Thursday, June 02, 2016

Hello, June 2016!

Do you think this little lady knows that someone foxy has been nibbling at her dinner?

I was busy vacuuming and dusting and doing the last of  the cabin clean up yesterday afternoon before heading down the mountain toward home when I heard the beeper go off signaling that there was activity at the feeder log.

It’s a simple system.  We use the “drive way” remote thing that beeps in the house if someone or some THING crosses a beam toward the feeder.  It’s really made it fun to know when something is out there.

At first there were two deer, but by the time I got to the camera at the window, one had skeedaddled.  They are SO sensitive and so aware of their surroundings and they spook easily.

The fox couldn’t care less!  But deer are flighty!


Checking out the area!


Taste testing!

I love that the inside of her ears are so pink!


Maybe things taste better at the far end?


Whatcha looking at?

I swear I am barely breathing by this point.  The only sound is the click of my camera hoping to get some good shots!  Her tail was twitching in warning!


Alarm ears!

And just like that, she was gone into the woods. 

I sure love the animals that come to visit.  No matter how beautiful we try to make things on our own, nothing can match the majesty of nature itself.


This came off of my machine yesterday!

This was my goal – finish the runner before leaving the cabin.  And get things clean in the process.  And I did!


It will be great on my table!

I installed a new app on my phone for uploading slide shows to Facebook and Instagram because the Pixagram app moves too quickly, lightning speed really, and they only last 15 seconds.  I found a couple of apps that can do the trick, and the fun thing with Mini Movie is that it will take your photos at the end of the day and automatically do a little movie for you!  You’ll have to indulge me but this is yesterday’s Table Runner Assembly Photos.

Click in the center of the screen to start.  You can click it again to pause.

So much fun!

I think this app has possibilities for workshops ahead!  I’m all about keeping everything a good time for everyone, and photos are a big part of it.


This was waiting at home for me!

My decks of playing cards are in production and this is my sample pack!  I am just THRILLED with these. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas this year? LOL!  Who knew being the JOKER would be such a riot?

And yes, these will be available in the Quiltville Store as soon as they are available, which should be August/September around the same time my book is also ready.

The table runner pattern will be a FREE PDF download included as a bonus when you buy my new book from my website.  I'll let you know when that is ready, too!

I have today to pack my bags and get everything ready for heading to Moline, IL tomorrow morning.  It’s been a wonderful long break, just what I needed and I am thrilled with what I was able to get done.

If there is any left over time, you’ll find me in the studio loading a table runner and/or a baby quilt into the machine.  And I MUST spend some time on cleaning up the whirlwind of a mess I’ve made in there too….really.  It’s a disaster. There will be some sorting, putting away, and some vacuuming of my space so that it will be clean when I return next week.


Today I remember Heather.

Today is a two quote day. Today is my daughter Heather Leann's birthday and I am celebrating her very short life. The moment I held her in my arms I became a mom. No matter what else I have ever accomplished in my life, being a mother has been the best of all. I miss you, baby girl. I would have loved to have really known you.

Notice I said CELEBRATING.  I am not mourning.  My heart may feel some pin pricks today, that is normal.  But life is SO Good.  And as I go through mine, following twists and turns and discovering everything that is in store, I would hope that she is my biggest cheer leader along the way.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Dancing isn't something that happens just with our feet, dancing is something that happens with your soul and it starts in your mind! Throw yourself into the happy dance of life!

Vintage Tennessee Waltz quilt found in Kentucky.

And I’m off to the studio.  Happy Thursday everyone!  Doesn’t this week just feel short-sheeted to you?

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  1. Then celebrate we will!! Thank you for sharing and I do like the new video format -- peppy and fun. The table runner is awesome and gave me an idea. I have enough left over blocks of Razzle Dazzle to make a table runner. Think I'll throw in the flying geese from your Wanderlust table runner as a border. Such possibilities ahead of each of us today. I like it that you clean everything up before you leave for a trip so your return is sweeter and you can jump into the sew and relax mode quicker. Yes, Nature is best at showing off for us. Hugs and safe travels to Moline, IL, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. I enjoyed your Table runner slide show. Glad you found an app to work. Short sheeted huh? that gives me a visual. I only do that for April Fools day. Or when camping, good memories.
    The deer are majestic. Wonder if they could smell the Fox on that end of the log. Have a great Thursday. I just got a reprieve from Grandmatime, off to QUILT something.

  3. So good to know you can celebrate your little girl ... best thing to do. When you see the Lord God, you will get to see Heather Leann too.

    You take terrific wildlife photos.:) Nothing but nothing can beat Nature...thanks for sharing.

    L:ike the table runner also!

    Smiles and hugs
    from one Mom to another Mom

  4. I like the new movie app. Holds my interest. You have a good attitude about your daughter. Beautiful to hear your sentiment about her.

    And....do you think you have another pregnant animal at your feeder? The deer looks pretty round to me.

  5. She looks like she is about to drop a fawn or two!

  6. Hi Bonnie ~ that quote about your baby girl hit me hard ~ I knew it was June, but had forgotten which date, I lost my girl on the 24th, this month will be 10 years and the hurt never quits, does it? Mine also was my first, but she was 47 years so I was blessed that long! Love, Carol

  7. For some reason your movie app did not display on my computer so I could not click on it... Just a big ole empty space.

    Love the table runner

  8. I also have just a big gray square for the movie it has been like that for me for several weeks. I enjoy your blog so much I hate to miss parts. That table runner is snappy. Love your positive attitude about life. Thank you

  9. Anonymous1:20 PM EDT

    It has been years since the loss of my miscarried little girl Amy, but I still think of her every November 15th. Since then, Ryan, who is now 30 has taught me so much-- enriching my life as a mom---and now, I have 2 beautiful grandchildren too- a boy and a girl. So like you said in a previous blogpost---be excited about things to come---Sometimes those past hurts are healed in very unexpected ways. Wishing you the best and appreciating the sharing of your thoughts, pictures, inspirations and love of life.


  10. Anonymous1:29 PM EDT

    Thank you so much for sharing your daughter Heather with us - may she rest in peace.
    I love the black background on the flying geese and I think they really set off the blocks in your table runner - I can't wait to start on one! I read your posts almost every day, usually in the morning - it is such an inspirational way to start my day.
    I will be ordering your new book and the cards when they are available from you.
    Thank you for all that you do for us!
    Mary in New Mexico!

  11. Anonymous2:06 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I have been watching the weather channel and it looks like you are creating quite a storm at Cape Hatteras! Lol I love the table runner and am looking forward to getting the pattern and your new book.

    Have a wonderful time in Moline. I'll be praying that you have great weather while you are there. I am so happy to have found you and your blog! You have helped me in more ways than I can count. Have a blessed day and safe travels. Cindy aka QuiltedDrummer

  12. It is my belief that women become mothers the moment they learn of their pregnancy. Count your joy in your daughter from that moment. Peace

  13. I lost the first baby that made me a mom. I could not find a way to make a marker in my life, and last year I found someone who engraved in rock "To the child I never knew". The rock is in my garden where I see it all the time. It was 35 years ago in May.

  14. For those having trouble viewing videos and slide shows, are you on a mobile device? Which browser are you using if you are on a desktop? Do what you can to view through different browsers to see if it could be your own settings that are preventing you from seeing the whole thing. It's just the odd few who are unable to view...the rest can just fine so it has to be something on your end. Just a thought :)

  15. Anonymous5:01 PM EDT

    When I encountered the blank screen, I just re-freshed the page and the start arrow showed up. Love the new slide format. JillO in Montana

  16. I miscarried my first, but God gave me my son's to love. Great table topper.

  17. We share not only our love of quilting but becoming a mom because of a little girl. My Angelina would have been 26 years old this year. I miss what might have been but not to dwell we were given another daughter a year later and she keeps us laughing, smiling and shaking our heads.
    You are so lucky that the deer come in that close to the cabin. Love watching them.

  18. I love the table runner, so cheerful. I hope I can see your posts somewhere other than instagram. They said my account is disable d/t being inappropriate. Can't understand since I was never able to get on. I can't get back on, and I have tried to email them twice to find out what I did that was inappropriate, but never get an answer

  19. Yep, you sure have so pregnant critters in the area. We had a dear drop a fawn in our next door neighbor's yard a few years ago and it was really cool!!

  20. What a great attitude you have about loss and gain. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your thoughts as well as your creativity. Have a great trip to Moline!

  21. I love your table runner! It is scrappy perfection!

  22. That deer does look bulged out, doesn't she. Maybe she will bring her baby back for a visit. I'm on a tablet and could see your new video just fine. My only glitch was how to keep it from repeating with music while I was trying to read the rest. :-)

  23. I too have had trouble seeing your videos. It is just once in awhile. I have windows 7 on our new laptop. I have tried to refresh also close it and reopen but still blank. Glad I'm not the only one.
    Sweet blessings to you and yours. We lost our son at the age of 9 on June 10th. I love your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Bonnie, the table runner looks fantastic on your black table! Sorry to hear about your daughter; that was new to me. Blessings, Wendy

  25. Becky Carroll5:02 AM EDT

    My daughter's name is Heather Brianne--so similar to yours. She and her brother are my joys in life! My first child, though, only got to be with me for two weeks and would now be 37 years old if he had been able to stay with me. Although I will never get over his loss, I don't actively mourn..I just keep him in my heart.

  26. I had my son for 18 years and haven't for the past 3 1/2. I hope one day I can say that I can celebrate his life and not mourn it so badly. You are an inspiration.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Awesome pictures Bonnie the last few days.
    They are stunning and I agree nothing is more beautiful than nature.
    All I see here is Ducks ,Geese and Egrets. LOL.
    Your table running is in one word stunning.
    The colors Pop so gorgeous.
    You are such a inspiration to all of us and G-D sure gave you many talents.
    am having a terrible time with my eyes and will need more surgery on June 17 on both eyes or I turn blind from Acute closed angle Glaucoma. The optic nerve is getting thinner because of the pressure in my eyes. That is also the reason I have not been posting much but I always read what you wrote and am enjoying what you write and show.
    Have a blessed weekend Bonnie!!!!
    Hugs to Sadie.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  29. I love your table runner, so nice and colorful! Also I'm glad your celebrating your daughters birthday even with her gone. My oldest and only girl was born on June 2 as well. It seems the more I read about you the more we have things in common. I shopped for years at the craft store in Ontario OR. and I think I remember you there. I still live in Idaho though, but want to more to New Mexico when hubby retires to be close to our youngest son. Well God bless
    Karen H


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