Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Happy Kind of Travel Day!

When a morning dawns with this much beauty, you just know it is going to be a good day!

The journey to Moline, Illinois was an easy one.  No rushing to gates, time to wander a bit, but not TOO much, and plenty of time to walk and people watch.

I love my Greensboro airport.  I love that we can pull right up and park outside of the gate agent check in area.

I appreciate my son Jeff who is so willing to get up at 4:50 in the morning to drive me in, parking near the door, and helping me get my luggage to the counter where I send him off with a hug and a kiss – and likely back off to bed as he doesn’t have to be to work until 11am.  I love how he takes care of his mama.

Not only do I love the fact that he is my son, but he has become a dear dear friend.  I am so grateful!


There was binding stitching on the plane!

And if you thought that sewing hexies would get a lot of attention from flight attendants and passengers alike, try stitching a binding!  The comments went from “oh, how pretty.” to “Are you kidding/ You are MAKING that?!” (As if I should just go down to Target and buy one, it would be a lot easier! Ha!) 

How long does it take to stitch a binding on a table runner?  I finished it just as our flight started descending into Moline.  This small quilt stuff?  A girl could get to like it!


And I had a quilter sighting in Atlanta!

This is Julie!  I was power-walking the “Terminal Treadmill” down in the area of the plane train below the gate level (there is art down there! It’s really a cool place to be if you have time to spend, and way less people to impeded your step progress!) and she stopped me to ask if I was who I was.  She is a quilter too, complete with with the required quilty tshirt to prove it!

We were both walking to our concourses and we had a great chat.  So much fun.  I love random quilter greetings.  It makes the world a very connected friendly place to be.  Julie is on her way to Wisconsin for time with family. I left her at the B gates and I headed on down to D to catch my flight to Moline.


Whooop whooop!  Upgrade me!

Always a bonus!

I got right into Moline on time, all luggage present and accounted for and off we went for lunch, and a bit of time wasting – it was too early to check into my hotel yet, and we had a date with the workshop facility to set up tables.


We made an impromptu stop to the “Quilter’s Get Away” a 4 day DAY retreat for the quilt guild that was in progress at the Deer-Wiman house!  The ladies are sewing in the gatehouse, and I remember visiting here before. I was here in April 2012!  You can see those photos HERE.  Boy has this girl changed in 4 years *sigh*  And life goes on!


Check out Heather’s Gravity Quilt, a Jaybird Quilts design!

Julie Herman Kaplan of Jaybird Quilts is a sweet friend and I had to snap this photo to share it with her.  Heather was thrilled, she is a big fan of Julie and her designs.  It was kismet all around!


The gardens outside of the carriage house.

Eventually this girl ran out of gas and after setting up of the classroom we checked me into my hotel and I slept for nearly 3 hours before waking up at dinner time.


Walking past the John Deer Pavilion!


If you come to Moline, it’s a must stop!


Enjoying the view at Bass Landing on a beautiful Friday evening.


My room is much brighter!

Finishing the binding on this little table runner makes me think of all of the other things you could do with it.  If I set the 4 center blocks 2 X 2 you’d have a square topper for a round or square table.  If I made it a couple of blocks longer it WOULD make a nice bed runner….ideas are flowing and all will be added to the free PDF pattern that will come with book purchase as soon as those are ready to start.  So many ideas!

I’m being picked up in about 45 minutes so I better get myself running ---It’s a Midnight Flight workshop day for 40 students!  Yehawww!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

To reach your goal you first have to make one!

Vintage spinning star quilt found in Kentucky by Irene.  Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Have a marvelous day with your students! You are a blessed woman with a son that is so helpful. Glad you had an easy trip, bound your "break the ice with everyone" table runner and a quilter sighting. I love how your head is full of ideas and you let them spill out and share them with us -- further ideas for the Wanderlust block. Well, on to another day of quilting my friend! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. I've flown in and out of Moline airport. Our son lives in Blue Grass and works at John Deere Davenport Works. We've been to the John Deere Pavilion several times. Have fun in Iowa. The people are so kind there - they've taken care of our Texas boy.

  3. I am right there with you about being grateful for our "kids" also being our friends as they reach adulthood. It is such a blessing. Our daughters (I count our DIL as a daughter too) share very similar interests with me. I love this relationship change as they have matured. Notice that THEY have matured and I haven't!

  4. Violet Withey10:52 AM EDT

    I love this. So colorful. Great choice in binding.

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM EDT

    Bonnie, you are across the river from the Alcoa eagle nest which has a live cam. I have been watching that nest on line for about five years. Perhaps you'll be lucky to spot one. Very exciting if you do. The young one are getting near fledging.
    I hope to attend one of your workshops one day. Have a great time.

  6. That Gravity quilt is breathtaking. The place that the retreat is held is incredible.. I want to be there but I am in CA....

  7. I wanted to ask if you never make anything but scrap quilts where do you get all your scraps from. This is something I have just been wondering about so I have to ask. I do like reading your blog.

  8. Greensboro....got to be NC:)
    And my side of the family is from Southern Illinois;)

  9. Carolyn Southam6:42 PM EDT

    Or set the four blocks 1, 2, 1, with triangles to make a hex table topper for a round table?

  10. Carolyn Southam6:47 PM EDT

    Sorry, that would be octagonal. Something like an overgrown hexi. Love the colours!

  11. What a gift that Jeff is close at hand. My son lives far away. I dearly miss the ordinary, everyday things. Unremarkable things that would not make it in to a conversation 3 months form now. The ebb and flow of daily living. A comforting hum that is missing.

  12. Having adult children as friends too is such a blessing. We have daughters who are so totally precious, warm and loving... they literally is my joy in life - along with John and our grands.

    What a super place to have a retreat!


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