Saturday, June 11, 2016

Quilt-Cam! 6/11/2016

Welcome to Quilt-Cam, everyone!

This photo came from Gayla and I just love it…the pink in the quilt, the pink of her computer mouse, and the black and white of her kitty! 

So much fun to see what the view is like on YOUR side of the monitor!

If you have any fun photos of what you are working on with Quilt-Cam in the background, please be sure to email them to me at Quiltville@gmail.com.

Your photo could be featured in an upcoming Quilt-Cam!  Of course, we love to see the fur babies in the photos as well as the grand babies, even the hubsters can get into the act!

I also love to see your show & share!  Rebecca sent in this photo of her completed Leader & Ender Tumblers top:


Whooowhooo!  Great job!

Isn’t it fun to watch a project grow through the year almost all by itself?

She writes:
Hi Bonnie! I thought I would send you a photo of my finished Tumbler top.  It measures 68 1/2"  by 80". I made my tumblers @ 2 1/2". Thank you for this fun leader/ender challenge. Also, a huge thank you for all you do and all your quilty inspiration! I can't wait for the next leader/ender challenge!  Rebecca,  Delta Junction, AK
I’m working on our next challenge that will start pretty soon, in July!

I’m teaching in Georgia and Tennessee on a driving trip at the end of the month, and I head right to the cabin for 4th of July activities on the tail end of the Tennessee trip, a few days later I leave for our Alaska cruise with 50 cruisers in tow.  Don’t worry, the Leader Ender Challenge will be announced in July, I just don’t know what day yet.


These sandy string blocks are sewn, trimmed, sliced and ready to de-paper.


This is in the machine and in the quilting process!


Close up!  So much fun!

I felt so ambitious being home on a Saturday that I even straightened up the studio a bit and did some vacuuming.  It’s amazing how things instantly don’t look so bad as soon as you get thread and dog ears off of the carpet.  LOL


My view for Quilt-Cam!

This is what things look like on MY side of the monitor.  The Garlic Knots blocks continue.  You will find info on these blocks under the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog where you can scroll down to find the issue, and a link to the digital copy of Quiltmaker.  My directions are slated for a future publication so stay tuned for those!

Are you ready to stitch? Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed.

Thanks for taking some time out of your Saturday afternoon/evening to spend some time with me in the studio today!

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  1. Ohhhh, I didn't allow for the time difference, but only missed your intro. I'm putting the final pieced border on Roll Roll Cotton Boll. Will load into the longarm next!! Thank you for Quilt Cam today. Hugs and safe travels, Allison in Plano, Texas, USA

  2. Our power is out, but I am using my phone as a hotspot so I can watch today!

  3. Bonnie, I read the article about being addicted to quilting and I agree that it is an addiction, but it definitely is a good addiction. I find sitting and working on a project is a destresser. I love seeing a quilt coming together and once I start working on something I love, I need to keep working on it. Yes, I have too much fabric but I am working on using what I have in my stash and only purchase what is absolutely necessary - in 2016 I have only purchased 3 yards of fabric! Also, I have to tell you that I thought the person writing this article didn't do a very good job. We could all be addicted to smoking, drugs, or a myriad of other things. We are addicted to creating things and give lots and lots of quilts to very good causes and people who need them. This is a good addiction.

  4. Oh Yeah......Quilt cam.......LIVE!!!!!!! Thanks for this from the UK

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM EDT

    Watching quilt cam heard you mention that remote was working for you. I'm working on my mystery for my fall retreat so can't share. Have a great time in KY. Dee Dalton deedalton@att.net

  6. Not sure you will get to this but our raccoon story was there was a raccoon getting into our trash so my husband would go out and throw water at it but one time he was going to do that he came in completely scared. It wasn't a raccoon it was a skunk that time. :-)

  7. Is quilting an addiction?

    Well, all I have to say is, "Fabric is cheaper than therapy!"

  8. Myra McFarland2:55 PM EDT

    After bugging you yesterday on Facebook about whether there would be a Quiltcam soon, I finally logged on about half an hour ago. I was doing some weeding in the garden -- not a good idea under bright sun and in 90 degrees. I am hand stitching some hexies that will soon -- I hope! -- finish off the Grandmother's Flower Garden tablecloth for a round dining table. It's really more like a meadow than a garden. A riot of colors smashed up against each other with no path.

    Myra in Fort Wayne, Indiana

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM EDT

    Only my second time tuning in to Quiltcam. Shout out to Gayla from Northern Alberta. I was very taken aback when I saw the photo of Gayla's cat. We took in a stray in March and he could be that one's clone.
    I will have to go back and try to watch the Quiltcam again as my country internet feed is so lousy that I lost you twice. Love living in the bush as you do Bonnie but there are trade offs.
    I may have more luck watching the rerun,lol.

  10. I should be working on jewelry, but then I logged into quilt cam and was inspired to sew bow tie blocks instead!

  11. Anne Johnson3:00 PM EDT

    Relocating raccoons. Had a coupl of them which decided our attic was cozy. Put Have-a-heart trap by their entryway, baited with cat food, and had to carry them over 10 miles away. Less distance than that and they will make their way back.

  12. Quilting is therapy and inexpensive compared to the hourly fee of a shrink. Especially if you do if with friends. I have laughed and learned so much from my stitch groups. I am gardening today with my iPad under an umbrella wearing my dad's shirt "plays in dirt". He passed away two weeks ago and I hope he is happy seeing me work in the garden. Love you, dad, and Bonnie too.

  13. Hi Bonnie! I am looking forward to seeing you here in Atlanta later this month. Here is me preparing for the workshop!
    Apparently I can't figure out how to post a photo but it's stacks of scraps.

  14. I love all of your daily sayings and quilt photos! You are such an inspiration. I also cannot wait until your next book is released!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

    PS I am in LOVE with your carmel to butterscotch blocks! Are they 4 1/2" square? I have to start making some so that I will be ready when this quilt pattern is released! :)

  15. Anonymous3:29 PM EDT

    Oh no you turned the off on your machine hope it doesn't throw you off. Lol. Dee deedalton@att.net

  16. Thanks for the Quilt Cam today. It was inspiring, not only for the quilty goodness, but for the personal stories. So many people with challenges who meet these challenges and thrive. God Bless and safe travels.

  17. I forgot to mention that the material that I travelled 3 hours for was only 2 euros a metre. I got 20 metres. It took another 3 hours to get back home. It was worth it. By the way I am English but live in Crete now. Oh do you come anywhere near Crete on your med cruise? Judith. x

  18. Bonnie, I'm watching Quilt Cam after hours, but we have a raccoon in our yard now and he is making a mess of my bird feeders. We tried to scare him off with a pellet gun to the rear end, but he came back 2 days later. I usually set a Have A Heart trap and relocate them about 15 miles away to a wooded park area. They are cute to look at, but I don't want another family (mom and 5 babies once) taking residence in our attic area.
    Good luck with yours. Dar

  19. Hi Bonnie, just want to publicly thank you again for the input on the purchase of my little pink Brother Window-Matic sewing machine. I am truly thrilled with it. It's living on my table right now and I'm thinking that maybe she needs to stitch up some garlic blocks for me! So enjoy your Quilt Cam. I work during the week so don't always get to see them live, but I always enjoy watching them on YouTube while I'm stitching away. Thanks again for all you do, you are an amazing inspiration!

    Karen, aka Sister of The Divide
    Foresthill, CA

  20. Late to the post! :P
    I read the article. The way I understand it, it is quilters and the quilting world that first started the idea of this hobby being "addictive" AKA getting out of control. Where do the feelings of guilt, concealing stash or fabric bills come from?
    We have to cope with a lot of anxiety in our lives and make all that is in our power to lower it. It is only when compulsions (like buying more and more fabric) interfere with normal life (spending way above budget, sewing alone rejecting social life) that we could properly talk of a psychological disorder. I bet the proportion of quilters that fall in these last parameters is rather low.


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