I live so close to Moline, IL. I would love to hear your talk. Wish I could be there but not this time.

  14. The runner is do much fun to look at....and the batting is perfect... Great choice...

    I've been so enjoying your wonderful pictures if the smacking creatures who come into your yard... It's bern a real treatM

    Have a great trip... Poor Sadie will be patiently waiting for your return... She's a keeper...

  15. Poor Sadie, always having to say goodby to her Mom! What a sweet little girl she is.

    My dog does the same thing the minute he hears any thunder or rain... poor babies!

    The table runner just ROCKS! Can't wait to order my book from you and get my copy.

  16. Love the pinkie chevron stripes as a binding and it's out of your own stash, win, win! Poor Sadie, so sad, but we all love to see her sweet face!

  17. the love that little brown dog has for her mama is palpable... you're doing a good job to ignore her "quivers" when there's a storm brewing... it's a wise mama who recognizes that much like a 3 year old, they DO know how to work you... smiles, hugs and love and laughter from Paradise aka Carlsbad, CA / Cats


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